Ah, a household with no teenage drama – or so it would seem.

At the end of last season, Matthew finally got out of his tiny apartment and into a brand new house.

Much more space than the one bedroom apartment in the Bachelor Arms.

(The gray house next door is the Bendett family’s new house, which we’ll see more of later in the rotation.)

“Hi, Dad!”

“Carme! What’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to school?”

“I’m moving in with you!”


“You said I could, at the triplets’ birthday party, remember?”

“That’s not exactly…”

“‘Cause Mom’s having a baby, you know, ’cause she got abducted by aliens, and it’s going to be really crowded. I think she’s really glad I’ll be out of the house.”

“Well, all right, I suppose. I guess you can stay for now.”

“Hooray! We’re gonna have so much fun.”

“Right now I’ve got to go to work, and you’d better get to school.”

When Carme got home from school, she found herself in an almost completely empty house. She sat down and paid the mandatory taxes so that the house could be furnished.

Carme claimed the downstairs bedroom for herself. Her dad would probably like sleeping in the loft.

The house was pretty sparsely furnished, leaving them most of the money they needed to pay the university levy.

Matthew got a promotion to the top of the Athletic career, achieving his LTW!

Matthew now had enough to pay the 10% levy. He needed to put in his share, because he wanted Carme to be able to go to college next season.

He wanted the triplets to be able to go to college, too. He hadn’t realized that Jessica had been abducted by aliens; it must be hard for her having to take care of the triplets, keep working, and plan for an alien baby. He sent some spare money to their accounts, vowing that by the end of the season he would make sure each of them had $10,000 for college and their future lives.

After Carme returned home from work (with a promotion!), she and Matthew headed down to Hobby Horse for a few hours. The business is level 9, and I’m hoping for level 10 this season.

Back home, it was time for a grilled cheese dinner.

Matthew was actually glad Carme was here. He hadn’t really liked living alone.

There was just enough time for a little red hands before bed.

Carme stayed up, though, passing the time with some jump rope.

She’s not going to be going for all the skill scholarships. She’ll get the grades and job scholarships, and she’ll have the money she’s been saving  up to help pay for college as well. She won’t need a move-out fund if she moves back in with her dad after college.

“Wow, Annika, sweet ride!”

“Any problems getting away?”

“Nah, my dad’s asleep. He’s got no idea.”

It was about 5 am when Carme crept back inside. She heard the shower running upstairs; hopefully that meant Dad hadn’t come down yet.

After his shower, Matthew went downstairs and worked on a new portrait, since his previous one had been lost when he’d been unceremoniously evicted from his apartment.

The next morning, Matthew called Carme to wake up as soon as it was light outside – he wasn’t about to have her oversleep and miss the bus. Once he was sure she was awake, he headed to the kitchen to make some grilled cheese for breakfast.

Carme tried to shake the sleep out of her eyes as she got out of bed. She’d only slept about 3 hours. And she couldn’t let on how tired she was, because Dad would know she’d gone out. Maybe she shouldn’t go out on school nights.

“So Dad, did I tell you I got a promotion yesterday?”

“That’s great!”

Carme greatly enjoyed her grilled cheese breakfast. She had missed Dad’s delicious sandwiches.

Carme brought Pavel Hamilton home from school. She had the house to herself again, which was awesome, and the afternoon off work, which was even more awesome.

Matthew brought Armando home. He wasn’t a Fortune sim, but it was still nice to know he had earned $100,000 in his lifetime.

Back to Hobby Horse. They stayed until about midnight. The business was still a few stars from Level 10, but did earn about $5k in profit.

Back home, Carme met Tosha Go as she walked by and invited her in.

Tosha and Pavel did not get along, it turned out.

Tosha kicked Pavel’s butt in a fight. Must be all that military training.

(Matthew and Carme each have only one neat point. I’m going to see how messy they’ll let things get before they clean up.)

Tosha went home after that. Carme and Pavel played some darts, until Carme got bored and changed to juggling instead.

She was so glad she was here, where Dad let her do what she wanted, instead of back at Mom’s house. If she were there, she would probably have been taking charge of the new baby by now.

Carme ended up going to bed pretty early, so she got up early, too. There was no point planting a garden here – she might even go to college before she was able to harvest anything. But at least she could enjoy nature while doing yard work.

Time for a little freestyling before school!

Well, Matthew didn’t put up with the pile of dirty dishes very long at all before he decided to clean them up.

Carme brought Anya Pavlov home from school. Clearly she’s still working on that dance scholarship.

Michael Bruce came over and invited himself in just as Carme and Anya were finishing an outing. I’d prefer to avoid any further slapping this rotation, so Carme sent Anya home.

Matthew came home in Carme’s carpool car, even though he deserves a much better car. He brought home Timothy Huerta, one of the earliest new townies the game spawned. Timothy’s a lot better looking now than in his usual state, which is shirtless with a number on his chest.

Carme got a promotion to the top of the teen Law Enforcement career, and brought home Marsha Bruenig again.

Late that night, Marsha brought over a gift!

Carme added the money to her bank account. She now had over $12,000 – definitely enough to see her through college.

After two outings, Carme didn’t see the need to sleep. She stayed up all night dancing.

After Carme went to school, Matthew spent some time on the phone catching up with friends before heading to work.

Also, Carme wanted a bubble blower, so they got one.

Agnes decided to come by after school to see her dad.

Stupid chance cards.

The store got up to level 10, and earned another Best of the Best Award!

Matthew rolled up the want to buy another business, even though he’s not a Fortune sim. Unfortunately they don’t have enough money yet, especially if he’s going to finish establishing college funds for the triplets.

Since Agnes was over, Matthew figured he might as well have Lluis and Mireia as well.

Carme’s aspiration was a little low, so she decided to have Orlando over for a date.

She rivals the Bruce boys with her propensity to fall in love with everybody.

Meanwhile, Matthew fell in love with some random walkby chick via ACR.

As you can see in the background, he finished his portrait.

The visitors had a great time. I didn’t know sims could use easels in houses that aren’t theirs.

Carme left the party to head to work. 9 pm to 1 am seems like kind of a silly shift for a teen, but it fits Carme since she likes to stay up all night anyway.

Matthew made a platter of grilled cheese, and everyone chowed down before heading home.

After everyone left, Matthew sent the last of the money to the triplets’ college funds. They would now have $10,000 each.

He didn’t have enough money yet to purchase a new business, but he was sure that would come soon enough.

Matthew then spent a few hours painting. He wanted to stay up and make sure Carme got home safely.

Carme returned home and spent another night dancing. She didn’t really care about scholarships – she had the money she’d been saving so carefully during her teen years, after all. But a dance scholarship could be fun.

Friday afternoon, Carme brought Mireia home with her.

Matthew was re-promoted to the top of the Athletic career, and got a very nice bonus.

Matthew still didn’t have quite enough to buy his next business, so it was back to the Hobby Horse, where he and Carme successfully earned $4,000 in about 4 hours.

Then he purchased his second business, and he and Carme went to run it for a few hours.

The store is called Lampshades. After a few hours, it reached Level 2, and Matthew and Carme headed home.

Back home, Carme decided it would be fun to joy-buzzer her sister.

Mireia promptly responded with a Ventrilo-Fart.

Mireia was hungry, but a tasty morsel from the trash can took care of it.

(The Picasos are all terrible slobs, except for Agnes, who’s some kind of mutant.)

More dancing until the carpool came.

Matthew started on a new painting and maxed his Music & Dance enthusiasm.

Carme got a $500 bonus at work! She promptly added the money to her college fund.

Carme ended the season with some more dancing.

Next up is Jessica Picaso and the triplets!


Household: Matthew Picaso


Hobby Horse, Rank 10

Lampshades, Rank 2

Taxes: Total $24,300 (taxes $8100, levy $16,200)

Total uni fund: $807,400

Average needed from remaining families: $19,260

Playable sims: 78

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2106