It’s time for the Hamilton family! I’m hoping this will be a household with less drama.

Back row, left to right: Dimitri, Venyamin, Marya

Front row, left to right: Aglaya, Pavel, Marylena

Aglaya sat down to pay the taxes and the levy, which came to a total of $62,500.

They had about $25,000 left after taxes, but no need for renovations – they already have a nice big house. They’re not as filthy rich as the Pavlovs, but they’re definitely among the Willow Valley elite – their net worth is higher than the Cookes’.

The kids all got in some skilling before school. This will be a common sight throughout the season.

Marylena wanted to max her Music & Dance enthusiasm, so she spent pretty much the whole day playing the piano.

The kids headed off to school. It’s Tuesday, so the private school fees for the season should be $16,000.

Aglaya headed down to her venue business, Games Ahoy. The reviewer gave her a good review, and she got the place up to Level 9.

Back home, Marylena looked for a job. She and Aglaya both have new LTWs to top the Architecture career, but it didn’t show up. They were able to get the family dog, Grimalkin, into the Pet Security career.

Aglaya worked on teaching Grimalkin to stay while Dimitri did his homework.

Venyamin should have been doing his homework, too, but he was busy talking on the phone.

Pavel brought his cousin Saveliy home with him.

Marylena decided to make turkey for dinner. No special occasion, she just likes to cook.

Grimalkin got a promotion!

In the morning, everyone enjoyed leftovers for breakfast. Spaghetti for breakfast is awesome.

Marya’s still got a thing going with the paperboy. Sadly, since they only have one bolt, he probably won’t be going to college with her – at this point, I plan to only send townie teens to uni that are likely to marry in.

After the kids headed to school, Marylena checked the job listings and found a position in Architecture.

She headed off right away.

(I think they’re still the only family in town with a maid.)

Aglaya was right behind her, having taken the same position.

Grimalkin was right there to greet the school bus when Pavel got home.

Aglaya and Marylena brought home double promotions and Allyn.

Aglaya and the teens headed down to Sofa City, which reached level 5.

Grimalkin got home with a promotion, but desperately needed a bath.

The teens were hungry after work, so Marya made pork chops.

After everyone else had gone to bed, Marya headed to the telescope. Gosh darn it, if Mhairi Bruce could get abducted, so could she.

Before school, everyone had a little time for skilling.

School and work for everyone meant an empty house for the day.

Venyamin brought home his cousin Feofil, while Mhairi brought home Michael Bruce.

Dimitri didn’t bring home anyone. He thought maybe it was because he wasn’t a creative enough liar, so he decided to practice.

Stepan brought home his cousin Nastasia. He was already BFFs with her, so he left her to smustle on the lawn while he went inside to do his homework.

Marylena and Aglaya got home from work with promotions and some guy, and decided to join the smustle party.

There was a brief interruption to the party when Aglaya and the teens went to the sofa store. Dimitri became the first of the triplets to get his gold sales badge, and the store reached level 7.

Back home, Marya wanted to ask Michael on a date, so she did – not realizing that he and Feofil had a relationship. Feofil, not realizing that Michael had relationships with everyone, got all slap happy.

The slap fest was interrupted for a birthday!

Pavel became a Fortune/Knowledge sim with a LTW to top the Natural Science career. Hooray, cowplant!

Now Aglaya and Pavel are mad at Marya and Michael. Boo.

I made Aglaya study Anger Management.

“Feofil, I am so sorry. I had no idea that you and Michael were together?”

“Well, I guess we’re not together now, are we?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Apology accepted, I guess.”

“You better watch out, with those Bruce boys. They’re the biggest horn dogs in town.”

“I wish you’d told me that before I asked Michael on a date.”

After a good night’s sleep, Marya decided that from now on she was going to stick with Derek the paperboy, at least until college.

The kids headed off to school, glad it was Friday.

Ok, Maxis has some crazy work outfits, but I’m pretty sure this is the ugliest one I’ve ever seen.

Grimalkin is such a pretty dog.

Nastasia creepily crept by, looking creepy.

Aren’t you supposed to be in school, young lady?

As soon as they got home from school, the four teens headed to the store.

It occurred to me that I really shouldn’t feel any pressure to get most of my teens jobs, considering that they pretty much all work in the family businesses.

Dimitri got halfway to his LTW to earn $100k.

I’m not sure who actually brought Liouba home, but anyway, she came over for the afternoon.

Ah, homework. Dimitri’s the lucky one who didn’t have any.

Yes, it’s Friday. I’m like a slave driver, I know.


Nastasia seems to be stalking the Hamilton family.

Dimitri was enjoying his outing with Liouba when Grimalkin got home from work. One of these days, someone will teach the poor boy the skill he needs for his next promotion.

Somehow it happened that everyone needed to skill body. But hey, they have a pool, so it’s all good.

Marylena finally managed to max her Music & Dance enthusiasm. Hello, free will!

Also, is it just me, or does Aglaya have a ridiculously awesome butt for a woman with 4 teenagers?

Another fruitless night. Marya was starting to think the aliens were deliberately shunning her.

Aglaya paid the school fees of $16,000. The university fund is more than 3/4 of the way there!

Normally I like to reserve Saturdays for fun and maybe having friends over, but since it’s the last day of fall, today will be a skilling day. The triplets should finish getting their scholarships, though, and once they do, they can do what they want for the rest of the day.

Back to the couch store!

Pavel thought Sophie Miguel was just gorgeous.

“I earned $25,000 sitting on the toilet! Ask me how!”

The kids were all hungry after their trip to the store, but Marylena totally failed at making pancakes for them. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

They have some kind of glitch going on in which Nastasia and Feofil keep coming over constantly – as soon as they leave they come back, even at night. Forcing errors didn’t help. If it persists next season, I’ll move them out and back in on Monday morning.

“Awesome pancakes, mom.”

“Yeah, thanks for not making us eat the burned ones.”

I installed MATY’s Romance Mod to hopefully cut down on the insane “I kissed you once and now you’re kissing somebody else!” jealousy, and put in a few other hacks while I was at it. Auto Yak was one of them. Aglaya stayed on the phone for about 10 hours, until I finally had her put it away.

Venyamin wanted to make friends with Liouba, and his aspiration was low, so I let him have an outing before skilling.

Malvina rejected Pavel for a date. I guess she’s pretty fixated on Dimitri. Well, maybe Pavel will have his chance to move in once Dimitri goes to college.

Marya’s got all her skilling scholarships! Now she can focus on that Alien Reparations scholarship.

Dimitri was right behind Marya, and now can play video games.

“Way to rub it in, you two. I’m trying to study here.”

Venyamin was a little behind the others, but he managed to get all his scholarships, too.

As soon as it was dark, Marya headed for the telescope.

“Wait! If I’d known it was going to be tonight I’d have gotten dressed first!”

Everyone but Grimalkin was asleep when Marya got back. She’d had a great trip, but wished the aliens hadn’t thrown her out of the spaceship from such a height.

That’s it for the Hamiltons! Next is Matthew Picaso.


Household: Hamilton


Games Ahoy, rank 9

Sofa City, rank 8

Uni fund contribution: $88,500 (taxes $20,800, levy $41,700, school fees $16,000)

Total uni fund: $783,100

Average contribution needed per remaining family: $19,800

Playable sims: 78

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2106