Back, left to right: Agnes, Jessica holding Pau

Front: Lluis, Mireia


Jessica must have been to the pet store, because she bought a poodle named Ariel.


Lluis’ first wish upon waking was to make some money, so he got himself a money tree. Unfortunately, the cash wasn’t enough to keep the family from being poor. Their family funds started at $200 at the beginning of the season.


Mireia took a shine to Ariel and promptly went to work teaching her tricks.


Jessica recalled how the kids would always find valuable items buried in the yard, so she decided to dig herself. Unfortunately, all she found was a water main.


“Did I tell you? I had my first kiss at the Carrs’ house.”


Jessica was a little confused – she had thought the Carrs’ boys were too young for kisses. But she was glad Agnes was getting involved with other kids in the neighborhood, so she smiled and told her how great that was.


Jessica headed off to work, hoping maybe she could get a promotion and have enough to pay the taxes.


Nanny Kendal took good care of Pau, who was content to play on his bunny head and then take a nap.


“How was Pau today, Nanny Kendal?”

“Oh, he was just fine. You’ll mind him until your mother gets home, then?”

“Sure thing.”


Agnes had brought Anzhelina Pederson home from school, but she and Lluis both had to leave for work at 2.


Angie took the opportunity to kidnap Chicken Boo.


Pau woke up from his nap and promptly woke up Ariel, who had fallen asleep on the bed.


Anzhelina took charge of getting him out of his crib and settled on his bunny head.


Both Buddy and Jessica came home with promotions, but their combined bonuses were not quite enough to pay the $5300 tax bill.


Needing just another $600 or so, Jessica headed down to Picaso Park.


Although the pond at home was frozen, the one here at the park wasn’t. Jessica got in some fishing. As she waited for a bite, she worried. She’d never been good at making money. She’d never been able to contribute anything toward her children’s education – Matthew and the kids themselves had funded their college funds. Pau, though, didn’t have a father out there to help him out. How was she going to come up with $10,000 for him to go to college?


Jessica earned enough in admission fees and from selling the fish she caught that she was able to pay the taxes with a little left over, which made her feel better. Back home, she had just enough time for a snuggle with Pau.


Pau was excited to be bigger, and immediately wanted to make some new friends.


Mireia got home with a promotion – I had thought all three teens were at the top of their careers, but I guess not.


Pau was excited to see Sevastian walking past the house and rushed out to greet him, even though Sevastian was on his way home and couldn’t stay.


The teens occupied themselves, as usual. Lluis had some leftovers for dinner while Mireia worked on skills with Ariel.


Pau had only gained 7 charisma skill points from the bunny head, so when he wanted a skill point he was sent out to the Execuputter.


Agnes might have had all her skills for scholarships, but earning more skill points was still her favorite activity.


She almost forgot her homework, but remembered it right before going to bed. She couldn’t risk jeopardizing her A+ average.


Pau was excited to share a room with his big brother. Lluis was not so excited to get a roommate, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter.


Mireia got up early and indulged in her favorite hobby of Arts & Crafts.


Jessica was thrilled that she’d managed to make breakfast for the kids without burning the pancakes.


Pau was excited but nervous about his first day of school, so Jessica tried to help him out. “If it’s cloudy, Pau, make sure to take your umbrella in case it rains.”


They’d forgotten that yesterday was supposed to be the nanny’s last day, so when she showed up that morning, Lluis politely informed her that her services would no longer be needed. That was a way the household could save some money, anyway.


Jessica was surprised when she saw the company had sent a limo to pick her up. That must mean she was doing pretty well, she supposed.


Agnes finished maxing her body skill just as the bus pulled up outside.


Mireia brought Isaiah home, while Nikifor came home with Agnes. Funny how they’re sticking with their own aspirations.


“Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“He’s at college.”

“Cool.” Isaiah was just happy to be getting the attention, even though he was sure Mireia and Michael would be back together again as soon as she got to college.


Pau just did okay at school as far as grades, but he did convince Jake Cooke-Pavlov to come home on the bus with him, so he was excited about that.


Jessica got home with a promotion, as well as a $5000 chance card bonus! She couldn’t believe it – she actually had enough to establish Pau’s college fund!


Lluis, sadly, didn’t do as well – he was demoted due to a bad hobby chance card.


Pau and Jake had a great time before Jake had to head home.


Jessica needed skills for her next promotion, but didn’t have time to work on them that night, as Pau needed help with his homework.


She was crushed when she burned the spaghetti. She’d thought she was done with cooking disasters.


As usual, the kids scarfed it down without complaint. Sometimes she wished they would say something.


Agnes reached her dirty house breaking point, and stayed up late after everyone else had gone to bed, cleaning everything.


In the morning, Mireia sat down at the chess table and unexpectedly maxed her logic.

(I don’t make the Picaso kids skill at all unless they roll a want.)


Buddy needed to learn to Roll Over for his next promotion, so Lluis worked on teaching him before school.


And off to school and work. Everyone left at the same time for once.


Apparently the nanny service thought that Lluis was just kidding when he told Nanny Kendal that they were done with nannies, since they sent over Nanny Karen. She was promptly told to go away.


Pau called up Jake for a chat, while Mireia made burgers for lunch. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to have inherited her mother’s difficulty with the stove.


Mireia headed off to work as Jessica arrived home with a friend. Jessica hadn’t gotten a promotion, but she was thrilled that her regular income now was enough to manage the household expenses.


Lluis got re-promoted, and was happy enough with the ensuing bonus that he was able to humor his annoying little brother for a bit.


Teenagers. They spend half their lives on their phones.


With the family’s new financial stability, Pau was able to get some new clothes!


Mireia wanted to buy a pottery table, and then to make pottery. After making one plate, she lost interest.


Buddy wasn’t the quickest at skill learning, so Lluis kept at it. Agnes indulged in her favorite activity, reading a book.


Finally, an outing gift! At least one resident of the house goes on an outing daily, but Shura is the first to deliver.


While everyone was asleep…


Puppies! As far as I can tell, they’re identical at this point. I named them Carter, Dinah, and Effie.


Jessica needed a logic point and a charisma point for her next promotion, but the logic point was proving elusive.


Everyone was off for school and work again. I was kind of hoping for a snow day, since the snow’s been falling for many hours now, but no dice.


Jessica got home to find strange teenagers hanging around the house, as usual. That Gavigan boy always seemed to be over. Also, it looked like someone had stolen Chicken Boo again. She didn’t know how Lluis always seemed to know who took it.


The evening was pretty tame, as all the teens had to work. Lluis got his homework done while Pau played with Buddy.


Jessica got her logic point and went to work on charisma. The kids’ friends seemed to really like the puppies, she noticed. She wondered if maybe they might want to take the dogs home – 5 dogs was an awful lot, after all.


So, a long time ago I decided to institute a Renovation Day on the first day of the rotation. The problem is that the rotations are long enough now that I often can’t remember what I wanted to do by the next rotation. And the Picasos’ house is just boring as heck. So, I’ve decided to move Reno Day to Day 5 of the rotation (although for the rest of this season it can be either Day 1 or Day 5, since there’s one family that I know really needs a good house expansion right away).


I put in new wallpaper everywhere to get rid of the boring Beachy Keen paint, put in nice archways into the kitchen and study instead of just having spaces, put in carpet in the living room and study, and bought them a TV and some living room furniture. Not a huge reno, but it cost about half of the money they’ve got saved up, and will make the house a little nicer to live in.


Jessica headed down to the park, where the pond was still unfrozen even though the snow was knee deep. Maybe it’s fed by a hot spring?


The reviewer gave Picaso Park a Best of the Best award! I think it might be the first venue business in town to get that distinction.


Jessica also earned her gold badge! She’s pretty high up in Business, so I’ll let her stay there for now, but there’s still time for her to achieve her LTW of becoming a top oceanographer.


That evening, shortly before it was time to go home, she found herself in conversation with a young guy named Phil, talking about her trip to meet the aliens.


She found herself romantically interested for the first time in years, certainly since her marriage ended. There wouldn’t be anything long-term with Phil – he was far too young, only a few years older than Carme – but she did have a nice date with him.


Agnes spent breakfast explaining to Pau how he could one day be an overachiever, just like his older sisters and brother.


I redid the tv room and the seating area in the living room. They almost kinda sorta look like they could be in a real house.


 Agnes broke in the new couch while keeping up with her usual Saturday tradition of studying in her PJs.


 Lluis invited Liouba over for a date. The surprising thing is that this is the first time this season.


 “Hi, I’m Pau.”

“I’m Eva.”

“Hey, are you Jake’s sister? Because Jake’s my best friend.”

“Yeah, Jake’s my brother.”

“Want to stay and play?”


“How come your sister has a job? I thought only grownups have jobs.”

“Well, my family’s kind of poor. We don’t have much money in the bank.”

“That’s really sad that your sister has to work on Saturday.”


“My grandpa’s a ghost, and my grandma just died, so she’s gonna be one, too. It’s okay, though, because I still have my other two grandpas.”

“Wow. I wish I had grandparents.”

Eva and Pau hung out until 6 o’clock came and it was time for Eva to go home.


Mireia managed to max a second skill. This one’s less surprising, since she paints all the time.


Lluis and Agnes get along just great.


Thanks for the broken piano, Phil.

That’s it for the Picaso family! Next up we have the Pedersons.


Family: J. Picaso

Business: Picaso Park, Rank 3

General fund contribution: $5300

Playable sims: 89

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3382