It’s time to get into the winter rotation, which means it’s time for the Pavlov family!

Back row, left to right: Vanya, Noelle, Larisa

Front row, left to right: Saveliy, Anya, Nikifor, Feofil

Vanya was always kept busy in the garden, talking to the plants.

Feofil spent as much time as he could fishing, hoping to get his gold badge before the pond froze.

Anya spent her time doing whatever she wanted, since she had all her scholarships and a nice fat savings account.

 The Pavlovs don’t have quite as much spare cash as they did last season, when they contributed over $100,000 for a university without batting an eye. But Vanya still didn’t have any trouble paying over $20,000 in taxes (which was their bill even after a $6,000 tax credit for their 2 level 10 businesses).

After the taxes were paid, it was Reno Day time! The Pavlov house has developed into a pretty nice place over the seasons, but they still had crappy windows and doors.

It took forever to replace all the doors and windows, but it was worth it. It looks much nicer now.

Last season, Larisa acquired a kitten named Alexandra from the Thayers.

 At 11 o’clock, she grew into an adult cat! She looks just like her brother Ian.

Noelle got a promotion, continuing to work her way up her second career of Oceanography, despite her alien pregnancy.

All the adults and teens except Noelle headed down to the grocery store to sell off some extra produce.

 Back home, Feofil and Anya were famished and headed to the fridge for leftovers. They couldn’t even wait for the grilled cheese their grandmother was making.

 Sofiya brought her kids over for family Sunday. Kylie unfortunately had to work.

 Larisa’s grilled cheese went over well.

Anya needed an aspiration boost, so she invited Ramsay over for a date.

 Everybody smustle!

After the party, Feofil helped his dad out in the garden and earned a silver badge.

“Well, yeah, dad, I’ll definitely make sure the dorm has a good recycling program when I get to college.”

“That’s good. Well, I’m heading to bed, son.”

Feofil had become addicted to the thrill of sneaking out. Tonight, he went out with his friend Mhairi Bruce.

Unfortunately for Feofil, he got caught putting soap in the fountains at the Cultural Center.

“I can’t believe I got caught!”

Poor Feofil, but it’s not like he actually got in trouble. The only person awake when Officer Demi got inside was Anya, and she certainly didn’t care.

“Grandma, Feofil got brought home by the cops last night!”

“Now, Anya, don’t tell tales.”

“Whatever. I’ll just dance until it’s time for school.”

“Nobody else is going to join me for breakfast? I’ll just have to eat these sparkly pancakes all by myself.”

There was just enough time for a little sibling bonding before school.

It was just Larisa home with Noelle when she went into labor.

Soon she gave birth to a baby boy, named Kir.

Larisa was quite excited, even though Kir wasn’t actually related to her.

They’re a little short on bedroom space at the moment, because I couldn’t figure out how to add a bedroom without making it weird. So Kir’s crib was placed in the kitchen for now.

“I have so many black haired grandchildren. It’s quite puzzling. Which one do you belong to?”

“I’m Aglaya’s son, Grandma.”

Anya was the one who brought Venyamin home from school, but she headed out to tend the garden.

Feofil wanted to make friends with Denise, so she came over as well.

And Semyon Carr made 3 cousins visiting for the afternoon.

That night, it was time for birthdays!

Nikifor became a Knowledge/Fortune sim, with a LTW to top the Paranormal career. Also, he needs a new hairstyle since he looks way too much like Vanya.

Saveliy became a Pleasure/Romance sim with a LTW to be a top Gamer. He liked his chill outfit, but it was a little cold for winter.

Nikifor decided that playing with the nice doggy outside was far more important than rushing to get a new hairstyle.

Larisa went right to work on Saveliy’s new outfit, and he had just enough time to change into it before bed.

“Well, your mom had to go to work really early, little one, but I’ll get you your bottle.”

School time! Feofil almost missed the bus – his sleep schedule’s been off since he got caught sneaking out.

Vanya actually needed a skill point before his next promotion, so he studied a bit before heading off to work.

Larisa, as usual, spent the day puttering around the house thinking about money.

Noelle brought this guy home from work. Yikes.

I said to myself, “Why don’t the Pavlovs have a maid?” I couldn’t think of a good answer, so they hired a maid.

I finally remembered to take a picture of Nikifor’s new hairstyle.

Every time someone in this family goes hiking, they end up pursued by bees.

Heh. The Bruce’s cat beat up a wolf in a fight.

Oh my. I think Nikifor needs to get a hand-me-down sweat suit out of the dresser.

Vanya topped the medical career! That’s his third career topped, and his second LTW achieved.

“Dad! My cousin Pavel’s going down to his mom’s club for a gaming competition! He invited me to go along! Can I?”

“Well, it’s a school night…”

“I’ll be home before it gets too late.”

“Well, all right.”

Time for Kir’s birthday!

He’s a cutie.

Vanya’s not mad at Kir, he’s mad at the most recent burglar.

“How did I get stuck doing this? I’m a Romance sim.”

“Mom, Dad, could you keep it down in there? I’m trying to concentrate.”

Feofil had decided to go out, too (after asking permission this time), so 2 limos pulled up outside the house at 2 in the morning.

Noelle left to go to work for her shift starting at 3 am.

Then Saveliy couldn’t sleep, finally heading to bed about 4 am.

It was a busy night, is what I’m saying.

Kitten time!

Meet Nibbler. He looks like he’s already weary of the world.

And the kitten has been claimed.

Kir’s best friend was his bunny head.

Who needs sleep when there’s a bubble blower?

That afternoon, after getting a promotion, Noelle worked on teaching Kir to walk.

Then it was time to get skilled up for that next promotion.

After school, while Saveliy was responsible and did his homework, Feofil tried to fix things with Michael.

Nikifor and Anya didn’t have homework, so they got the garden weeded.

And Anya is the first to get her gold gardening badge! That’s a requirement for the Pavlov heirship, so Anya’s definitely in the running.

Now that the kids are all teens (except Kir, of course), it’s definitely time for them to be friends.

The pond unfroze briefly, and Feofil was able to get his silver badge.

“Oh no! I think Grandma saw me!”

Apparently Feofil hasn’t yet learned his lesson about sneaking out.

“Who’s a good glowing-eyed doggy? Is it you?”

Feofil is just not having good luck with the coppers.

Noelle had the next day off, so she made pancakes for breakfast.

“Who’s my sweet boy? Mommy gets to spend the whole day with you.”

Larisa took the kids down to the car lot, and it was a disaster. They only sold one car, and the business actually ended up going down to level 2. I’ve never gotten a car lot to work right.

Death, you’re late. I thought Henry was going to have another day.

Really, Feofil, I don’t think this is the time.

I decided to be a wuss and give up on the car lot, so Vanya sold it back to the community for a little over $100k. Then I went into the neighborhood and deleted it, replacing it with a community cemetery. Vanya donated $50k to pay for that, so the number of community lots stays the same, and the family got some of their money back.

Nobody really had many responsibilities that afternoon, so everybody pretty much just hung out in the living room.


“Will I get to see Leo?”


“Oh boy! Let’s go!”

Larisa was 76 days old, 85 days when counting elixir use. The founder of Willow Valley is survived by seven children and 28 grandchildren. Her life insurance paid out to 33 people.

For now, Larisa was laid to rest beside Leo, by the pond. Henry’s grave was placed there as well.

Even though there’s a cemetery now, the family wasn’t quite ready to move the graves there.

 Everyone in the house inherited money, even little Kir.

The older twins buried their grief and hung out with friends.


Nikifor figured skilling was, as usual, the best way to make him feel better.

 Saveliy thought a night on the town with Akilina would do the trick.

 Noelle was glad that Kir seemed to be doing ok. Even though Larisa wasn’t his grandmother, they’d been close.

 Except for Nikifor, who’d worn himself out on the exercise bike, the teens all had trouble sleeping. They spent the last night of the rotation hanging out in the game room.

That’s it for the Pavlov family. Unfortunate that we’re ending on a sad note.


Family: Pavlov


Larisa’s Fish Market, Rank 10

Five & Dime, Rank 10

Donated community lot: Willow Valley Rests

Taxes paid: $29,100 (taxes $21,100, school fees $8,000)

Playable sims: 86 (no net change)

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3268