I realized after posting the last chapter that I had mistakenly labeled both of the Picaso chapters as Summer. It is, in fact, Fall.

The Pederson Family

Back row, left to right: Meadow holding Artur, Makari holding Varya

Front row, left to right: Anzhelina, Liouba

The season started with taxes. I’ve never quite been able to figure out why, but the Pedersons are always the most strapped for cash of all the 2nd gen Pavlov households. Just unlucky with bonuses and promotions, I guess. Anyway, Makari had no trouble paying the regular taxes of $8600, but the levy will have to wait – the Pederson kids haven’t completed their move-out funds yet. Now that there’s college, though, I’m changing the minimum fund to $10k rather than $20k, although $20k is preferred for families who have the funds.

Makari is a Knowledge sim, so his kids will be skilling. Since Liouba became a witch last season, it shouldn’t be a problem for her as she doesn’t need to sleep.

Meadow planted a garden last season, so this season she’ll be able to harvest some home grown tomatoes and cucumbers.

In addition to Liouba’s dog Eddie, during the break they acquired Blondie from Annika Richter. The dogs seem to be getting along.

Makari, Meadow, and Liouba headed down to Galleria for a bit. It’s currently Rank 8.

The first day of the season was Saturday. Meadow was the only one who had to work.

They made enough money at the store for Anzhelina and Liouba to fill out their college funds to $10,000. Anzhelina was pretty happy to be depositing the money into her account.

Liouba wanted to make friends with Mireia Picaso, so she came over with her sister Carme.

Anzhelina had a great time playing with her new doggie. Liouba was such a good big sister to get her a dog.

There must be layoffs in the Business world. Meadow got fired due to a bad chance card. Boo.

Makari made himself a Spectral Assistant. It’s pretty awesome, going around cleaning everything.

Liouba took Eddie for a jog. Angie’s friend Sharlene came by, so Angie sat down to play with her. (She’ll get to the skilling eventually. Probably.)

Meadow sat down and looked through the job listings. She wanted to get back into Business, but there weren’t any positions available. So she took a temporary job in Journalism. She was able to go straight to work.

Liouba returned from her jog and decided to do some yoga in the rain, while the spectral assistant took care of the leaves. (The Pedersons have a lot of trees, so it’s a good thing Makari’s able to make the assistant. She even composts the leaves for Meadow’s garden!)

“Who’s Daddy’s cute little guy? You are! Yes you are!”

Liouba and Angie both needed logic, so they enjoyed a game of chess.

Adoption? Oh no you don’t, Liouba. I have plans for you, and they do not involve buying babies from the social worker.


Makari, did you forget the part where Angie’s supposed to be skilling?

Meadow came home with a promotion and went right back to work.

Meadow was still at work when the rest of the family gathered in the living room for Varya’s birthday.

“Look at me, I’m big!”

Varya got a new hairdo. She seems a bit plain to me, but I bet she’ll look a lot better as a teen with some makeup.

Liouba was happy to help her little sister with her Make a Friend want.

Also, note Angie in the back, finally skilling for a little while before bed.

Meadow got another promotion! The money she earned was enough for Varya to establish her college fund. Now they just need $10k for Artur, and then they can pay the levy.

The spectral servant is still at it. An NPC sim would have thrown in the towel by now.

She’s also a pretty good piano player.

In the morning, Meadow and Varya had leftover grilled cheese for breakfast, since no one else was hungry.

The Thayers came over for family Sunday!

The families are a pretty good mesh at this point. Anthony’s about 3 days older than Varya and Faina’s about 2 days older than Anzhelina.

Liouba and Nastasia are also about 2 days apart, and have been friends since shortly after Nastasia’s last birthday.

I decided it was high time the Meadows got to know each other, so they bonded over art.

Liouba’s really terrible about rolling up fulfillable wants. Fortunately she has a boyfriend.

Varya and Anthony really hit it off at the chess table.

The other kids smustled in the girls’ room.

I’ve never really done much with the Myshuno game. So I tried it, but nobody really seemed that interested.

Meadow served grilled cheese for lunch, mostly because she didn’t want to listen to the passive-aggressive comments Lyov would make if she served something else.

Meadow was finally able to harvest her first fruit! The oranges weren’t perfect, but she was sure that would come with time.

Once it got dark outside, Makari said goodbye to his brother and sister-in-law – as well as Liouba’s boyfriend, who hadn’t had a problem hanging out all day.

The spectral assistant disappeared. đŸ˜¦

That night it was time for Artur’s birthday!

He’s adorable.

I redecorated the nursery and got Artur a blanket, so he doesn’t have to sleep in a pink crib anymore.

The house is a bit cramped for 6 people and 2 dogs. Varya took over Liouba’s bed when she grew up, so Liouba doesn’t have a bed anymore. Hopefully next season they’ll be able to expand the house, but this season it’s all about move out funds and uni contributions.

“It was so fun meeting all those new people at family Sunday today! And birthday cake is yummy!”

Makari didn’t feel like washing the dishes, so he conjured up another spectral assistant instead.

“Who’s Momma’s big boy? You look so cute with your new clothes and hairdo, don’t you, big boy?”

The hour before school was spent on the skilling grind.

Everyond headed off to school and work, except for Makari, who took a vacation day to watch Artur.

Liouba brought Michael Bruce home from school. Thankfully, they have negative bolts. I don’t need Liouba cheating on her boyfriend with her boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend who’s also half brother to her half sister.

Anzhelina got an A+!

Another promotion for Meadow – but still no job in Business.

That afternoon’s trip to the portrait gallery was quite fruitful. Dand Bruce’s star brought the place up to level 9, and Meadow got her $50k cash perks bonus! That’ll give them enough to pay both the levy and half of the bonus toward the uni fund.

Also, I caught Orlando Centowski heart farting Marya. Since she hasn’t had much luck in the romance department, I made her selectable and had her go say hi. 3 bolts!

Back home, Makari donated the levy of $17,200 and $25k for the bonus. Since they’ve now met all the criteria for being included in Willow Valley’s Who’s Who list (taxes paid, move-out funds funded for all kids, nice house and fully stocked business), the kids were enrolled in private school.

The afternoon was spent in ordinary domestic pursuits. Meadow helped Varya with her homework, while Angie chatted on the phone with Sharlene.

Makari taught Artur how to talk, and Eddie ate his dinner.

After Varya finished her homework, she challenged Angie to a game of chess.

Liouba finished earning all her skill scholarships!

As Liouba switched to working on her magic skill, Michael Bruce brought over a hot tub! It was sold, and the proceeds added to Liouba’s account.

The kids headed off for their first day of private school. They were excited to be attending the same school as all their cousins.

Meadow and Makari both had the day off, and enjoyed a relaxed breakfast together.

Varya came home with an A+!

Liouba was the only one with homework, while Anzhelina brought home Isaiah Gavigan.

“Don’t worry, Artur, I’ll make sure you have a nice clean diaper.”

“Did you hear something?” Meadow asked Makari after woohoo.

“No, why?”

“Sounded like a lullaby.”

While her parents were busy, Liouba took charge of teaching her little brother a nursery rhyme.

None of the three younger kids were friends with each other, so it was time to fix that at the block table.

Meadow woke up in the middle of the night and headed to the kitchen, consumed with a desperate craving for an omelet.

Later, Angie and Varya had leftover grilled cheese for breakfast. They must not have liked the sandwiches, because they sat down at the table shortly after 6 and still weren’t done when the bus pulled up.

Meadow finally found a position in Business! She wouldn’t start until tomorrow, but she was glad to finally be back in her normal job.

She was glad enough of the opportunity to stay home with Artur. It was his last day as a toddler, and she found herself sad that her youngest was about to become a child.

After school, Liouba spent a couple of hours chatting with friends.

Then she caught Alvin walking by.

“Hey, Alvin, want to be friends?”

“Sure, but I won’t be your backup boyfriend.”

“Aw, come on.”

“Oh, all right.”

At 6 o’clock, it was time for a birthday!

Cute how the spectral assistant came to watch.

Anzhelina grew into a very cute teenager.

In a rare change from my usual, I picked her aspiration. She initially rolled Family – just like Meadow and Liouba. Family didn’t really seem to fit, so I made her Fortune with a secondary of Family. Her LTW is to top the Athletic career.

Ohmigosh surprise baby!

Since Meadow’s a family sim, she’s not on birth control, and got knocked up by risky woohoo. Seems like my standard number of kids in the neighborhood is heading toward 5 (especially if one’s an alien).

There was one more birthday that night.

Artur grew up adorably nerdy.

Anzhelina got a makeover. She’s lovely.

Ok, he doesn’t appear to be aiming at her, but Makari turned Anzhelina into a witch.

The plan is for the witchcraft to be genetic. All the kids will get a roll at teen to see if they get it with a 50% chance; Angie and Liouba both got lucky. Of course, anyone in the family who rolls the want can be witchified, too.

Artur got a bed in the nursery. The house is definitely going to need an expansion next season as I figure out where to put the new baby.

As befitting a new witch, Angie spent the night awake, studying her new craft.

That’s it for the Pedersons! Next is the Thayer family.


Family: Pederson

Business: Galleria, Rank 9

Uni fund contribution: $56,800

(Taxes $8600, levy $17,200, windfall $25,000, school fees $6000)

Total uni fund: $871,800

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2133