Time for a household that’s not approaching max capacity.


Carme and Matthew


Now that the picture’s taken, it’s dancing time!


Dancing time was naturally immediately followed by cell phone time.

Matthew’s a Popularity sim at the top of his career and a rather…um…laid back parent. So this household is rather less structured than most of my others.


“That pop tart doesn’t look very good. You should stick with grilled cheese.’

“I just burned it, Dad. It’s not supposed to look like this.”


Matthew and Carme headed down to Lampshades and sold lots of lamps to the citizens of Willow Valley.


Carme was surprised to find that she was a cash register whiz, earning a gold badge. They also got the store up to level 4.


Carme’s aspiration was a little low, so when she got home she invited Orlando over for a date.


Matthew wanted to make friends with new Willow Valley resident Herbert Goodie, so he came over as well.


A book? Really? Yes, Carme actually rolled the want to earn a skill point.


Well, that didn’t last long.


Sadly, Carme only got in five or six hours of bubble blowing before she had to leave to go to work.


Dad was asleep when she got home. Carme pretty much doesn’t sleep, so 1 am was smustle time.


 Carme also doesn’t clean her bathroom. Heh.


As you can see, Matthew is working hard.


“Hey, Liouba, do your parents make you work in their store?”

“Yeah, it’s a drag, isn’t it?”


Maybe Carme should spend less time chatting with her friends and more time restocking.


Agnes, it’s your dad’s house. You can walk right in; you don’t have to ring the doorbell.


The triplets came over for family Sunday, and everybody hung out on the lawn and smustled.


Matthew just said hi to his good friend Christy as she was walking by. He didn’t expect her to make a move on him – but it was fine, he was unattached.


Carme wanted to have 5 first dates, and was sure Pavel wouldn’t mind being #4.


1 am again. Carme was glad to be done with her last day of work in her crappy teen job.


Yep, dancing time.


Carme wished she could skip her last day of school, but her dad said she had to go.


Matthew had the day off, so he spent the day talking on the phone…


And making friendssnapshot_7c4d4c4e_1e3f5db0

Carme set the homework down on the desk, glad that she was never actually going to have to do it.


Back to the store, where Carme earned a silver restocking badge and Matthew got his gold cashier badge.


Best of the best award! The store got up to level 6.


Back home, Matthew bought a truck with the money he’d made at the store.


Carme spent the afternoon hanging out with her dad and Feofil Pavlov, who’d come home on the bus with her.


When six o’clock hit and Carme got her two day warning, she sat down at the computer and applied for scholarships. She thought her haul was pretty good – 3 skill scholarships, scholarships for good grades and her job, and a dancing scholarship. Her scholarships totaled $5000, and with $15,200 in her bank account she’d be in good shape.


Off to college!


Matthew spent the evening relaxing with a couple of friends.


It was a little eerie how quiet the house was after everyone went home.


Before going to bed, Matthew went into Carme’s bathroom to use the toilet and saw how hideous it was. Well, he didn’t want to clean it up. He got on the phone and left a message with the maid service, and the gardening service for good measure.


Pavel dropped off a gift for Carme, a little late. Fortunately, Matthew was able to sell the telescope and transfer the money to her account.


The next morning, Matthew made himself a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. While it was cooking, he went to call Carme, but remembered just in time that she wasn’t here anymore. While he was thrilled that she was in college, the house felt empty.


He decided to remedy that with a trip down to the pet store, where he found a beautiful golden retriever on sale. The dog had one strange blue paw, but Matthew rather liked it. He named the dog Hector.


Back home, he invited the gardener over to make friends with her.


He spent the evening teaching Hector to come here.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_be3fbbedThe next day, Matthew earned his 3rd cooking point. Yes, his 3rd. His oldest child is in college, and he only has 3 cooking points.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_9e3fbc0eNice, Hector. Really nice.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_9e3fbc86After scolding Hector, Matthew headed off to work, leaving the dog alone. Hector kept himself occupied with his bone.


Matthew got a 40k bonus for sticking up for poor kids!

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_3e3fbdf4Christy came by, and was glad to help him celebrate.

That’s it for Matthew! Next up is the very first Uni chapter.


Household: Picaso


Hobby Horse, Level 10

Lampshades, Level 6

General Fund contribution: $5800, all taxes (I didn’t see the point of putting Carme in private school for the one school day she had this season.)

Playable sims: 89

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3382