It’s time for the penultimate household of fall, the brand new Bousaid family!

Farooq (left) and Ghaliya (right) are twins, the product of an alien abduction. They were sheltered by their father during their childhood, but after his death shortly before their adult birthday, they discovered that the people of their town were not going to tolerate a couple of half aliens living among them. So they’ve come here, seeking out acceptance and a new life.

The siblings moved into the house recently vacated by the Bendett family, with nice big bedrooms so they can each have some personal space.

Ghaliya is a Popularity/Fortune sim with a LTW to have 20 best friends. Thanks to having been around town all season, she’s already got half a dozen friends and two best friends.

Farooq is a Fortune/Knowledge sim with the LTW to top the Oceanography career. Sadly, there’s no room for a pond on their little lot. He could head out to Picaso Park, but he decided to focus on building wealth instead, for now. So Farooq’s first step was to get a job, and he immediately took a position in the Business career.

Once Ghaliya got off the phone, she decided she might as well be in Business, too.

Farooq and Ghaliya both headed to the mirrors to get their needed charisma points, then walked to work.

So much furiousness going on in the neighborhood, and half the time I don’t even know why.

I said to myself, “At least it’s not the trashcan”, and then he came right back and knocked over the trashcan.

Ghaliya was supposed to get fired on her chance card, but instead she got demoted – back to level 1, which was where she was already. So the only downside is that she didn’t have time to go back to work.

Farooq did better, coming home with a promotion to level 2.

Farooq promptly went to work on his charisma for his next promotion.

Ghaliya made friends with a walkby, and got a computer as a networking gift.

Farooq spent the evening painting, while Ghaliya worked on her mechanical skill for her OTH of Tinkering.

They both headed off to work on Tuesday morning. Exciting, huh?

They both returned home with promotions, and Farooq brought Shura! Plantsims are actually one of his turn-ons, but he still only had one bolt with her.

Another day, another new friend.

Farooq spent another evening painting. I’m beginning to think he’s boring.

Hooray, outing gifts!

Farooq discovered that his OTH is Cuisine. Eh, he can stick with the painting.

Double promotions again! Farooq left in the slightly better red car, so I’m not sure why he came home in the crappy car.

Another friend for Ghaliya.

The siblings spent a quiet night at home, earning more skills for promotions.

Ghaliya had Thursday off, so she invited some friends over while Farooq went to work.

Ghaliya got a blind date as a networking perk. She liked the guy from Twikii Island ok, but she didn’t see the relationship going anywhere.

Farooq got another promotion. With his bonus, the siblings had enough to purchase a business!

Party City sells party supplies of all sorts. They still needed to buy some stock, but they had enough for a start.

Christy Stratton was the store’s very first customer, while Sofiya Cooke-Pavlov was the second.

By the end of the session, Party City was up to level 2 and had earned a Best of the Best award.

Back home, Farooq rejected a flirt from Gretchen.

He was up for a game of chess with her, though.

“Mmm, I think maybe there is something to this grilled cheese business.”

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing all the time.”

Farooq finally got upgraded to the good car.

Ghaliya had an extra hour before heading to work, so she spent it cleaning up the yard.

She got home early with a chance card promotion, and spent the next few hours talking on the phone.

Since it was the last day of the rotation, she gave in to temptation and invited over her one true love, Bolts.

Farooq got a promotion. He and Ghaliya made a quick trip to the store and got it up to level 3.

Wuv, twue wuv…

Ghaliya knew that Bolts still had a long way to go with his 1st dates to get his LTW, but she wanted to be with him no matter what. So she invited him to move in.

She then gave him an appropriate welcome to the household.

That’s it for the Bousaid family! Only one more household this season.


Family: Bousaid

Business: Party City, Rank 3

Taxes: None (1st season)

Playable sims: 83

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3154