The Richter household is a single sim island in a sea of families.

Annika is a teen on her own, for a few more days.

She still has the dogs, of course. Sarah and Danny never, ever sleep in their beds.

Annika’s busy with school and work, and has no neat points, so the house and yard are pretty much always a disaster.

“Oh, boy, I’ve got to give Danny another bath when I get home.”

“Yum, leftover omelet. It’s been in the fridge since sometime last season, but it still tastes delicious!”

Annika: “So today’s my last day of school. Isn’t that awesome?”

Amy: “Yeah…must be nice…”

Annika brought Agnes Picaso home from school, and they played some Rock-Paper-Scissors before Annika had to go to work.

Agnes trimmed the bushes before heading home. Thanks, Agnes!

See? Never in the beds.

“Who’s my good puppy dog? Are you glad to see me? Good dog.”

“Hey, Ramsay. Thanks for coming over.”

“Listen, about that whole thing with Anya…”

“It’s totally ok. We’re all Romance sims. I’m sorry for getting mad.”

After Ramsay left, it was time for baths for the dogs. I finally managed to rearrange the bathroom so the dogs can get into the tub in there.

Just after midnight, Annika, who had been surfing the job listings daily, finally found a position in Business.

(I decided last season, in the interests of population growth, that every sim who doesn’t have a career related LTW will be taking jobs in the Business career.)

Annika needed a Logic point, but could only afford the cheap telescope – until Ramsay came over with a very nice gift, that is.

The third day of the rotation was Saturday. Annika spent most of the morning teaching Sarah to Come Here for a promotion.

She went to her first day in the Business career that afternoon and came home with a promotion.

Annika wanted more Logic points, but didn’t want to get slapped, so she did the crossword in the paper to try to raise her Logic skill.

Annika’s a complete slob, and normally her house is a mess, but she spent Sunday morning getting the place nice and clean before work.

Danny got promoted to Rescue Pet! Good dog!

Annika also got promoted, to the top of the teen Business career!

Since work had ended at 6 o’clock, Annika immediately invited over 6 of her best friends for a party.

(Madelina Cooke is there, too, out of frame. I didn’t invite Ramsay, because I figured it would be best to just have one of her lovers. Michael got to come because he was the first.)

Annika grew up into a lovely adult, although her face glitched and she lost her makeup.

Annika changed into some pants she found in the dresser, put some makeup on, and promptly started on her 20 Lovers LTW.

“So, I heard you’re divorced.”

“Yeah, and this is why. I like being single, so I hope you’re not looking for anything long term.”

“I’m a Romance sim. I live in the moment.”

“It was good seeing you, Michael. Call me when you get to college, okay?”

“Sure will, Annika.”

Ah, the automatic age-up break-up.

The party was a roof raiser, even if everyone did get annoyed with Matthew at the end for some reason.

To top the night off, Danny got a $10,000 bonus via chance card! Very good doggy!

Annika saved most of the money for her business, but she did buy some chairs to go with the cake table. She anticipated she’d be entertaining guests much more frequently now that she was an adult.

Annika had been promoted to level 4 of the Business career upon her age up to adult, and in the morning she headed off for her first full day of work.

“What just happened?”

You got a chance card promotion, and so did Sarah. Don’t worry, it’s good.

Annika headed off to her business, Spa Bliss. The business still isn’t fully furnished, but thanks to Danny’s bonus she was able to afford two hot tubs.

Annika’s main purpose at the business is less money making and more meeting guys for her LTW – so, of course, the first two customers were female.

I had nothing to do with this. I was planning to have Annika stick with unmarried men, but alas, ACR struck.

And yes, that’s his daughter inside the building.

Annika discovered she had 3 bolts with Goopy, but she had already been at the spa well over 24 hours at that point. She decided to save Goopy for another day.

Back home, Annika made another new friend.

After getting skills for her own promotion, Annika spent the rest of the evening teaching Sarah to roll over for her promotion.

Note: Yes, it would have been possible for Annika to go to college, and I did consider it, but it would have been logistically difficult – I would have had to either move her in with another household, or move in another CAS sim for the dogs to be taken care of. Also, she wouldn’t have been able to afford it – she spent all her money on a business last season, and she didn’t have the skills for scholarships. So she got to be the last teen to grow directly into an adult instead.


Household: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, Rank 4

Town Fund contribution: $2100

(Annika didn’t pay the levy, nor did she pay half of her $10,000 windfall, because her business isn’t fully furnished. Sims don’t have to donate the extra if they’re still working on their businesses, and she definitely is.)

Total town fund: $28,000

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 37

Population: 2923