snapshot_9b264049_1e4cfd54The Pederson Family

Left to right: Varya, Anzhelina, Makari, Meadow, Liouba, Artur


Varya got the day going with some homework.


“Huh? What? Oh, just eating an omelet. Since I’m pregnant, you know.”

Don’t break the fourth wall, Meadow.


Makari sat down to pay their $11,700 tax bill, and I wondered why they didn’t have more money in the bank.


Then I found these. That’s right, that’s $30,000 there on the wall. I sold one for renovations.


Here’s the house before – 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and definitely cramped for a family of 6 with another on the way.


Now they have a second story, hooray!


New first floor – Artur’s bedroom stayed the same, while the front room became a magic room complete with secret doorway bookcase, and the back room will be the nursery for the new baby.


Upstairs we have the master bedroom with ensuite bath and two bedrooms and another bathroom for the girls. Liouba gets her own room, while Angie and Varya will have to share until Liouba goes to college next season.


The kids headed to school while Meadow walked to work. She wasn’t due for another day, so she figured she might as well go make some money.


Makari was left home by himself with a vacation day, so he spent the day painting.

(I kind of hate when sims have a vacation day while everyone else in their family is at work and school. Seems to me like it’s wasted.)


As soon as the teens got home, they and Makari headed out to the art gallery on their broomsticks.


Angie did sales for a bit before switching to restocking. When the merchandise is as expensive as it is in an art gallery, it’s really best to have a sim who can dazzle.


Still, this is what most of the customers did most of the time.


Finally, Faith came inside, and Makari was able to convince her to buy a painting and give Galleria its 125th star. Hooray, level 10!


The gallery seemed like a nice peaceful place to do some yoga before heading home.


“Hi everybody! I’m home! I got a promotion!”


Varya brought home her cousin Semyon, and spent the afternoon making friends with him.


While the Pederson kids were busy, the guests got their smustle faces on.


Max body! Now Angie’s ready in case there’s an apocalypse.


She also got fit, which was her real goal.


Makari helped Artur with his homework, while Varya worked on her creativity skill. Meadow spent most of the evening napping.


Angie made friends with Anya, while Liouba indulged in her mad desire to earn a cooking point.


Late that night, after selling the other two investment certificates, Makari sat down and bought another business. It’s the 30th player owned business, which means another business district is open! It also means I’m out of business tycoons.


Makari named his new shop The White Cauldron.


He’d brought his cauldron along and picked up the witch chair from Galleria, so he had everything he needed to stay in the back room for many, many days.


Finally, the store was well stocked with witchy reagents, potions, and lamps, as well as some old dusty books and supernatural themed Buy Mode objects. It was rumored that somewhere, hiding in a back corner, there were even love potions.


Back home, the teens were working on their own witchiness. Liouba has 6 nice points and is going for neutral (although that does mean she won’t be able to use a throne, which is sad). Angie has no nice points at all, so she’ll be Willow Valley’s first wicked witch.


Varya was hungry, the fridge was out of leftovers, and Makari didn’t feel like cooking. He was a little disappointed that his spell made nothing more than a giant bowl of cereal.

snapshot_9b264049_fe4fdac0Everyone headed off to school and work.


Meadow came home with a promotion and Ghaliya Bousaid.


They had a lot of visitors, and it was a warm day for winter, so naturally a dance party broke out on the lawn.


Artur was a little nerd and went to do his homework right away while everyone else was having fun.


Liouba was excited to have the opportunity to make a fancy dinner for all the guests.


The rest of the teens decided to just hang out in the living room.


Meadow decided she should put on some entertainment after dinner. Her labor performance was quite popular – everyone came running.


Baby girl Lana


Baby girl Rada


Baby girl Zhenya


That’s right, just drop the babies on the floor. That’s cool.


After the babies were tucked in their cribs and the rest of the family went to bed, Makari summoned a Spectral Assistant. He had a feeling he was going to be in need of some serious assistance.

(Good thing they renovated the house, isn’t it?)


“Congratulations on the triplets. Here’s a baby shower gift.”

Thanks, Ghaliya!


It was a very short time before the rounds of stink and spit up began.


Makari and Meadow soon needed a break, so they headed down to The White Cauldron for a bit and got the store up to level 4.


I went on a bit of a fakepeeps downloading spree to get new kid clothes, and figured I’d give the poor babies some warm sleepers in the meantime.


Anzhelina was too impatient to wait for her parents to get back from the store, so she made Pop Tarts for breakfast.


Once she got home, Meadow got to work on skilling for her next promotion. It was Saturday, so everyone else got to just  hang out.


The crystal ball. I’ve had it in my downloads file forever, but didn’t really use it. But I’ve decided it’s not really cheaty – Willow Valley’s residents have the internet, after all, so it’ll just be like they used an online dating service or something. Anyway, Angie needed a special friend, so she dialed up this guy.


She had a nice date with him while Liouba worked with Eddie on tricks, and the kids played with each other.


First kiss!

They have two bolts, but for some reason I’m just kind of “meh” about them as a couple. So it’ll just be a teen romance.


“You’re painting aliens, huh?”

“It seemed like a fitting subject.”


“Yeah! Got my skill points and now it’s smustle time!”


Larisa was just a little hungry, so she figured she’d try a cheese platter.


Birthday time!


Ok, I know the family spent most of their money on the house reno and the new business. But they’re hardly poor enough that Varya has to wear her sister’s hand-me-downs while Angie’s still wearing them!


Varya kept her curly ponytail, but otherwise went classic Maxis for her makeover. She’s a Romance/Fortune sim with the LTW to top the Oceanography career. I guess the Pedersons will be putting in a pond (although the career might well be unlocked by the time Varya’s ready, since Pavel Hamilton wants to top the Natural Science career).


While Varya was on the computer (where all my sims buy their clothes because I’m lazy like that), she bought a warmer outfit for Artur. It’s still appropriately nerdy.


The babies needed diapering and feeding while Meadow and Makari were sleeping, so Liouba and Angie kindly helped out.

(Multiples are so much easier with teenagers in the house.)


The Hamiltons came over for family Sunday.


Of course, the uni students weren’t forgotten. Orlando came along with Marya, since he wants to meet as much of her family as possible.


The families had fun just hanging out.

Liouba was already friends with all three of the Hamilton triplets, but Angie and Varya definitely had a good time hearing about college from their older cousins.


Makari had to take a break from hanging out with family for diaper and bottle duty.


Liouba decided to serve chili for lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.


At 6 pm, it was time for birthdays!








The guests were sent home, and it was time for smart milk and makeovers.


Lana looks pretty evil there, but she’s got six nice points.


Ah, toddler skilling with multiples. Hooray.


Makari and Liouba stayed up all night while everyone else went to bed. Liouba had a mad desire to learn to make pottery, even though it was pretty clear she didn’t have a talent for it.


Zhenya had gotten tired and had to take a nap before learning to walk, so she was a bit behind her sisters.

As a permaplat witch at the top of his career, Makari had a feeling he was the one who would be doing most of the toddler training – not that he minded. He was a knowledge sim, after all. While having seven children might not have been something he could have predicted, he did like teaching them all skills.


Once Zhenya had learned to walk, it was time to finish up Lana’s potty training. The most important skill was now mastered for all three girls.


Zhenya took a break to dance to the radio.


Toddler picspam


The older kids all got their phone time in before school.


Makari took a vacation day to take care of the triplets while everyone else headed to work and school. He held off on bottles a little too long, as Zhenya threw a tantrum due to being tired.


Isaiah Gavigan came home with Angie, but Varya immediately zeroed in on him. He was the only teenage boy she knew that she wasn’t related to, after all.


“Say ‘Daddy’, Rada.”


Angie had her paperboy boyfriend over, too, and oh boolprop, he looks creepily like her uncle Lyov without his uniform. Sorry, paperboy, you definitely don’t get to go to college with Angie.


“Mommy! You’re home!”

Poor Artur is the only one who didn’t have a friend over.


Yeah, Liouba had Lluis over, too.


The family almost had $30,000 saved for the triplets’ college funds. They would have made it, if it hadn’t been for the school fees of $6000.


Varya was a little weirded out by the idea of having her first kiss with a Family sim, but it wasn’t enough to stop her.


Even though the family just had a grandfathered Day 1 reno, I decided to let them have a day 5 one as well, just to put in a pond for Varya. She’ll have to wait for it to thaw out before she can start fishing and wonder why the heck she settled on Oceanography as a career choice.


The witches spent the evening working on their witchiness, and Anzhelina became a mean witch. Don’t worry, she changed back to her regular outfit.


I don’t know where Isaiah got the money to buy that fountain, as his family isn’t exactly rolling in dough. But Varya’s college fund appreciated the contribution.

(No matter how badly a family might need money, teens get to keep the proceeds from their own date & outing gifts.)

And that’s it for the Pederson family! Next up we have the Thayers.


Family: Pederson


Galleria, Rank 10

The White Cauldron, Rank 4

General Fund contribution: $17,700 (taxes $11,700, school fees $6000)

Playable sims: 92 (+3 due to birth of triplets)

Sim multiplier: 43 (+5 due to new business district)

Population: 3956