Fall was an exciting season for the Carr family!

Back row, left to right: Nadezda, Joe, Bolts

Front row, left to right:  Older twins Akilina and Irina, younger twins Semyon and Adam

Since there are no more toddlers in the house, and they’re done with baby having, the nursery was converted into an exercise room (upper left corner). That’s the extent of the renovations this time.

Hmm, why would Nadezda be cheering? Because she just paid the taxes!

The Carrs are quite wealthy, thanks to Nadezda’s 5 top businesses want. Their net worth is $611,944, giving them a tax bill of $30,600 and a levy of $61,200. Nadezda was able to pay it all right off – which puts us over the 1 million mark! Willow Valley now has a university!

I did go ahead and build it, but no one will be going until next season.

Irina and Semyon had some leftover Chinese food for breakfast. Yum!

Akilina wasn’t hungry, so she got in a little skilling before school.

As soon as the kids were off to school, the adults headed down to business #3, The Kitchen Stop.

“OMG! Refrigerators are so awesome!”

“Yes! YES! I can store my cheesy cheese!”

Christy Stratton threw the 125th star, while Nadezda thought about how she’s totally the best.

3 down, 2 to go!

They went home for a few minutes, just long enough for Joe to chat with a friend while Nadezda sat down and bought another business. They were only at The Kitchen Stop for 14 hours, and I like to get in 24 hours per day, so they had more work to do.

Since the Carrs are filthy rich, and since every town needs a bank, Nadezda’s #4 business is First Valley Bank. I don’t know how much it actually looks like a bank, since I haven’t been inside one in years, but I tried to make it nice.

First Valley Bank is the 25th player owned business, giving Willow Valley its 5th business district!

But, you may be asking, how are they going to get it up to level 10?

Downloaded items, hooray! I found some treasury and investment certificates on Mod the Sims. The treasury certificates increase in value 0.5%  each day, while the investment certificates randomly fluctuate. These will be nice for townie inventories.

(Unfortunately, they can only go on walls, hence the weird wall setup in the bank lobby.)

They stayed for 10 hours, getting stars like crazy, and got the place up to Level 4 before heading home.

Back home, Nadezda invited over her niece Shura, as she had a want to make friends with her.

Bolts got his aspiration up with a townie who had been jogging by.

Still in love…

Akilina brought home Chandler due to a hobby chance card. Weird.

Adam brought his cousin Saveliy home, and the two were soon friends.

You wouldn’t guess that these two were cousins by looking at them, would you? Saveliy looks just like his mom.

Bolts was the only one who had to work on Thursday.

Semyon spent the afternoon just hangin’ around.

“Adam, what are you doing? I’m trying to be a dark tortured soul at the keyboard, and it doesn’t work if you’re dancing!”

Only two members of the family were hungry, but Joe made a platter of spaghetti to feed all the guests (including the random guy who just walked in off the street).

Bolts topped the Intelligence career! That’s the second career he’s topped.

He promptly sat down and got a new job, in Architecture.

Shura decided to have a very important moment in her life while her household’s not even being played.

Early the next morning, while everyone else was still asleep, Joe decided he wanted to see a shooting star. Sadly, he was unsuccessful.

Early in the morning, the three adults headed off to the bank to run it before everyone headed off to work. They got the business to level 8 and made almost $32,000 in 24 hours.

“Do you like grilled cheese? You look like someone who would like grilled cheese.”

“Grilled cheese? I LOVE grilled cheese! It’s so deliciously cheesy!”

Back home, it was soon time for the kids to head to school. Also, this was the moment I decided that I’m choosing Irina’s aspiration rather than rolling for it.

Everybody had work or school, leaving the house empty.

Bolts got home at three, and brought the Ottomas dad.

The kids brought their cousin Denise and Isaiah Gavigan home, and proceeded to ignore them. Poor Isaiah found himself on Denise’s bad side.

At six o’clock, it was birthday time for the girls!

Akilina became a Romance/Popularity sim, with a LTW to woohoo 20 different sims. Fortunately for her, there’s a time for that sort of thing, and it’s called college.

She’s got a sporty look, with the soccer uniform and pigtails. I like it.

Having spent her entire childhood on the phone, Irina became a Popularity sim, with a secondary of Knowledge. Her LTW is to top the Show Business career.

A new outfit was desperately needed.

That’s better. Although I may change her hair so it’s not glitching through her vest.

To finish the evening with a bang, Captain Hero lit the kitchen on fire while fixing dinner. For some reason, most of my fires seem to be started by sims with max cooking points.

“Ohmigod, Mom, why do we have to eat burned pork chops?”

Sims that Nadezda had outings with at the dance studio a season or two ago are showing up with gifts. It’s kind of weird, but highly profitable.

“Hey, Irina, what’s up?”

“Oh, just sneaking out, Uncle Bolts. Don’t mind me.”

“All right, have fun, then!”

Saturday morning, Nadezda got fit by vigorously changing her clothes.

As soon as it was light out, Nadezda and Joe took Akilina and Irina to the bank.

“I’m not really so sure about this business thing, Mom and Dad. I’d rather be at home making friends.”

“Yeah, I need to find some hot dates.”

“Just for a few hours, girls.”

Back home, the girls sat down for some delicious gelatin. Joe scarfed down a plate, too, before heading back to the bank.

Since they only brought the twins for 8 hours, the Carrs still had 16 hours to put in at the bank. It’s a rough life, earning all those sacks of money.

Nadezda got her gold restocking badge, and now has all three gold business badges.

Farooq Bousaid, a member of the new CAS household, dropped the 125th star. Only one more business to go!

Back home, Bolts invited Farooq’s sister Ghaliya over for a date. They have three bolts!

Isaiah Gavigan stopped by, and enjoyed burnt hamburgers with the rest of the family.

“Nah, I’ve never been on an airplane. The only people I know who have ever gotten out of this town are my uncle and his wife – they went to the islands for their honeymoon.”

That evening, Bolts went on a date with Shura Pavlov (only one bolt, but he’ll date anybody), while Joe got to know his sister-in-law after Sofiya randomly stopped by.

I’m not pushing the Carrs to study as much as I am some of the other households – but it’s their own fault that I send them to the bookcase after they try to go to bed at seven o’clock.

Joe wants to maximize his Science enthusiasm, and Irina’s OTH is Science, so I had to buy them another telescope.

“Uncle Bolts, I’m not friends with you. We need to fix that.”

“Tell me more!”

Akilina spent her free time working on her sports hobby. She looks pretty vicious, doesn’t she?

As soon as it was light out, Joe and Nadezda took the girls to their newest business, Pianoforte. As you can see, it sells pianos.

8 hours brought the store up to level 2, after which they headed home.

Pianoforte is the first lot placed in Apple Hill, the town’s new Business District. I’ve been counting virtual BDs so far, but the business area of Willow Valley is getting a bit crowded, and I want to save room for houses and civic buildings (which we’ll be getting more of soon).

“Someday I’m going to go on vacation to someplace really cool.”

“Whatever. Pancakes are awesome.”

Back to Pianoforte! I just might be able to get Nadezda her LTW this rotation.

“Woot, Brittany, looking good!”

“Whatever, robot. Can’t you see I’m like 10 months pregnant?”

“And it was THIS BIG!”

“Really, mom?”

Larisa seems to really enjoy telling dirty jokes and squicking out her kids these days.

The Hamiltons came over for family Sunday! Generally I make sure all members of the family meet each other, then leave them on free will. Sadly, there wasn’t much drama going on here.

Akilina randomized as gay, so Irina used “Invite Household” to get the neighborhood’s other teen lesbian over.

Success! They only have 1 bolt, but it’s enough to give them each aspiration fodder.

I’ve never done a 20 woohoo want with a gay sim before, so should be interesting. I’ve got it set at 20% gay and 20% bi, so Akilina should have 40% of the female population to work with.

After the guests went home, it was time for hobbies! Nadezda was getting boring, so she’s taken up flower arranging.

Stuck smart milk + fall skilling + career reward. Akilina’s sports enthusiasm is only about 4.

At least she got super buff!

The girls may not have coordinated everyday outfits anymore, but they do at least have coordinated nighties.

Bolts cooked up breakfast for everyone. Omelets, yum!

First the HydroBot went on the fritz, then the CleanBot shorted out while cleaning up the HydroBot’s messes. *sigh*

This is why I like family meals – gives everyone a chance to get to know each other.

Nadezda went to work a bit later than everyone else, so fortunately she was able to fix the malfunctioning robots.

Look, coordinated outerwear, too!

I love when teens bring other teens home. They can have outings and make friends with them pretty quickly. These girls don’t know enough teens who aren’t their cousins.

“Yeah, you should definitely buy a piano. They’re pretty awesome.”

The girls have warmed up to the idea of working at the store – it does allow them to meet plenty of new people.

“Noelle! Our nieces are watching!”

Later, when it was just the adults, the store got huge numbers of confused customers for some reason.

White haired lady: “But where are the pianos?’

Nadezda: “Everywhere!”

Marsha: “Where are they? I can’t find them!”

After a marathon 27 hour session, Katy McGaw gave the 5th business its 125th star! Nadezda has achieved her LTW!

“Hooray! Can I use the energizer now, before I pass out?”

Back home, the family had way too many people over, and I let everyone pretty much do whatever they wanted for the evening.

Bolts went on a date on the front stoop.

Then he and Amanda mutually rolled the want to get engaged, which surprised me. Unfortunately, Bolts has 37 more first dates to get through before he can think about marriage.

Akilina invited Agnes over for a date, too.

Finally, all the guests went home, and the family had some time together before bed.

Just before bed, Nadezda sat down to pay the $12,000 in school fees.

Even though I have my university now, I’m going to continue to have families that can afford it pay the levies and extra school fees for the rest of the season, to be fair.

That’s it for the Carr family! Next up is Annika Richter.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Uni fund contribution: $103,800 (taxes $30,600, levy $61,200, school fees $12,000)

Town General Fund: $25,900 (after $1 million deduction for the university)

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 37 (+10 this rotation – +5 for a university, +5 for a business district)

Population: 2923