It’s time for the Thayer family!


Back row, left to right: Meadow, Lyov, Nastasia, Faina

Front row, left to right: Anthony, Rufina, Sevastian


The old house was getting a little cramped, so the Thayers moved to a new, nicer home.


It’s got 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is quite spacious. They spent all their money on it. (Really, all of it. They have $32 in the bank.)


And the back yard – fairly small, but they do have a nice covered patio. Eventually maybe they can put out a picnic table and a grill.


Meadow’s portrait got borked in the move. I hate it when that happens. At least it’s just one this time.


Inheritance money from Larisa allowed them to pay their taxes – just $5800 due to the tax credit for their level 10 business.


They also had the money to get the kitchen in a little better shape. It’s really a very nice kitchen, but the counters are kind of cheap. A counter upgrade will have to wait until Reno Day.


Cakewich is level 10, but Lyov still had a bunch of homemade desserts in inventory. So, after sending the kids to school, Lyov and Meadow headed to the store. They made about $4000 while selling the rest of the desserts.


Back home, Meadow went to work. Lyov spent his vacation day making friends with Brandie.


A welcome wagon actually came! It consisted of Herbert Goodie. That’s it.


Nastasia came home from school and decided to influence Herbert to make grilled cheese.

“Hmm. Let’s see. There’s bread, and cheese, and…how do I do this?”


“Yeah, it’s Anthony’s birthday tonight. We’re all pretty excited.”


All five kids brought home homework. I have a homework hack that makes it random, but maybe it’s just because they’re in a new house. I hope I don’t have to teach the older three to study again.


The kids were all in need of fun, too. Fortunately Anthony brought Semyon home on the bus, so they had an even number.


I tried to have everybody get their homework done right away. The twins really did need to learn to study as it was their first day of school.


Finally, homework was done and it was birthday time!


Anthony became a Popularity/Grilled Cheese sim. He wants to top the Paranormal career.

We’re going to need more graves.


He got new clothes and a slightly different haircut, although the anime-type hair suits him quite well.


I missed Faina’s homework, so she had to stay up late finishing it.


In the morning, the kids did a little skilling before school. Nastasia and Anthony are about even on their Logic points, so they make good chess partners.

(I do what I call “moderate skilling” for the Thayers, the same thing I do for most of my households. Kids and teens have to earn 1 skill point each day on weekdays, 2 on weekends, and after that they can do what they want. It gives a pretty nice balance – they get skills and scholarships, but still have some free time to just hang out.)


Lyov’s first attempt at a portrait of Meadow turned out to be a picture of the house instead. Either Lyov has some kind of strange neurological condition in which he confuses people and buildings, or it’s a rather bizarre glitch.


School time, ohmigosh, everybody’s so excited!

(Or maybe I just forgot to cancel their skilling until 8:45.)


Lyov stayed home by himself and made grilled cheese.


Well, the teens all came home without homework, so I guess it was just a first day thing.


They also brought popular school bus buddies Liouba Pavlov and Isaiah Gavigan. Liouba and Faina are hoping to try out for the track team, so they went for a jog.


Semyon Carr is also popular, it seems. He came home with Rufina today.


The house was a bit busy in the afternoon as everyone hung out with their friends.


“Boy, grilled cheese sure tastes good after a jog.”

“So, since your dad’s Grilled Cheese, do you eat grilled cheese all the time?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”


“So I’m thinking about joining drama club, too…do you think that would be too much?”

“Hold on, this old guy wants to appreciate me.”

(Ethan just kind of invited himself in.)


Faina’s aspiration was kind of low, so she got to use the crystal ball. It gave her all of two possibilities, one of which was Agnes Picaso.


Late that night, after friends had gone home and most of the kids had gone to bed, Lyov and Meadow had a nice date. Faina wasn’t tired after going on outings with both Liouba and Agnes, so she stayed up late studying.


Meadow spent Wednesday morning chatting on the phone in her underwear while the kids headed to school.


After Meadow went to work, Lyov was left home alone again, and spent the day teaching Kobe skills. He’s working on using up his vacation days so he can get another job that doesn’t have evening hours like Adventure does.


No friends on the bus? What villainy is this?


Well, talking on cell phones will have to do.


“Nastasia, there’s nothing over there. Why do you keep telling me to look there?”

Fortunately, shortly after this they both earned their 8th logic point.


Irina walked by. Nastasia was bored and invited her in.


Anthony got his crystal ball date, and turned out to have one bolt with Amy the papergirl.


I ignored Faina for a while, and she took the opportunity to maximize her Creativity.


First kiss! I don’t think Faina’s had hers yet, so Anthony’s ahead of the game.


Meadow wished she could take a picture – she loved seeing all her kids having fun with their friends.


Nastasia made a platter of grilled cheese for dinner. It was delicious, if she did say so herself.


Finally, Lyov finished Meadow’s new portrait.


Irina dropped off an outing gift just as Amy was leaving after her date with Anthony.


Meadow got fit while sleeping. Good job there.


Faina’s getting her mandatory skill point, but Anthony’s just enjoying the ballet barre. His arm is glitched – I could fix it, but I find it amusing.


“Oh my! A baby! I’m so shocked!”

Because you’ve only had the want in your panel for the past 3 days.

This is a rare “try for baby” pregnancy (rather than my usual strategy of just letting them go at it on ACR). Meadow rolled the want for a baby, and I decided I’d let them try. She managed to keep the want for the two days it took to get a lullaby. I’m going to call this her midlife crisis baby.


Anthony brought Feofil home from school, and the cousins got to know each other.


Of course Semyon came home with Rufina again.


Everybody finished their skilling early and got to just hang out in the living room.


Naturally, smustling broke out.

Semyon and Sevastian look frighteningly similar in this picture.


Okay, how negligent do Meadow and Lyov have to be as parents to not notice that their son’s left arm is clearly broken?


Rufina was just as glad to get away from all the excitement and paint by herself in the study.


Guess what the Thayers are having for dinner?


Kobe learned to sit up! She’s the first pet in Willow Valley to learn all her skills and be eligible for a job in Pet Showbiz.


“How come I’m the only one with homework? This is so not fair.”


Nastasia got up early and decided to max her creativity.


Everyone was doing their early morning studying when they got the announcement that there was a snow day.

About time. This is the first snow day all winter.


Meadow paid the school fees of $10,000. I think this is the first time a family’s school fees have been more than their taxes – and it would have been $12,500 without the snow day.


After changing Reno Day to Day 5, I decided that I’m going to have each household do at least something for Reno Day, since my houses are woefully underdecorated. But the Thayers are saving for another business, so they just got curtains in the bathroom.


Meadow popped into her third trimester while Anya and Feofil were visiting.


Grilled cheese. Grilled cheeeeeeese. GRILLED CHEESE!


“So tennis is a good way to get guys to fall in love with me?”

Nastasia got to know Annika and got some great Romance sim tips.


Anthony wanted to throw a party, and since it’s Friday night I let him. The guests are mostly his cousins, but Isaiah Gavigan and Sharlene Cooke were also invited.


Anthony turns out to have two bolts with Sharlene! That’s awesome! Why didn’t she show up in the crystal ball?


The teens mostly just hung out in the living room.


Varya and Isaiah continued their improbable romance.


Someone made grilled cheese, of course.


Kobe came back from her first day in the Pet Showbiz career with a promotion! Good kitty!


I’m not sure that would be my response if someone asked me to bathe, but Annika has always been a bit odd.


After woohooing with Amy, Anthony headed straight out to dance with Sharlene.

Notice Varya and Isaiah in the background. They’ve been all over each other the whole party.


And Anthony’s very first party was a Roof Raiser! Nice job, Anthony!


Rufina managed to avoid most of the partying. She had a solitary grilled cheese late that night before heading to bed.


Okay, Lyov, play us out!

That’s it for the Thayer family. Next up we have the Carrs.


Family: Thayer

Business: Cakewich, Rank 10

(I wanted them to buy a new business, but they didn’t have enough money. But you’ll see it next season when the Carrs buy it.)

General fund contribution: $15,800 (taxes $5,800, school fees $10,000)

Sim multiplier: 43

Playable sims: 92

Population: 3956