The Thayers

Back row: Meadow with Rufina, Lyov with Sevastian

Front row: Nastasia, Faina, Anthony

The best mornings begin with a wholesome breakfast of grilled cheese.

(Note: there was discussion last season about whether the Thayers should have 10 kids. Meadow no longer has the want. So I’m just going to leave it up to ACR whether they have more kids or not.)

(exorcist voice) “Kill Michael Bruce!”

All right, Nastasia, I know you saw Michael cheat on your cousin with your other cousin, but that’s no reason to be evil.

Seriously, she had a want to see Michael’s ghost when the game loaded up, and then she throws me faces like that.

The kids headed off to school. The season started on a Tuesday, so they’ve got almost a full school week ahead of them.

Meadow took a vacation day to take care of the twins. She didn’t really need to – there were only about two hours between when Lyov left and the end of her work day, and they could have asked someone to babysit. But Meadow had a lot of vacation days built up, and was frankly rather tired of being a Business Tycoon.

In addition to their 5 children, the Thayers also have a houseful of cats. That’s Noodle on top and Kobe on bottom, and one of the kittens (the other one looks exactly the same).

Meadow sat down to pay the taxes of $9300. They don’t have move out funds for the twins yet, so the levy will have to wait, but it shouldn’t be a problem. The three older kids all have move out funds of over $20k, and they don’t need that much.

“So, mom, we’ve got way more cats than we need. I heard you have a cat at home. No one has just one cat, so how would you like one of our kittens?”

“Oh, that sounds lovely.”

“Such a sweet little kitten. The kids will be so excited.”

Larisa took Alexandra. The Thayers will be keeping the other kitten, Ian.

“Bye, everyone. I’m off to be a pirate in space.”

I don’t understand why more teens don’t roll the “top Adventure” LTW. It seems like it would be every 12-year-old’s dream.

Ok, Grim, really. Did you have to come for Noodle in the bathroom?

Noodle was an elder when Meadow adopted him, and now his time has come.

For now, Noodle’s grave was placed in the backyard. Eventually I’ll establish a pet cemetery (as well as a human cemetery).

The kids arrived home from school during Noodle’s passing, but didn’t seem overly affected. It’s not too surprising, since Noodle was Meadow’s cat.

Faina might have been just a little sad – she played Moonlight Sonata on the piano, and rolled up a want for a puppy. No, Faina, you can’t have a puppy.

It was a good thing Larisa stuck around, because none of the Thayer kids had met their grandma. This of course immediately needed to be remedied.

That evening, it was birthday time!

All right, the pink jumpsuit must go.

Nastasia became a Romance/Grilled Cheese sim, with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.

Before Nastasia could get rid of the awful pink jumpsuit, she had to help out with the twins’ birthdays.

Rufina, with The Mouth

Sevastian, very cute, avoided The Mouth.

Fed up with the horrors of living with four annoying little siblings and growing up in an awful pink jumpsuit, Nastasia went with a bit of a goth look for her makeover. She couldn’t quite bring herself to dye her hair black, though. Maybe later.

Sevastian got to keep his look, while Meadow changed Rufina’s hair to adorable pigtails.

Lyov got the job of bringing the twins their smart milk, while Meadow took a break for cake.

There was just time to teach the little ones to walk before bed.

Nastasia was so annoyed that she had to share a room with her annoying little sister. Why couldn’t she have been an only child?

The next morning, Nastasia greeted the paper boy before school. He was super hot – plus making him her conquest would piss off her cousin Marya.

(Sigh, another love triangle. Of course, the teens in this neighborhood have gone way beyond “love triangle”. I don’t think there’s a name for the shape of a diagram of all their relationships.)

Meadow took another vacation day, and she and Lyov spent the morning teaching the twins their most important skill.

Ian grew up! He looks a lot like Kobe, except he’s a little darker.

After school, Nastasia headed to the bakery with her parents. She enjoyed doing sales, and soon had a silver badge.

“You know, Dad, the bakery would totally be more awesome if you sold grilled cheese.”

“Yeah, I tried that once, but the desserts sell better.”

The business got up to level 9, and Lyov earned the $20,000 cash perk!

Back home, Nastasia invited over her childhood friend Chandler Platz, who had grown up with her. Mostly so he could stick his head in the ball and get a proper aspiration.

The kids brought home Akilina Carr and Josiah Gavigan, and spent the afternoon playing with their new friends.

That evening, they got to know Rufina while playing blocks. Sevastian was napping and missed out.

Nastasia invited the paperboy over for an outing, and gossiped about the hated Michael Bruce.

The outing went quite well.

After her outing, Nastasia was up late after everyone else had gone to bed. Bored, she decided to tell her little sister how wonderful she was. Rufina wasn’t exactly an enthusiastic listener.

In the morning, Faina worked on her ballet with Anthony’s accompaniment.

Nastasia got so excited discussing the deliciousness of their grilled cheese sandwiches with her father that she almost missed the school bus.

After breakfast, Lyov headed off to Cakewich to stock his inventory with desserts. He would be rather glad when the place reached level 10, and had determined that the family’s next business would not involve anything he had to make.

In the afternoon, he called up Meadow and Nastasia. Nastasia was pleased to earn her gold sales badge.

Back home, the kids brought Adam Carr and Isaiah Gavigan home from school, and had a great time having a water balloon fight.

I’m not making the Thayer kids study as much as the other households, but if they don’t have any homework, I figure a couple of hours of skilling before bed is only fair.

Block table time! So good for forming sibling relationships.

In most of my families, a sim only serves a meal once a day, and they eat leftovers the rest of the time. For the Thayers, it seems like it’s always a grilled cheese breakfast.

Nastasia got platinum before school by becoming best friends with the paperboy.

Off to school!

I’m thinking of looking for new private school uniforms. Preferably some that are a little less fancy.

Lyov paid the school fees of $12,000, as well as the levy of $18,600 and $10,000 for the cash bonus at the store. I wish I had that kind of money just lying around.

Napping toddlers are the best kind of toddlers.

Meadow and Lyov both had the day off, so they indulged in their hobbies while the twins slept.

Akim came home with Sevastian, and the cousins spent the afternoon making friends.

Poor Faina was the only one with homework. She did it right away so she wouldn’t have to worry about it over the weekend.

Rufina took forever to roll up the want to learn a nursery rhyme, so Lyov was teaching her right up until the last minute.

Triple birthday time! As the oldest birthday girl, Faina got to go first. Boy, her family looks really excited, don’t they?

Faina became a Pleasure/Knowledge sim, with a LTW to become a top Architect.

The first thing she did was dance with Anthony. So adorable.

Next, it was time for the twins to become children. We can say goodbye to the nursery, hooray!

I’m going to change things up and only take one grow up picture. They’re cute.

Faina got some makeup and a new hairstyle, and holy cow. She’s gorgeous.

This family needs more living space, so I converted the nursery into a study and jammed all the kids’ beds into the upstairs bedrooms. They can have some renovation next season.

Rufina got a new outfit and discovered her OTH at the chess board.

Nastasia stayed up late, as usual, and maxed her body skill while working on her OTH of Sports.

I haven’t done very well with having sims teach Kobe skills this season. I eventually want her to learn all her skills, so she can get a job in Pet Showbiz.

You can tell Meadow made breakfast, since it’s not grilled cheese. Still, looks like it’s cheesy enough for Lyov.

Off to the store, where Faina took the lead on sales this time.

Nathan Gavigan gave Cakewich its 125th star! Hooray, another level 10 business!

Meadow looks really thrilled to have earned $100,000, doesn’t she?

Nastasia: “Hah! Take that, dork! That’s for being a dork!”

Ben: “Maybe someday we’ll get a freeway built so we can go downtown. That would be pretty sweet.”

Meadow: “Oh, hey! I earned $100,000!”

I forgot to show you Sevastian’s new outfit, so here it is. He’s adorable.

All the kids worked on skill wants except Nastasia, who was far more concerned about her social life.

Sharlene Cooke stopped by, while Nastasia went on yet another date with the paperboy.

Lyov: “Bye, everybody, I’m off to be a space pirate!”

Marya: “I wish we had an ice cream shop in town.”

After the horror of omelettes for breakfast, Nastasia decided she’d better take charge and make sure the little ones understood that grilled cheese was by far the best food ever.

There was just enough time for everyone to get in some skilling before bed.

That’s it for the Thayer family! Next up: the Carrs.


Family: Thayer

Business: Cakewich, Rank 10

Uni fund contribution: $50,300 (taxes $9300, levy $18,600, windfall $10,000, school fees $12,000)

Total uni contribution: $64,400

Uni funds collected: $922,100 (so close!)

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2133