It’s time for the Fairchild family!

Left to right: Sandy holding Eric, Davis holding Greta

The Fairchilds spent last season saving up to get out of their little 2 bedroom 1 bath starter, and managed to purchase this lovely house.

The house is a bit under furnished at the moment, but they’ve got everything they need. And Sandy has a zebra room!

(I decided to try my hand at playing with split levels, and it seems to have worked fairly well.)

Eric needed an aspiration boost, so Sandy taught him a nursery rhyme right there on the sidewalk.

The family was out of money after buying and furnishing the house, so they headed off to Sleep Soft, the family business.

Best of the Best Award!

It was just the two of them, so Davis mostly restocked and didn’t have time to do many sales. Still, they were quite successful in the 24 hours they were there, getting the store up to level 7 and making about $15,000 in profit.

Back home, Sandy amused herself on an outing with a walkby, gossiping about how Leo Pavlov once burned some food.

Eric seemed happy enough playing with his bunny head.

Sandy headed off to work in the afternoon, leaving Davis with the kids. He didn’t mind much, even when it was time to change Greta’s diaper.

“Yummy blocks! Taste much better than bunny ear.”

Yes, Eric got his 8 charisma points, earning him a college scholarship, and has moved on to the block table.

“Mwahahaha! I shall torment these sims who just moved in by stealing their newspaper, thus depriving them of the walk to throw it in the trash can!”

Sandy got home with a chance card promotion, hooray!

But…now she has 3 days off. And Davis is on his first of 4 days off. Boo.

Thanks to the money from the business and Sandy’s promotion bonus, Davis was able to pay the taxes of $6800 as well as establish a $10,000 college fund for Eric. Greta still needs her college fund, though, and Davis and Sandy still don’t have their bubble blower, so they’ll have to come up with something to get some extra cash.

Sandy really loved her zebra room. It almost made studying for work bearable.

That evening, it was time for Eric’s birthday! Yes, even though he was tired.

Eric’s still a clone of his dad, but we’ll forgive him since he’s adorable.

“I have to study for work, but what are you doing with that book, Eric?”

“I want to be super ready for my first day of school!”

“That’s strange, but whatever.”

What a perfect gift for Davis and Sandy! It’ll fit in quite well in the basement, which is eventually going to be the party room.

Eric was so excited about his first day of school that he ran for the bus.

(No, he’s not late, he’s just one of those kids that runs everywhere. And he’s in public school, because families aren’t allowed to enroll kids in private school until all kids have college funds. Greta still doesn’t have one, so public school it is.)

Since he and Sandy both had days off, with no money coming in, Davis decided to head down to his dad’s club to see if he could earn some tips. Some other sims joined him in an impromptu jam session, but they were terrible. Still, he made $300 in tips.

Sandy and Davis were just having a nice date on their front porch, as people do, when Madelina came along and stole the newspaper! Yeesh.

Eric brought Isaiah Gavigan home from school. They had a great time hanging out until 6, when Isaiah had to go home.

That night, it was birthday time for Greta! Sandy was quite excited, as Greta becoming a toddler meant she could be potty trained.

Unfortunately, the cake glitched, so Davis ended up tossing her while Sandy obliviously ate her birthday cake.

Greta is very cute. She still mostly looks like Davis, but she did get Sandy’s eyes.

Post makeover – she just seemed like a kid who shouldn’t have a ton of hair.

I was really hoping she would get Sandy’s nose, but oh well. That face 1 nose just won’t quit.

“And that’s how you solve for x…wait, why are you doing algebra in kindergarten?”

Ah, the block table. Yes, I abuse it shamelessly to get siblings to be friends with each other. Very important for these two, since they don’t have any spare siblings to be alternate friends.

After Eric went to school, Sandy spent the day working on her OTH of Games.

Davis spent much of the day spoiling Greta. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl.

Davis and Sandy went on a date in the afternoon. They go on at least a date a day.

Eric brought Rufina Thayer home from school. He’s quite popular, it seems.

“And I heard in private school, you get your own desks! We have to share in public school.”

“Well, why don’t your parents just get $50,000 bonuses at work? Then you could go to private school too.”

Ah, rich kids. They just don’t get it.

Eric discovered that his OTH is sports. Darn it, that one’s boring.

Nursery rhyme time! Greta’s OTH turns out to be Music & Dance, just like Davis. No wonder she’s such a Daddy’s girl. (The fact that Greta and Davis have the exact same personality probably doesn’t hurt.)

Eric finally got a new outfit and got rid of the pink jeans. His family might not be super rich, but they’re certainly well off enough that they can afford new clothes.

I really wanted the family have enough for Greta’s college fund by her birthday, so Davis and Sandy went down to Sleep Soft to earn some cash.

Pregnant lady invasion!

The store got up to level 8, and Sandy got a $10,000 bonus with her perk!

(Most of the time I roll a die for their perks, so it’s luck if they get the cash.)

Davis and Sandy brought home over $20,000 from the business, giving them more than enough to fund Greta’s college account with $10,000. That means Eric can be in private school!

Davis and Sandy spent the day going on outings with walkbys.  Sandy can’t stop talking about that time Leo burned dinner.

Greta took a nap on her pink mat, in her pink room, while wearing a pink dress.

Eric didn’t bring a friend home, so he called up Rufina to chat.

Kylie came by for dinner. She was rather shocked that Eric thought aliens weren’t real.

Greta finally got the want to learn to walk. Davis was happy to teach her.

The outings paid off!

Sandy maxed her games enthusiasm, just before heading off to work.

Davis spent the day home with Greta, working on his pottery. He earned a silver badge.

Sandy and Eric got home at the same time, and Sandy got a promotion.

Eric was soon back on the phone.

At 6 pm, it was birthday time!

Greta’s a cutie, and I think she has Sandy’s mouth in addition to her eyes.

Makeover! Greta cheered, so I guess that means she doesn’t mind all the pink girly stuff.

Sandy needed tons of skill points for work – I think she’s at level 9. So she spent the rest of the evening rocking out.

“You’re big now, so that means you can play chess!”

“Really? That sounds like so much fun! Can we play tonight?”

“Nah, I have to go to bed.”

Davis headed off for his Friday night party, swooning over the limo driver.

Davis and Sandy are rather hands off parents.

(Since their goal has been to have a great party house, I got them a bar, bubble blower, and pool table as an end of rotation present.)

She grew up in those pink pajamas all on her own.

That’s it for the Fairchild family! Next up is the Bendetts.


Family: Fairchild

Business: Sleep Soft, Rank 8

Town fund contribution: $22,400 (taxes $6800, levy $13,600, school fees $2,000)

(They didn’t quite have enough money to pay the extra $5,000 for their $10,000 windfall, but that’s fine as it’s optional.)

Playable sims: 81

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3078