Time for the Gavigan family!

Back: Mary and Nathan

Front: Isaiah and Josiah

First thing, Nathan paid the taxes. They only had about $400 left afterward, with nothing saved toward college funds or a new house, so Nathan doubted they’d be able to pay the extra levy. He felt rather bad about it, since he hoped his children would benefit from the town’s new university, but they just didn’t have the money.

Mary got in a little stargazing before it got light outside. She hoped she could get a logic point before work; a promotion bonus would help out a lot. The new baby was coming soon, and they would need a crib and a changing table.

Nathan got Baxter a job in Pet Service – every little bit helped. He didn’t have work until late in the afternoon, so he spent much of the morning teaching Baxter to Shake for a promotion.

Isaiah was glad to help his mom out with her logic point for work – he loved games. As soon as she got her point, she headed off to work.

Josiah spent much of the morning chatting on the phone with Saveliy Pavlov, who was his very best friend besides his big brother. Meanwhile, Isaiah took over teaching Baxter to shake.

Josiah then discovered that he really enjoyed spying on the neighbors’ backyards through the telescope. Since it was late fall, though, there didn’t seem to be any actual sims out to spy on.

“Hi, Mommy! Did you get a promotion today?”

“Yes, Josiah, I did.”

Sharlene Cooke and Chloe Gonzaga were walking by, so the boys invited them to stop and play.

Nathan had gone to work as soon as Mary got home, and the boys were busy with their friends, so Mary figured she’d take a nap.

Baxter headed off for his first day of work.

“And when I grow up, I’m gonna build a robot suit and take over the world!”

Josiah really liked to talk on the phone.

“Nobody to play chess with me. That’s ok, I can just play by myself!”

Nathan got a promotion! He was thrilled to get out of the llama suit.

The easels were occupied, so Mary decided to write a novel to earn her creativity point.

“Um, Mary, where did you get that sparkly salmon?”

“It was in the fridge.”

“None of us has the cooking points to make something like that. It must have been here when we moved in.’

“Argh! Horrible, horrible indigestion!”

“Yikes! I knew that salmon must be bad.”

It turned out that Mary’s pain was labor rather than indigestion, and soon she gave birth to baby girl Hadassah.

Quickly followed by her twin sister, Judith.

The family had made enough money from promotions during the day to furnish not only the nursery, but the second bathroom as well.

“Yeah! Two baby girls! Now we’ve got two of each – how perfect is that?”

Mary had a fleeting desire to have 10 children, but that soon passed. 4 was an excellent number.

Thanks, Sandy!

Baxter came home with a promotion, capping off an excellent first day of the rotation for the Gavigan family.

“Well, I got your diaper changed, Judith, but your mommy will have to get your bottle. I’ve got to go to work.”

“Last night while the moon was out, the social worker brought our new baby sisters!”

“It wasn’t the social worker. They came out of mom’s tummy.”

“Swim for it! Swim, swim! Glug glug glug.”

“Yeah, we have a dog. I hope I can talk my parents into getting a girl dog, too, and then they can have puppies!”

Mary had the day off work, so while the twins were napping, she made some flower arrangements.

“Pew pew! I got you!”

“Oh! Urgh! Argh! I’m dyin’, man!”

Hadassah glitched with her first diaper change, putting her and Judith on different schedules. Mary didn’t mind at all during the day, but thought she might feel differently after bedtime.

Mary was very glad that Isaiah and Josiah got along so well. They’d definitely made the right decision when they’d adopted Josiah.

Nathan got home with a promotion! And no more llama suit!

Mary had gone to take a nap, so Nathan figured he was on diaper duty until she woke up.

For some reason, the Gavigans seem to attract pint sized newspaper thieves.

That evening, it was time for Isaiah’s birthday! Sophie Miguel stopped in to watch.

“Yeah, Isaiah’s big!”

“I’m a teen! Oh…these pants…”

Isaiah became a Family/Fortune sim, just like his mother. For some reason, the Family/Fortune combo seems popular in Willow Valley, even though aspirations are almost universally chosen by a die. Isaiah apparently tends more toward the Fortune side, since his LTW is to earn $100,000.

Mary’s aspiration was low, and she wanted Isaiah to get a college scholarship. So he became the first teen in Willow Valley to officially receive a scholarship. He only qualified for the grades scholarship, since he didn’t have many skills.

After buying some new pants, Isaiah gave his stinky dog a bath.

First thing in the morning, Nathan got the body point he needed for work. He was determined to keep the promotions coming.

Everyone else was still asleep, so he got Judith her bottle.

A little while later, the family sat down for a delicious breakfast of tomato Pop Tarts.

“We have to study geography in school today. I hate geography.”

“Don’t forget to call the nanny, Nathan.”

“I’m calling right now, sweetie! Have a good day at work!”

Mary had vacation days, but decided to save them for now. If she went to work, she could get a promotion, and they definitely needed the money – so far they’d only managed $5000 in the college fund for Isaiah, and they needed $10,000 per child.

Isaiah and Josiah became best friends while finishing their Pop Tarts.

Calista came for the day, and took good care of the babies while everyone was at work and school.

“I can take it from here, Ms. Nanny.”

“Are you sure, young man?”

“I’m a family sim.”

“Oh, well, all right, then.”

When Isaiah was a child, he made quite a few friends. Now, he wondered if he might have a future with one of them.

“Hey, it’s Isaiah. Can you come over? … Great! See you soon!”

Unfortunately, Isaiah’s quest for romance was interrupted when Judith wet her diaper. He had promised his parents he would take good care of the twins during the two hours before they got home, so he had to see to her first.

Nathan, Mary, and Baxter arrived home, all with promotions!

Nathan headed down to Train & Tone, the family’s gym. With the money from the recent promotions, he was able to finish furnishing the place. The ticket price was a respectable $30 per hour.


 Nathan spent much of his time there working on skills for his next promotion.

He also got a chance to get to know Armando Cooke, who was at the top of the Athletic career. Nathan figured a little schmoozing couldn’t hurt.

Back home, Isaiah made his move on Mhairi.

Oh, no, rejected!

Nathan was excited about the prospect of more tomato Pop Tarts.

Finally, Isaiah got Mhairi to give him his first kiss. He’d been feeling pretty desperate.

That evening, it was birthday time! Nathan was really hungry, so Isaiah volunteered to bring Judith to her cake.



They’re both quite cute, though definitely not identical.

“My little sister is about the same age as yours.”

“Cool. Maybe we should get them together for a play date.”

Hadassah was tired and went straight to bed, but Mary got Judith her smart milk and a new hairstyle.

“Yeah, Science is definitely pretty cool. And if you hang out on the telescope enough, you can go up and meet my mom.”

“Say ‘Mommy’.”


“No, ‘Mommy’.”

Nathan got up super early with Hadassah to get her her smart milk.

The family had gotten an outing gift overnight, so in the morning, Isaiah was able to bring his college fund up to $10,000. He also got a teen job in the Military career, mostly for the scholarship money.

“I definitely don’t want to have to change diapers, so I’m going to help you with the potty, Hadassah.”

Isaiah then had time to get himself a charisma point for a promotion before school.

Naturally, Josiah got to know his sisters at the block table.

Nathan stayed home with the twins, while everyone else headed off to work or school. Sadly, neither Mary nor Baxter was expecting a promotion, as they didn’t have the needed skills.

But then Baxter got a good job on a chance card and got promoted to Rescue Pet!

“Who’s a good doggy, bringing home the bacon?”

“Bacon? Bacon? Where’s the bacon? I want some bacon!” *tail wag*

Isaiah brought Mireia home from school, but left her smustling on the sidewalk while he headed off for his first day of work.

“Guess what, Mom? I got an A plus!”

“That’s great, Josiah!”

“I know we have a ton of stuff to do – skilling, toddler training for the girls – but go on a date with me first?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“I’m a teen overachiever, you know.”

“I can talk.”

“That’s awesome!”

Mhairi came over and immediately started smustling. She brought Venyamin who’s a little more polite, and rang the doorbell.

“Oh, boy, that was an awesome date.”

“We could have another one.”

“No, I’ve got to skill.”

“Isn’t that the girl Isaiah likes? I swear, these teenagers.”

Isaiah was also BFFs with Venyamin, so he decided not to have any hard feelings if Mhairi preferred him. But he wished he could find just one girl he liked who didn’t already have a boyfriend.

Mary spent the evening getting skilled up for her next promotion.

Ah, the joy of the toddler blankets. Everyone else was asleep, but the girls got up and got on their bunny heads.

As soon as Mary did get up, it was time to teach Judith her nursery rhyme. She still didn’t know how to walk, but she wanted the nursery rhyme.

Baxter got a collar, and also had a weird reaction to the soap in the bath and turned green.

Amazingly, it made him even uglier.

Breakfast, blocks, and learning to talk.

“Bye, Nanny Calista! Take good care of my little sisters!”

Poor Hadassah was just trying to get on her blanket, but Calista kept bringing her bottle after bottle.

Isaiah brought Marya Hamilton home from school. He wished the girls didn’t just think of him as a “good friend” kind of guy.

As Isaiah was finishing up his outing, everyone else returned home. Mary and Nathan both got promotions.

The brothers spent most of the afternoon and evening playing a game of chess. They were both pretty close to earning their logic scholarships.

Nathan finally earned the punching bag. Earning body points would be a lot easier from now on.

Nathan also wanted a new table. Since they needed a bigger table anyway, he got one.

While Mary taught Judith to walk, Nathan enjoyed some delicious mac & cheese at the new table.

Nathan taught Hadassah to talk, glad that this was the last of the toddler training.

Another baby! Mary was excited…but worried too. Where would they put a new baby? They certainly didn’t have the money to move to a bigger house.

They’d have to figure something out next season.

That’s it for the Gavigans! Next is a new CAS family, the Bousaids.


Family: Gavigan

Business: Train & Tone, Rank 3

Town Fund contribution: $4300 (taxes only)

Total Town Fund: $242,000

Playable sims: 83 (+2)

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3154