It’s time for the household with the biggest extended family in town, the Cooke-Pavlov family!

Left to right: Denise, Sofiya with Eva, Kylie with Jake

As always, we start with taxes. The family easily afforded their taxes of $14,700 and their levy of $29,300.

“Gotta have clean teeth for school, for when I scowl at the other kids!”

Denise is a little meanie, just like Kylie.

“Ugh, so smelly!”

Fortunately, the twins don’t care. They have their bunny heads.

At 8 am, Kylie arrived home with a promotion to Criminal Mastermind!

Besides achieving her LTW, she’s also unlocked new positions in Criminal, Law Enforcement, Journalism, and Intelligence.

“Yay, Mommy, I’m so glad you’re home!”

“Me too, Denise. But the bus is waiting.”

“You really need a doghouse, Dad.”

“But the dog sleeps in Sharlene’s room!”

“Wouldn’t you rather the dog slept outside?”

“Well, I suppose it would be good to have the option…”

Kylie and Sofiya got Paws up to level 8.

Kylie was planning to take a vacation day that evening, so she spent the day catching up with friends.

Sofiya also took a vacation day, because she needs to use them up so she can get a new job. Somehow they got a little behind on the toddler training.

“Say ‘Momma’, Eva.”

Kylie had a want to make friends with the new chick in town, so she invited her over.

“The twins are sleeping, and we’ve got an hour before Denise gets home.”


“Mommy? Momma? I got an A plus…where is everybody?”

“Well, I guess I’ll just work on my homework, then…”

Last minute toddler training!

They finished in time for birthdays! Hooray, no more toddlers!

Eva’s up first, and is apparently shockingly cute.

Jake is adorable.

“Yeah, I get to go to school tomorrow!”

All the kids look different from each other. I love it.

Time for a bit of redecorating. Since Denise is the oldest, she claimed the former nursery, as it’s the biggest bedroom. Eva got Denise’s old room, while Jake got the green bedroom.

Jake looked so adorably nerdy in the outfit he grew up in that I got him some nerd glasses to match.

I like Eva’s shirt. She got some new pants and some pigtails to go with it.

The tree outside caught fire right before the rain stopped. I hate it when that happens.

“Help! Our tree’s on fire! I’m afraid it might burn me up!”

Fortunately, the fire department arrived within a nanosecond of Denise placing the call, as usual.

Unfortunately, the darn fire doesn’t count.

Once upon a time (when she was a child), Sofiya had max enthusiasm in her OTH of Science. I think it’s time to get back to that.

You know, Jessica, you’d think it’d be professional courtesy not to rob your boss’s house.

“I got intelligence that the Llama Queen is here!”

“Oh, the burglar alarm’s going off. Let’s just go downstairs and see what’s up.”

Denise: “Boo!”

Sofiya: “Ohmigosh!”

Kylie: “Ah, it’s just as I planned.”

Meanwhile, the twins were in Denise’s room, showing off somersaults. Ok, then.

“Finally, I’ve caught the Llama Queen. You’re going away for a long time, Llama Queen.”

“But I’m not…”

“Save it for the judge.”

Even though her plan had worked perfectly, and the family even got a $500 award for helping to catch the fake Llama Queen, Kylie was still depressed about the burglary.

A big sack of money did help her feel better, though.

Later in the morning, as Jake got out his jump rope for a little fun before school, Kylie donated half the genie money, $22,000, to the town fund. (They still have a wish left, but I’m going to hold onto it for a little while.)

The kids headed off to school while Sofiya let family and friends know all about the burglary.

Then it was time for Sofiya to head to work. She was a little worried leaving Kylie alone, since clearly her wife had enemies in the criminal underground.

Kylie had the house to herself for the day. After a nap, she spent some time shooting hoops.

Then Davis came and stole the newspaper while Kylie was reading it. Jerk.

“So, I heard the burglars got you, too. Darn burglars.”

“Yeah, it stinks. Can you watch the kids for a couple of hours? Sofiya will be home at six.”

Kylie spun into her cat suit and headed out, while Jake made friends with his cousin Adam.

“I like playing chess, Grandpa. Do you like playing chess?”

“It’s all right. I like playing guitar better.”

While her siblings were outside, Eva enjoyed solitude at the block table.

Sofiya got home and helped Jake out with his homework.

“And then the wind got the umbrella, and it flew away upside down!”

“Ooh, I’m so glad you’re home.”

“I hate these crazy hours. The kids are in bed?”



After Sofiya went to bed, Kylie headed for the computer. The Criminal Mastermind career did not have good hours for a mom with school age kids, so she took a position in Adventure instead.

Of course, the fact that I wanted a Jumbok might have had something to do with it.

All the kids got up promptly at 6 and made their beds, and never mind that it was Saturday. Bunch of little neatniks.

Jake and Denise started out the day on the activity table.

Sofiya got stuck with homework duty again, because Kylie had to leave for work right after admiring her portrait.

My sim kids never get to let their homework wait until Sunday night – the only reason Eva even got to wait until Saturday morning was because Sofiya only had time to teach one kid before bedtime.

Kylie rather liked her new work outfit, and she was pretty sure her wife would appreciate it, too.

“Yay, magic jump rope!”

“So, Momma, when I’m big, can I wear makeup?”

“If you want to.”

Jake really loves showing off. Fortunately, his sisters seem pretty tolerant of it.

Naturally, Kylie got a promotion.

“Hey, another Romance sim! We have much to discuss.”

“Great! Any tips you might have on juggling multiple lovers would be greatly appreciated.”

“Well, actually…”

Off to the store! Despite the fact that they hadn’t been there in two days, their old lady restocker was too tired to come in, so they hired a new guy.

“I do appreciate the Best of the Best award, dude, but you don’t need to get all touchy feely.”

A romantic outing is always a great way to conclude a trip to the store.

Back home, Nadezda stopped by, and everyone spent a quiet evening doing whatever they wanted.

(The girls wanted to study – Eva’s learning Anger Management, and Denise is learning Physiology.)


The next day was family Sunday, and the witchy Pedersons came over.

Madelina’s brother James came over, too – you can see him in the back there. He was actually the first household I rolled for, but it seemed silly to have just one person come over for family Sunday.

Hey, look, matching snowsuits!

I think the game got mixed up on which two were supposed to be twins. Denise and Jake are inseparable, while Eva generally keeps to herself.

Kylie made a huge platter of pancakes, but there were none left for her by the time the kids descended on it.

“Mommy used to be in the mob and carry dangerous documents in her suitcase, but now she’s a pirate.”

“I’m a chef!”

*yawn* “Boring!”

“And I like math, and chess, and building at the block table!”

“Yeah, ok.” *coughNerd!*

“We have two dogs, but no fish.”

“My moms won’t let us get a pet. They say they deal with animals enough at the store.”

James got along quite well with the Pederson kids, despite him being Mr. Frowny Face here.

“Yeah, the kids are doing great in school. Denise is on the honor roll. The twins just finished kindergarten, but they’re doing fine.”

All too soon, it was 6 pm and time for everyone to go home – and time for cleanup.

“Hey, that planet’s really bright.”

“Aaaaaauuuuugh! That’s not a planet!”

As you can see, the kids were really concerned.

Eva’s talking to Artur, who called her pretty much the minute he got home.

Nobody waited up for Sofiya, not even her wife. Poor thing.

“Makari’s a liar. He said meeting aliens was awesome. That was horrible! I’m going to bed.”

Apparently the mob is pissed off at Kylie for leaving.

Fortunately Dorian showed up again, and successfully subdued another criminal.

Dorian was very thorough, and made sure the children were ok before heading back to the police station. He’s definitely my favorite NPC cop.

Poor Denise couldn’t stay asleep, she was so traumatized by the second burglary.

In fact, all the kids got up super early. Stupid burglary.

But hey, that was the 6th one! New Law Enforcement position, yay.

Off to school, still upset about the break-in.

“Maybe we should go on vacation, someplace sunny. Get out of here for a little while.”

“Yeah, we got robbed again, can you believe it? No, they didn’t take anything – the police got the guy.”

“Darn burglars. I need to take care of those mob guys, tell them what’s what. Just because I’m not a mastermind anymore doesn’t mean they can mess around with me.”

“I heard you got robbed again. Just wanted to make sure everything’s ok.”

“Oh, we’re fine. It’s just me here – everybody else is at work and school. You’re welcome to hang out if you want.”

Kylie got another promotion.

After school, Jake challenged his Uncle James to a game of chess, while Sofiya used a safer method to gain Science enthusiasm.

“You know Uncle James? He cooks – for his job! He doesn’t catch spies or go pirating or anything!”


At 6 o’clock, it was time for Denise’s birthday!

The jumpsuit returns!

Denise became a Knowledge/Romance sim with a LTW to top the Journalism career.

New clothes.

As is standard for new teenagers in Willow Valley, the family headed off to the store. Denise got her gold sales badge in only 8 hours, and they got the store up to level 9.

“Eventually we’re going to have to decide what to do with that last genie lamp wish.”

“Eh, we can worry about that next season.”

That’s it for the Cooke-Pavlovs! Next up we have the Pavlov/Parker family.


Family: Cooke-Pavlov

Business: Paws, level 9

Town fund contribution: $83,000 (Tax $14,700, levy $29,300, windfall $22,000, school fees $7,000)

Total town fund: $111,000

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 37

Population: 2923