Before we get to the update, pictures of the neighborhood were requested. I neglected to put them in the Pavlov chapter, so here they are.

snapshot_00000009_7dd8fb72 Here’s the main hood. Still a decent amount of space, but I want to reserve what’s left for houses and civic buildings.


That’s why new regular businesses are going into the new business district. Only four businesses here for now, but I’m sure it will get more populated. I’m not sure whether I’m going to have families living there eventually or not.

Now it’s time for the Cooke family!

Back row, left to right: Madelina, Colin holding Dustin, Sharlene

Front row: Armando, Julien

 Reno time! This is Madelina and Colin’s room. It used to be an eat-in kitchen, so it’s really bigger than they need.

A little rearrangement and a floor divider, and now they have a nursery space in the bedroom. That way Dustin can have his own room when he grows up, at least until the new baby is bigger.

“Have fun at work, honey…wait, why are you going out the back door?”

“Just for a change of pace.”

Sharlene is, of course, adorable in her pink snowsuit.

“Who’s Granddad’s big boy?”

Sharlene brought Semyon Carr home from school, and they hit it off quite well.

Colin came home with a promotion to Captain Hero, achieving his LTW!

All four adults in the house are now permaplat.

The adults headed down to the restaurant for a while, and Madelina told the customers all about her growing family. The restaurant reached level 9.

“Yeah, we can probably get it to level 10 this season, and…Sharlene, what are you doing in here?”

“I psychically sensed an unmade bed.”

“Good night, little brother.”

Late that night…

“Colin! Colin, wake up!”

Madelina gave birth to a red haired little boy named Jordon.

He was followed by his twin sister, Kelly.


After the babies were snuggled and put in their cribs, it was time for breakfast – and never mind that it was 3 am.


“More babies means no one’s paying attention to me, which means I get to jump rope!”


As soon as it was light out, Julien and Madelina got on their phones to let everyone know about the births.


Then it was time to celebrate with  some music.


That night, it was birthday time for Dustin!


“Yay, I’m growing into my jaw!”


“Who’s a good boy? Yes, you and Kelly have more space now.”


After getting a new outfit, Dustin decided it was time to dance.


The Cookes don’t have quite as many guests over as they did when Julien and Armando were younger, but their house is still pretty popular.


Dustin was up late, but finally got to bed in his newly decorated room.


The next morning, the adults headed to the restaurant nice and early.


“Hi, Daddy. It’s so good to see you.”

“Why are you being so suspiciously nice, Kylie?”

“Well, my wife’s mom just died, so, you know…”

“Making sure you get a nice inheritance check?”

“Yeah…I love you, Dad.”


Back home, Sharlene, as usual, began the day with her jump rope and earned her eighth body point.


“Don’t worry, Kelly, Grandpa will get you your bottle.”


The matchmaker brought a lovely gift!


Colin had to work, but everyone else enjoyed a nice lazy Saturday.

“Grandpa, if we had a TV, we could spend this afternoon watching a movie!”


While Sharlene worked with Brownie on his skills, her grandpas proved that they’re still very much in love.


“Well, young lady, that’s an interesting wish. I’ve never had anyone make that wish before.”

“I like to experiment.”

“I suppose we can give it a try.”


“This should take care of things, right? I mean, two more wishes and I go back to the other realm.”

“This should be fine. Don’t worry, money’s not a problem for this family.”


“I love dancing, Granddad.”

“I love dancing so much it makes me glow.”


“Hi. I just grew up, and I don’t have any friends.”

“Me too! Let’s be friends. I’m Artur Pederson.”


“My mom’s having a baby soon. She’s as big as an elephant!”


“My mom was as big as an elephant, and she had twins, so your mom’s probably going to have twins, too.”

“I hope so. Everybody at school thinks our family’s weird because we don’t have twins.”

“Not having twins isn’t so weird. My cousins, the Fairchilds, they’re really weird. There are only two of them, and their parents aren’t having any more.”

“Woah. That’s definitely weird. Who only has two kids?”


As soon as six o’clock hit, Julien called all his kids over for a party. Davis and Marisa couldn’t make it, but everyone else showed up.


First up in the birthday lineup was Sharlene.


Sharlene’s still adorable, although of course she can’t keep her Aunt Marisa’s dress. She’s a Popularity/Romance sim with a LTW to top the Journalism career.


Next it was time for the twins’ birthdays, and that’s when the trouble started. Colin managed to glitch up both cakes with Jordon.


Finally, Jordon was able to grow up via old-fashioned tossing. Like Dustin, he has his father’s chubby cheeks, but he’s still cute.


Silly Officer Ramin. They still have a baby to grow up! And the party’s not even a roof raiser!


Kelly was extremely glitchy, and it took quite a while to grow her up. The grandpas were there to witness it, but the rest of the family had gone to bed.


Then Colin and Armando went to bed as well. Only Julien had enough energy to get Kelly her Smart Milk and get her changed into her new overalls.


Sharlene, post makeover.


Madelina got up in the middle of the night to get Jordon his new outfit and his smart milk.


“So you’ll need to keep your grades up to get into college.”

“I know, Mom.”

“You’re so lucky to have the opportunity to go to college. I didn’t get to go.”

“I know, Mom.”

“You might want to start thinking about volunteering or getting a job, for the scholarships.”

“Boolprop, Mom, I don’t even go until fall.”


“Dads, I’m worried about Sharlene. She just doesn’t seem that excited about going to college.”

“Well, of course she wants to go, Madelina. She’s a Popularity sim, and college will be great for making friends. She’s just not as concerned about getting every possible scholarship.”


“Hooray! My tower is awesome! Now you build one, Jordon.”


“How did you get so stinky, Brownie?”


The family headed out to the restaurant, where Sharlene got enough experience as a hostess to earn her bronze sales badge.


Simultaneous gold stars from Noelle and James brought the restaurant up to level 10! Hooray!


The Bendetts and the Louies (not pictured) came over for Family Sunday, and Sharlene’s friend Nastasia stopped by as well.

(Please ignore the annoying graphical glitchiness of the house across the street. I’ve gone in a few times and tried to fix it – it’s really a nice brick.)


Kat thought her cousin Sharlene was super cool, and hoped that one day she could be so cool and popular.


“Oh no! Why did I ever think this experiment was a good idea?”


“Hey, whatcha doing?”

“Not much, just getting more money.”


 Colin spent most of the day saving the world, but was glad to be able to teach Kelly to walk when he got home.


“So, you’re the genie I’ve heard so much about. I’m not very happy with you.”

“Just doing my job, fulfilling wishes. And it just so happens I have one wish left.”

“Well, all right, I suppose I’ll take the money. For the kids’ college funds, of course.”


“So no one’s taught you to walk yet? Well, don’t worry, your granddad will take care of that.”


Sharlene and Dustin spent the evening skilling, to get in gear for school the next day.


“I’m so glad the toddlers are potty trained, aren’t you?”

“Yes, although I wish they hadn’t woken us up at 2 in the morning.”


“Let’s talk about high chairs, Jordon. Why don’t we have one, even though there have been nine children born in this house? Well, because high chairs are terrible, that’s why.”


Sharlene has over $30,000 in her bank account, and just earned $1800 in interest. She’s now earned $25,000, which isn’t bad for a 14-year-old.

(For a while I wondered if Monique’s computer was kind of cheaty with the bank accounts. But I figured it’s $600 interest per $10,000, every other day, which means interest of 3% or less per sim day. Each sim day is about a year, so in real life that would be like earning a 3% per year interest rate on investments, which seems like a reasonable return.)


“Someday, when I have my own business, I’m going to sell fabulous hats!”

“You can’t sell hats, silly. Everybody knows you get hats for free from the mirror.”


Madelina discussed her favorite topic, growing children, with her dad over her breakfast hamburger. Once again, Colin was the only one to go to work. In fact, he’s the only one who’s gone to work all season.


Armando and Julien need several hours on the phone each day to maintain their army of friends.


Sharlene brought Dimitri Hamilton home from school, and surprised me with an autonomous first kiss.


Akim Pavlov got off the bus with Dustin, and another friendship was born.


“Oh, crap, it’s my stepdad!”

“I didn’t see a thing, I promise.”


“Finally, some privacy!”


Sharlene wasn’t at all tired after Dimitri left, so she stayed up teaching Brownie to play dead.

That’s it for the Cooke family! Next up is the Bruce household, which will send the very first teens to college.


Household: Cooke


Club C, Rank 10

Cooked to Perfection, Rank 10

General fund contribution: $19,600 (taxes $17,100, school fees $2500)

Playable sims: 88 (+2)

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3344