This is it! The 17th of 17 households this season!

James, the youngest of the five Cooke children, just moved out on his own. He’s a Knowledge/Pleasure sim with a LTW to be a Celebrity Chef, and already has a job in his dream career. He’s also already maxed all his skills, and has had very little social life up to this point, so I’ll have to figure out how to keep him interesting.

James moved into his brother Davis’s old house. Since Davis and Sandy wanted to make their new place fancy, they left most of the furniture for James.

(Hooray for the Stay Things Shrub!)

James, being a scion of an extremely wealthy family, had a move-out fund of about $40,000. The house cost about $10,000 thanks to depreciation, so James was able to purchase a business right away.

The Better Backyard sells lawn and patio furniture.

“You can play chess outside, by the pond!”

“By the pond? That’s my favorite place!”

After working at the store for a little while, James headed down to his dad’s club. After never rolling any romantic wants during his teen years, he now wanted to go on a date.

Abhijeet was happy to hook him up, in exchange for an introduction to his sister-in-law.

And that was how Merlin Louie fell out of the sky.

James and Merlin just came out of the photo booth. OMG, they actually took photos!

Aw, nerdy little James finally got his first kiss.

Back home, James needed something to do until it got dark. He had the day off of work, so he decided to start working on badges. Flower arranging was first up.

James spent much of the afternoon hanging out with the welcome wagon. He only had about six family friends, and would need more to top the Culinary career.

Getting his first kiss gave James enough secondary aspiration points to write restaurant guides. His available cash was getting a little low, so after the Welcome Wagon went home he banged out a restaurant guide before it got dark.

Finally, it was dark, and James could go outside to work on his OTH of Science. He was determined to not only max his science enthusiasm, but also meet the aliens like his sister Madelina. If he got an alien baby to show for it, all the better.

James didn’t go to sleep until after it was light out. He would continue his quest to meet the aliens tonight.

James spent a little while arranging flowers in the morning, but couldn’t keep his attention focused.

Finally, he gave into temptation and invited Merlin over.

Merlin gladly agreed when James asked him to move in. He’d been a bit at loose ends since his apartment building, the Bachelor Arms, had burned down over the summer.

Merlin is a Knowledge/Family sim with a LTW to top the Science career. Fortunately there’s one spot available.

(I don’t usually dress gay sims in stereotypical outfits, but it seemed appropriate for Merlin. He’s got to lose the potbelly, though.)

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

After his first woohoo with Merlin, James thought he would be happy forever.

“Oh my boolprop…Merlin…really? Yes! Yes, I’d love to marry you!”

Merlin spontaneously decided to make lobster. I made sure the house had a fire alarm installed.

“Oh, no, I burned the lobster I was making for my sweet James!”

James didn’t mind. He had other things than dinner on his mind.

Merlin checked the job listings. There was no Science position available, so he took a job in Business.

Then it was time to get to work on that pot belly.

James was still outside with his flashlight.

“Aliens? Is that you? Come get me!”

“Huh. I wonder if I can see where he went.”


“Hey, James! Did you have a good time up there?”

“Will you still love me, even if I have an alien baby?”

“James, I’ll love you even if you have alien quadruplets. Especially if you have alien quadruplets.”

The guys had just enough time for a little exercise and flower making before work.

“Hey, baby, sit in the back. Then we can snuggle on the way to work.”

James came home with a promotion, having earned his first $25,000! He headed back to work.

Merlin also got a promotion, and hung out with James’ work friend Kaylynn.

Another promotion for James!

Merlin returned to his attempt to get rid of the beer gut.

James returned to his attempt to max his science enthusiasm.


The fridge was full of chili, so James and Merlin had some for breakfast in the morning. They were excited to both have the day off work, and had a full day planned.

“Invisible alien baby! YES!”

Since James is permaplat, I decided to send him and Merlin on down to the store. He did just fine, and the place got up to level 4.

Merlin didn’t know too many people in town, so he was on confused customer duty.

After they finished at the store, Merlin and James headed down to the Willow Valley Cultural Center, aka the museum lot. It’s been there for quite a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever had sims go before.

It’s full of artwork, but also has a wedding hall and banquet center. I don’t think I ever checked to see if it’s actually worth $250,000.

James set up a group with his family and invited them all to come down. Unfortunately, the group size is limited to 8, so he wasn’t able to invite spouses or kids.

It was a lovely ceremony, even if the guests didn’t quite get the concept of sitting in the chairs.

The grooms were both thrilled to be married. James took Merlin’s last name, becoming a Louie.

They decided against going on vacation for their honeymoon due to James’ pregnancy, but they managed to have a private celebration at home.

(Also, the Gavigans have a pretty much direct line of sight from their living room into the Louie bedroom. Heh. Maybe my sims should think about putting up some curtains…nah.)

Merlin, being a knowledge sim, wanted more body points, so he did some yoga while James napped.

Then he made friends with a fellow passing by. Merlin was very excited to learn that Makari was a witch.

After sleeping much of the day, James spent another night stargazing.

“I’m so excited about meeting this alien baby!”

“Me, too!”

“What do you think about having one of our own, making sure the little alien has someone to play with?”

Time for both the guys to head off to work.

Chance card promotion, and back to work.

Regular promotion, and back to work.

Regular promotion!

Merlin looked all season for a job in his LTW career of Science, but didn’t find it.

Merlin figured he should get in good with his fathers-in-law, so he invited Armando over while waiting for James to return from work.

James returned home with a promotion to Celebrity Chef, achieving his LTW. Also, he got a chance card and earned a bonus of $55,000! This means a new house is in their future.

“Hey, guys! Sure, I’ll come visit again!”

“Hey, James, next time you go visit, could you call me so I can go, too?”

“Of course, Merlin! Everyone should get to meet the aliens! Umph. I don’t know if I can get up.”

That’s it for James’ household, which is now the Louie household. And that’s also it for the Fall 3 rotation! I’m super excited about next season and sending sims to university!


Household: Louie (J. Cooke)

Taxes: $0 (new moveout)

Total Town Fund: $242,000

Playable sims: 84 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3192