It’s time for the other half of the Picaso family.

Left to right: Agnes, Jessica, Lluis, Mireia

Another dog acquired at the pet store. His original name was Balin, but Lluis renamed him Buddy.

 Since Jessica had only barely been able to purchase a business last season, there was no money left. She had to take out a loan to pay the taxes – and she still owed Mireia $5000 for that treasure chest she’d dug up.

Mireia wanted to make breakfast for everyone, and was crestfallen when she burned the toaster pastries.

“Now that we’re older, we can all pitch in to keep the house clean and tidy,” Agnes said. She couldn’t figure out why her brother and sister didn’t seem to like that idea.

Off to school!

Agnes really wanted to get into private school, but she knew that the family just couldn’t afford it.

Jessica left shortly after the kids, but her boss had had enough. She was fired for being late to work too many times. Also, she caught a cold.

She was jobless, sick, in debt, and with a baby on the way. She felt like a total failure.

She needed a new job, right away – anything would do. She sat down at the computer and took a position in Military.

While trying to make some Comfort Soup to cure her mother (and Lluis, who had also caught the infection), Mireia set the stove on fire. Fortunately the fire department arrived promptly to put it out.

(This was the 6th fire, opening another position in Law Enforcement!)

Mireia’s 2nd attempt was successful, and Jessica and Lluis were cured!

The teens decided to help out by taking jobs. Mireia took a position in her LTW career of Adventure, and Lluis and Agnes both took jobs in the Education field.

Jessica finally got a chance to get out to her new business, Picaso Park. It’s quite a lovely park, but probably won’t be a big money maker as the ticket price is only $20 per hour.

Jessica was hoping to use the park to help her get her gold fishing badge, but she was only able to fish for a few minutes. She was exhausted, and soon closed up and went home to bed.

“Such pigs. This place is a disaster,” Agnes grumbled under her breath as she cleaned up. She had to spend close to an hour cleaning the bathroom before she could even stand to use the toilet.

Agnes had gone on an outing with Marsha after school, and Marsha brought over a gift!

Agnes let her mother borrow the money from the pinball machine, so Jessica was able to pay off her loan. She hated owing money to her kids, but at least she wouldn’t have to pay interest on the bank loan anymore.

Jessica also checked the job listings, and was able to get another job in the Business career. She vowed she would do better about getting there on time – but not today. The baby was due today.

The fridge was out of food, but luckily, the tomatoes were ready to harvest. That ought to provide a few meals, at least.

While waiting for breakfast, Agnes wanted nothing more than to sit and read a good book about cleaning.

Lluis checked the job listings and found a position in Politics. He felt that fit him better than Education, so he took it. He also got Buddy a job in the Pet Service career.

“Wow, mom, these pancakes are delicious! You should make tomato pancakes more often!”

Shortly after the kids left for school, the labor pains hit.

(Yes, the kitchen is filthy.)

Jessica’s gift from the aliens was a little boy that she named Pau.

He’s half sister to Mhairi Bruce and Liouba Pavlov, which is awesome as it links the Picaso family tree into theirs. Now I’ve got the Pavlov, Cooke, Bruce, and Picaso families all connected.

She was able to afford a blanket for him, which she put in her bedroom – there wasn’t room in the house for a nursery.

It was good that Pau was a boy, since he would be able to share with Lluis when he got older.

Agnes and Mireia’s carpool came at 2 pm, so they were off to their first day after just a short break at home.

Agnes had earned $200 for winning a spelling bee at school, so Jessica was able to buy a changing table for Pau.

Mireia and Agnes both brought home promotions.

Jessica didn’t manage to make it to the park that night, but it was more important to finally get the kitchen cleaned up.

After getting a promotion, Lluis needed a serious fun boost, so he decided to go out back and jump rope.

Agnes was eager to earn her Creativity scholarships.

(I’m not going to have the Picaso sims skill as madly as some of the other households, except of course for Agnes as she’s a Knowledge sim.)

Lluis went out to the park for a few hours, solely so he could ask his girlfriend Liouba over for a date. She brought Nikifor as her friend – apparently kids can buy tickets, they just don’t routinely show up.

Mireia wanted to study Anger Management. Considering that her main romantic interest is Michael Bruce, I was happy to let her do so.

It’s Saturday, so that’s why everyone is hanging around in their pajamas.

“Poor dog, running around all stinky and no one cared.”

Lluis wanted Buddy to get a promotion, so he worked on teaching him to Shake.

Pau got glitchy – Jessica wasn’t able to interact with him, and I had to cheat to get his hunger up to save him from the Social Worker. So he got an early birthday.

Definitely a cutie, although he resembles his half sisters Mhairi and Liouba more than the Picaso side of the family. He’s a Virgo, 10/4/9/2/10, so he and Agnes can bond.

Mireia wanted a date, too, so she followed her brother’s example and had it at the park.

Michael and Mireia both rolled up the want to go steady. Well, wonders will never cease. I guess Michael’s decided to settle down.

“Come here, Pau! No, silly boy, over here.”

Agnes and Jessica had the day off, but Mireia and Lluis headed off to their crappy teen jobs.

The old block table was the only thing left from when the triplets were toddlers. Pau enjoyed building with the blocks, even if he had to play by himself.

Lluis reached the top of the teen Politics career.

Jessica headed out to buy groceries. She really couldn’t spare $500 – she still had to pay back the kids – but what could she do? The fridge was empty.

She headed out to the Park, where she was able to get her bronze badge and earn back about half the money she’d spent on the groceries. So that was good. Maybe things were starting to look up.

Back home, Agnes had been studying so hard all day that she’d forgotten to get dressed.

Mireia topped the teen Adventure career.

Jessica finished her portrait and hung it up over the desk.

The fishing was going well – she was catching more fish now, enough to earn a little money.

Playing tub pirates never got old.

Jessica had heard that the reviewer would pay anything. She didn’t quite believe it, so she was afraid to put the price up too much, but he bought a $500 ticket without even blinking and stayed for 3 hours. Well, Jessica was hardly going to complain about an extra $1500.

She fished for quite a while before heading home, although Sandy seemed a bit confused about the difference between fishing and swordfighting.

Back home, Jessica worked on talking with Pau, and tried to think positive. The triplets had their college funds; their future was assured. She had a job, and there was food on the table.

Carme! How dare you steal Chicken Boo after you were invited over for family Sunday!

Lluis didn’t care, though. He was too busy trying to ask Liouba on a date.

Agnes made omelets for breakfast – she’s the only one in the house with more than a handful of cooking points.

Lluis and Liouba spent pretty much the whole day doing this.

Everyone gravitated to the backyard, probably because there’s not much to do in the house.

Agnes was a bit left out, but she didn’t mind. Her brother and sister could date all they wanted, but she would outshine them when it came time to apply for scholarships. Plus, she hadn’t met anyone that awakened even a spark of romantic interest in her.

“Mom’s working hard to get her fishing badge before the pond freezes over. But don’t worry, Pau, your big sister Mireia will take good care of you.”

Jessica maxed her Nature enthusiasm and picked up a silver fishing badge.

Lluis caught sight of Carme and Michael dancing together. Hadn’t Carme talked about having a fling with Michael Bruce? He decided to send everyone home, before something happened to upset Mireia.

Mireia didn’t notice a thing. She was busy making sure that Pao learned his nursery rhyme.

Agnes earned her 8th logic point, and her 7th skill scholarship.

Hey look everybody, it’s the Rose Parade!

Liouba might actually get what she’s wishing for up there. She and Lluis have 3 bolts, and they’ll be going to college at the same time. But I’m not counting on any permanent pairings until both parties have reached their junior year of college, because aspirations might change.

Lluis and Mireia spent Sunday night indulging in their favorite hobbies – games for Lluis, arts & crafts for Mireia.

Just before going to bed, Jessica remembered to call the nanny for tomorrow. Pau had already learned all his skills, so he wouldn’t need much. It should only be for a couple of days, until he became a child.

Lluis went out to retrieve Chicken Boo, who surveyed as Liouba and Michael both left date gifts.

Jessica felt relieved the next morning as she settled into her carpool seat. The nanny was in the house, the triplets were off to school, and she felt like things were finally back on track.

Lluis knew it was time to give Buddy a bath when even Mireia started complaining about the stink.

Mireia had wanted to stay home with Pau, but her mother said no, she had to go to school.

Pau didn’t care who watched him. He was perfectly happy on the block table.

He was happy enough to find Nanny Kendal when he needed a nap, though.

Carme and Lluis headed off to work an hour after getting home.

“I can watch Pau until my mom gets home, Nanny Kendal.”

“Oh, well, if you’re sure, young lady.”

Anya and Malvina came home on the bus and spent a few hours dancing before heading home.

Jessica came home with a promotion! The resulting bonus was quite a nice sum.

Jessica still owed Mireia some money, but Mireia said she didn’t need it – she’d done quite well with outing gifts, and her bank account was already over $20,000. So Jessica did something she’d thought at the beginning of the season she wouldn’t be able to do – she gave $5100 to the college levy. She knew it wasn’t as much as some; she’d heard about how the Pavlovs and the Cookes had each given over $100,000. But it was everything she had. It would be worth it if it meant her five children could go to college.

Pau only had a day left as a toddler, so Jessica vowed she would enjoy what was left of this innocent time.

Agnes came home with a promotion to Substitute Teacher. She was the last of the triplets to top her teen career.

(No, I don’t know how a teenager who’s still in high school can be a substitute teacher.)

Then she finished skilling Charisma, ensuring herself a spot in her LTW career of Entertainment once she finished college.

That’s it for the Picasos! Next up is the Pederson family.


Family: Jessica Picaso

Business: Picaso Park, Rank 2

Uni funds contribution: $7600 (taxes $2500, levy $5100)

Total uni fund: $815,000

Average needed per remaining family: $20,556

Career spots opened: 1 law enforcement (6th fire)

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2133