It’s time for Willow Valley’s very first college chapter!


Welcome to Salix University, Willow Valley’s premier institute of higher education. On the right is the administration building, Cooke Hall, and on the left is the university dormitory, Pavlov Hall.


And here we have Salix University’s inaugural class! Left to right: Ramsay Bruce, Carme Picaso, Michael Bruce (standing), Orlando Centowski (sitting), Marya Hamilton, Dimitri Hamilton, Venyamin Hamilton


In case you were wondering, here are their original clothes. Um, yeah. Good thing they each got that extra $500 in scholarships, enough to pay for new clothes and new paint and carpet for the dorm rooms.


And here’s Pavlov Hall! It’s a Maxis dorm, but I like it because the rooms are a bit bigger than the normal Maxis rooms. I went in before the students moved in and standardized the rooms, including custom one tile desks and better beds.

The plan for Uni is to play in short bursts, one semester at a time. That’ll be especially good when I have multiple households to play through each semester. I’ll play four semesters each season, divided between the regular households. Sims will return to the regular neighborhood as soon as they finish college – I didn’t want college to take long. The current crop of freshman will finish their last semester and graduate at the end of Spring, and return to Willow Valley in Summer.


Pre-makeover, Dimitri paid the group’s first semester tuition. I’m charging $2500 per sim per semester, and loans are available for sims who can’t pay.


Carme didn’t wait long at all to re-establishing her hearts with the guys.


Crystal is the one lucky dormie that gets to hang out with the cool Willow Valley kids.


“Hey, man, congrats on going to University.”

“Hey, thanks, you too!”


“Hey, Orlando, there’s something outside your door you should check out.”


“Huh, this old lamp is pretty cool.”


“I shall grant you three wishes.”

“Huh…well, I wish I had enough money to pay for college so I don’t have to take out loans.”

“Your wish is my command.”


Carme, Carme. Behave, okay? I don’t want any slapping.


Oddly enough, Ramsay was the first one to grab a computer for his term paper. I guess he wants to get it out of the way so he can start making his moves on the ladies.


Quick shot of the redecorated dorm rooms. I’m requiring all my uni students to live in the dorms their first year, so they’ll be here for a little while.


It seemed like everyone had just gotten settled when it was time to head off for their first college class.


When Venyamin got home, he made a wish with the genie. He and Dimitri had decided they would also wish for money, and use the funds to build a house for everyone when they all got out of the dorms.

(Yes, I know if you pre-build the house it’s cheap for college students to rent, but I’ve decided that someone has to pay to build the house initially, since the college is mostly empty. So this group has to come up with a pretty decent amount to get their house established.)


Orlando got to know Michael over a delicious lunch of mac & cheese.


Marya was the first to finish her term paper, as is appropriate for the dorm’s only Knowledge sim.


Thank goodness for jealousy hacks. Carme’s got at least two bolts with four of the boys (all except Orlando), and has fallen in love with three of them autonomously.


“I wish for money so we can build an awesome college house!”


Ramsay really wanted a double bed, so he paid for it himself out of his savings.


Carme and Venyamin didn’t really want to do their term papers, but they knew they had to if they wanted that perfect GPA.


The cow mascot stayed all night, flooded the kitchen, and slept in Carme’s bed. The final straw was when he tried to flirt with Marya. She told him in no uncertain terms to get out.


“Once we’re college graduates, the world is our oyster.”


Once term papers are finished, I let the kids do whatever they want, so they spend a lot of time just hanging out.


On the morning of day 2, everyone decided what majors they wanted. Dimitri decided to be an Economics major.


Ramsay thought the mail carrier was super hot, so he chatted her up. Dagmar didn’t seem terribly interested.


“And I’ve definitely got to work on my mechanical skill…”

“That’s great, Orlando, but I didn’t buy that couch so you could distract me while I’m working on my assignment.”

“Why did you buy it, then?”

“Why do you think?”


Carme finally finished her term paper, long after everyone else, it seemed.


Ramsay invited Annika over, eager to get to know her again now that they were both adults.


“So I wasn’t sure for a while, but then I decided to be an Art major.”


“By the way, Dimitri, do you think maybe you could do your assignment in your own room?”


Dimitri missed Malvina, but she was still a teen. When Carme asked him on a date, he could hardly say no.


Things ended up going rather farther than he had planned.


“Dear Diary, I love Malvina, but Carme’s right here…I wonder what an old woman’s opinion would be?”


Interest came in on everyone’s bank accounts, and Dimitri’s was enough to put him over $100k, earning him his LTW!


Orlando and Marya spent much of their time going on dates.


Carme is now in love with all four of the guys in this picture. All ACR.


Marya’s perfectly happy with just one.


Dimitri felt incredibly happy after achieving his LTW, and wanted to share that happiness with the rest of the dorm. So he sat down to write a restaurant guide, so he could earn a little money to buy them all a gift. (He could have dipped into his bank account, of course, but as a Fortune Sim he was leery of touching his principal for anything other than tuition.)


When not going on dates with Marya, Orlando had been working on making friends with his other dormmates. Ramsay was the last of the guys.


With the money he made from his restaurant guide, Dimitri bought a photo booth for the dorm, as well as a third computer.


Everyone took photos of themselves and put them up in their rooms, so that future dorm dwellers could see those who had come before.


As the end of the semester approached, Venyamin decided to throw a party. He invited over half a dozen friends who would be coming to college next season, to give them a taste of campus life.


Unsurprisingly, smustling broke out.


Looks like Dimitri’s not the only one who’s taking the break as an opportunity to do some exploring. I didn’t even know Malvina swung that way.

Also, check one off for Akilina (as her LTW is 20 woohoos).


Celebratory smustle!


As everyone headed home, they all agreed that the party had raised the roof.


Four of the students went on a double date for an aspiration boost, while the other three slept.


Everyone spent the last couple of hours before their first final exam hanging out, talking about the house they were going to build. There was some disagreement among them – Venyamin, Carme, and Ramsay really wanted an awesome party house, while Marya and Dimitri insisted that they should have a house that promoted studying and keeping grades up. Orlando and Michael stayed fairly quiet during the discussion, but everyone knew that Orlando would agree with whatever Marya said if it came to a vote.


Everyone was a little nervous as they headed off to their first final exam, although most of them wouldn’t have admitted it.


Hey, look, the gypsy left us some scholarships!


Finals went great, with everyone earning a high GPA and a full $1200 Dean’s List award.

That’s it for the very first semester of Uni! Now it’s back to the regular neighborhood for a few more households, but don’t worry, we’ll see our Uni students again soon.