It’s time for the Bendett family!

Left to right: Marisa holding Drina, Devan, Ashton holding Kat. And that’s their new dog Phil in the background.

The Bendetts were also in a starter home through last season, but have moved out into a much larger house. It’s actually a house from the bin – not sure how I like it so far.

The house was minimally furnished, but the Bendetts brought most of their stuff with them from the old house and were able to get the place furnished pretty nicely.

Devan and Phil seem to get along well.

After buying and furnishing the house, Ashton and Marisa didn’t have enough to pay their taxes, so they headed off to their toy store. For some reason, they have a lot of trouble leveling this place – it was level 5 when they started, and in 24 hours they got it up to level 6 and made about $4,000.

Back home, Ashton worked on restocking Marisa’s inventory with homemade toys.

Marisa headed off to work in her LTW career of Dance in the afternoon.

Despite wearing his work uniform, Ashton had the day off, and spent it with the little ones.

Devan is the exact same age as his cousin Eric, and at 6 pm, it was time for his birthday!

Marisa had to miss it due to work, but Ashton and Phil were in attendance.

What a cutie.

Since Marisa’s working on sewing, I’m going to be mean and leave him in those clothes until she gets her silver badge. Fortunately, the soccer uniform’s not too terrible.

Marisa got home with a promotion and a nice bonus. They’re going to need every penny to establish college funds for 3 kids. (Or more. Their randomly selected number of kids was 3, but Ashton’s a family sim, so they’re not on birth control and will probably have more.)

Ashton’s OTH is Science, but he’s never done any stargazing! This must be remedied immediately.

Marisa had a bunch of skill points to get for her next promotion. She had two days off coming up, but that was no reason not to get right to it.

After skilling and hobbying, it was time for diapering and feeding before bed. Ah, the joys of twins.

“Someday I’m gonna be a ballerina just like Mommy!”

Real life dog owners, how often do you bathe your dogs? I have cats, so they’re self-cleaning, but I grew up with dogs. I’m pretty sure they didn’t need a bath every other day.

Devan went off to school (public school, as they have no extra money), and Ashton and Marisa did the diaper dance.

Then Marisa worked on those skills.

Ashton finished making toys to stock Marisa’s inventory just in time to head off to work.

Devan brought home everyone’s favorite school bus friend, Isaiah Gavigan.

Another sports nut. *le sigh*

Ashton got home from work just in time to help Devan with his homework.

Aw, Phil’s brother Clover came by to play.

Birthday time!



Behold the power of the Face One nose, and fear. (At least it’s a cute nose, right? Given that all three kids have it.)

Kat got braids to match her sister, and then it was time for Smart Milk and bed.

Early in the morning, Phil wondered what all that noise was. Was he supposed to do something about it?

With two to teach skills to, toddler training began promptly.

“Boy, I’m glad I’m too young to help out with the toddler skilling. I get to get out of here and go to school, hooray!”

Finally the girls went down for their naps, and the grownups were able to engage in snuggle time.

Afterward, Marisa was so hungry that she ate two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Ashton, sadly, had to go to work.

Phil dug the side yard full of holes before Marisa discovered him.

Block table time!

Poor Phil, just waiting for someone to fill his bowl.

“Somebody’ll come soon. Real soon. Any second now. Real soon.”

“I had about six grilled cheese sandwiches yesterday, and every one of them was awesome.”


“Here comes the tickle monster!”

“Say ‘Daddy’, Drina.”


“Another baby? After unprotected woohoo? Shocking!”

The carpool came for Ashton, but he skipped it while Marisa walked to work. Stupid maternity leave.

“Hi, Dad! Hi townie guy! I got an A+!”

“That’s great, Devan!”

“Do I know you, kid?”

Marisa got a promotion! Look how thrilled she is.

Marisa went off to skill, while the rest of the family worked on nursery rhymes. Yes, Devan got pulled into the toddler skilling after all.

Devan likes to jump rope first thing every morning. Usually in his parents’ room, because there’s plenty of space in there.

Ashton unfortunately tossed Drina a little too high.

“Honey, I’m really craving some grilled cheese sandwiches. Could you make me a nice big platter of them?”

“Of course, honey! Your wish is my command.”

“Oh, this is so yummy. Thank you, Ashton.”

“The grilled cheese worked!”

Devan brought Nikifor Pavlov home from school, but had to take a moment to greet Phil before playing with his new friend.

Kat got overtired and got into that cycle where Ashton couldn’t pick her up to put her to bed because she was passing out or freaking out about being tired.

In related news, I’ve decided that all multiples must have toddler blankets from now on.

After Kat finally got her nap, it was birthday time!

Ignore the stinky dog. It’s been a whole day since he had a bath.


(I have no idea why Anthony is there.)


Marisa hasn’t touched the sewing machine all season, so they’re all stuck in the clothes they grew up in.

Drina got a new hairstyle, while Kat kept her braids.

Marisa got a promotion! Unfortunately, she’ll have to stay super pregnant for a while, because that’s it for the Bendetts.


Family: Bendett

Business: Tots Best Toys, Rank 6

Town fund contribution: $5900 (taxes only)

Total town fund: $237,700

Playable sims: 81

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3078