Heading into the homestretch of the rotation now with the Pavlov/Parker family.

Left to right: Brittany, Stepan, Akim, Shura

Shura’s still working hard on fishing, to get into her LTW career of Oceanography. Hopefully she can get her gold badge before the pond freezes over for the winter.

Brittany and Stepan have a lot of work to keep the huge garden tended.

Since it was Saturday, Akim decided he was just going to jump rope in his pajamas and play with the dogs all day.

The three adults headed off to their business, Parker Statuary, where they made plenty of money filling those lovely gold bags.

After about 24 hours, the store reached level 10! That’s 2 of 5 done for Brittany’s LTW.

Back home, Shura paid the taxes, and then found a job in Business! Even if she gets her gold badge, I’ll probably still make her become a Business Tycoon before switching over to Oceanography for her LTW.

Puppies! So many puppies. The family has two adult dogs and three puppies.

Brittany bought her next business, which cost $110,000. It’s pretty cool, but the family didn’t have much money left over. That’s why they didn’t pay their levy right away.

Poor Rosalie was pretty worried about Akim, until she got the hang of the “Play Dead” trick.

Shura got her silver badge! Brittany took a maternity leave day, and spent most of the day working on her creativity.

Is that blood? What the heck have those puppies been doing in the doggy beds?

Stepan got a promotion!

This is one of the few houses where I don’t have any permaplat sims, so I’ll be happy when Stepan gets his LTW.

Shura wanted to become fit, so she spent the evening doing yoga.

Just in time for Akim to go to bed, I did a little renovation. At the moment, Akim has the second floor all to himself.

“Yeah, my wife is so huge, she’s bigger than a sumo wrestler.”

“Stepan! Get off the phone! It’s time!”

Say hello to baby Zinaida! Zinaida’s got Brittany’s blue eyes, and blonde hair from her grandpa Leo.

Shura was very excited to have a baby sister, even if it did make her the middle child.

Time for a little puddle splashing to make the night complete.

Shura’s aspiration was pretty low by morning, so she invited over that guy she had her first kiss with over at the Carr’s for a date.

Off to the new business! It’s a roller rink, called Skate World.

Despite the place being chock full of fun – it even has a concession stand! – the average ticket price is still only $27. Definitely not fair considering it cost $110,000. So the family will be dazzling to get sims to pay $100 an hour, to recoup their costs.

Heh, Stepan can’t skate.

Back home, it was time for the puppies to grow up! Violet’s the only one that looks at all like Rosalie.

Clover looks just like Snickerdoodle.

Phil looks like a shaggy version of Snickerdoodle.

The Hamiltons came over for family Sunday.

Everybody loves to smustle on the lawn in the rain!

There was no way the family was keeping five dogs, so Violet was given to Aglaya – she’s already got a male dog at home.

Since Clover looked just like his dad (and the rest of Danny and Sarah’s puppies), Shura sold him to her townie boyfriend.

Snickerdoodle came home with a promotion to Rescue Pet!

“Hi there. Are you my cousin?”

“Yeah, probably.”

Aw, townie guy is actually really cute with Clover. Maybe he can adopt him if he ever gets moved in.

“Mommy and Daddy are woohooing, yes they are! Don’t worry, big sister will take care of you.”

One more dog to get rid of, so Brittany called over her friend Ashton and gave him Phil. Ashton’s a family sim, so hopefully his kids will enjoy a dog.

I don’t know what happened, but Anzhelina seems to be furious at Pavel.


Unfortunately, Brittany had just sent everyone home, so I didn’t get to see the drama play out.

Akim was rather glad that everyone had gone home, and he could read in peace.

Stepan and Shura spent the night in the greenhouse, talking to the plants and harvesting delicious produce.

The next morning, Shura headed off to her very first day in the business career.

“Yay, leftover pancakes!”

“Aren’t you going to work, Dad?”

“In just a few minutes, son. I’m just waiting for your grandma.”

“Hey, Mom, can you watch the baby today? I’m the only one with vacation days, and I’m just a hair away from my lifetime want.”

“Of course! I’m always happy to watch my grandkids.”

Brittany’s at the fancy dress stage of the Music career.

Zinaida was sleeping, so Larisa spent the first few hours of her babysitting time playing with the dogs.

Stepan topped the Journalism career, achieving his LTW!

I’m not sure whether the old guy there is smustling, or just threw out his back.

Stepan also brought home a cold, so he headed straight to the juicer for orange juice. Poor Zinaida was on the floor, but Stepan didn’t dare touch her until he was cured.

Since Stepan was sick, Shura and Akim took care of the garden.

Brittany got a promotion and a preggo pop.

Birthday time!

Zinaida had this weird squinty eye thing going on, so I had a hard time getting a picture of her. Also, she’s got evil eyebrows, but 6 nice points.

Since Stepan’s permaplat now, and not pregnant, he headed to Skate World and got the place up to level 3.

Back home, the plantsims engaged in their usual nighttime activities of fishing and gardening while the rest of the household slept.

Akim had leftover birthday cake for breakfast. He wanted to play with Zinaida afterward, but Daddy said she was busy learning to walk.

Brittany had a healthy vegetable smoothie for breakfast. Yum!

Then she took her maternity leave day to work on her skills.

Stepan also took a vacation day, so he could get the garden tended perfectly.

“Bunny! Bunny is my fwiend.”

Pop #2!

Stepan invited the Garden Club over to do an inspection just as Akim got home from school.

Brittany headed off to Skate World.

The photo booth was extremely popular among both married couples…

And cheaters.

Brittany’s aspiration got a little low, so she invited Stepan over for a date. They ended up making use of the photo booth themselves.

Back home, the Garden Club completed their inspection and rewarded the family with a wishing well! Hooray!

Stepan got the first wish. He doesn’t need love or money, so he wished for wealth. Only $1000, so it’ll probably pretty much just be used for wishing for friends or romance.

Akim and Zinaida became good friends at the block table.

Shura got her gold badge! Of course, I never get the over the head icon when I really want it.

She’s level 8 in the Business career, so I’m going to have her top that before moving on to Oceanography.

Stepan headed off to Skate World for the last visit of the season, and got the place up to level 5.

Back home, Akim got in a little chess before school.

Stepan painted his own portrait ages ago, but he’s been slacking on getting Brittany’s done.

Score! Genie lamp!

I put in the corner. They can use it next season.

Everyone headed off to work and school, leaving Brittany with Zinaida and a fridge full of leftovers.

“Yeeow! Going into labor while mopping up dog pee? Totally unfair!”

Brittany had a baby boy, named Lyosha. He’s got Stepan’s black hair and brown eyes, and Brittany’s fair skin.

The nursery was decorated in an alien green theme back when Akim was born, and no one ever saw any reason to change it.

“Yay, I have a brother! If it had been another girl, I’d have been way outnumbered.”

Since it was the last day of fall, Brittany sat down and paid all the money the family owed into the town fund, a total of $82,900.

(One of the reasons I’m keeping up the extra money collecting, even though I’ve got the university, is that it’s helping to get families’ finances into a state where they might actually have to be concerned about money a little.)

Shura got up to level 9 of the Business career, and brought home Annika Richter.

Stepan got a $48,000 bonus via chance card!

(See what I mean about getting rid of extra money?)

Feofil stopped by for a visit, which he really should do more often since he only lives across the street.

Shura got a bad chance card and lost 3 logic points, so she spent the night trying to get them back.

That’s it for the Pavlov/Parker household! Next up is the Fairchild family.


Household: Pavlov/Parker


Sunshine Floral, Rank 10

Parker Statuary, Rank 10

Skate World, Rank 6

Town fund contribution: $98,400 (taxes $15,500, levy $30,900, windfalls $49,000, school fees $3000)

Total town fund: $209,400

Playable sims: 81 (+2 this rotation)

Sim multiplier: 38 (+1 this rotation due to 30th community lot purchased)

Population: 3078