Time for the Carr family!


Standing, left to right: Adam, Irina, Akilina, Semyon

Seated: Nadezda, Joe

Pictured in the background is Bolts, who moved out last season. We’ll catch up with him later in the rotation.


The Carrs acquired a dog at the pet store during the break. His name is Arthob. He appeared in Adam’s room, so I guess he’s Adam’s dog. I should probably rename him Dog, but he doesn’t really look like a Dog.


I don’t remember the outings that led to these gifts, but whatever.


Unlike the last couple of houses, the Carrs don’t need their inheritance money for immediate taxes or renovation. They got about $10,000, so Nadezda added $2,000 to each of the kids’ trust funds.


This is what Arthob thinks about all the time. Um, okay then.


Pizza for breakfast, awesome! The Munchie Bot comes in handy sometimes.


The Carrs are doing the moderate skilling plan, too. Getting in skilling and maintaining friendships before school seems to have worked pretty well for the last couple of families, so I’ll continue it. Of course, Irina tends to spend about 80% of her time on the phone, anyway.


Irina had to repair the computer, which broke down in the middle of paying taxes.


Joe sat down to finish paying the taxes as the kids headed off to school. The Carrs’ total tax bill came to $25,400 – after a $15,000 deduction for their 5 level 10 businesses.


Since there was still plenty of money left after paying taxes, Joe naturally bought a business.

(This is the one the Thayers were supposed to buy but didn’t have enough money for.)


This is Dance Fever. It’s Willow Valley’s first real night club.

(Later I replaced the bar with one that works properly, and put in a bubble blower.)


Nadezda and Joe hung out passing along business perks while their customers paid a pathetic $25 per hour.


Ramsay, Romance sim that he is, seems oddly bothered by Nadezda passing along her business perks to Joe.


“Can you believe we’re paying $1000 an hour to hang out at this place? I don’t even make that much playing the violin!”

Yeah, periodically I got bored and had Nadezda and Joe dazzle the customers into paying exorbitant prices. I have a hack so that the playables don’t lose any of their family funds.


Nadezda and Joe hung out at Dance Fever for a whole sim week before I got bored and sent them home. They got the place up to level 7 and made $168,000. No, not a typo.  Since they had so much money, Joe donated $100,000 to build a new building at the university.

I’ve decided that I’m going to work on getting the Carrs from filthy rich to ludicrously rich.


If they’re going to be ludicrously rich, they need a maid and a gardener. I don’t know why I don’t hire maids and gardeners more often, since both together charge less than $100 per day usually. (I have a hack that makes the gardener come every day.)


The girls brought home Mireia and Malvina. It’s pretty amazing, actually – they both managed to get teens that aren’t their cousins and that they aren’t already friends with.


Nadezda and Joe are permaplat and at the top of their careers, so they just hung out and hung loose.


Eva came home with Adam, but poor Semyon! Not only was he the only one who didn’t get a school bus friend, he was also the only one with homework.


“Even though Dimitri’s at college, I kind of feel like I’m cheating on him.”

“It’s not cheating if the plumbing’s different.”


Since most of the family was hanging out on the lawn, the boys decided they might as well have their birthdays out there.


Semyon grew up in workout gear. He became a Knowledge/Romance sim with a LTW to top the Intelligence career. That’s one I haven’t had in the neighborhood yet.


Adam became a Family/Cheese sim with a LTW to reach his Golden Anniversary. I really don’t like that LTW, but I let him keep it anyway.


Nadezda seems a little unhappy about Akilina and Malvina going on a date. Joe just wants to push some townie on the swing set.


Akilina and Irina were wide awake after they both went on outings and Akilina had her date. They figured they might as well work on getting their scholarships while everyone else was sleeping, so they could just have fun later.


The boys grew up into matching dorky brown pajamas. Just for that, boys, I’m going to make you keep your coordinating hairstyles.


The family sat down for a nice breakfast of pancakes. Man, this family wears a lot of brown.


Adam’s lucky. Everyone in the family except for him and Joe has 10 nice points, so he can always find someone to listen to him blather on about grilled cheese.


Nadezda had the day off, so after everyone else left she headed back down to Dance Fever. With customers dazzled into paying $1000 an hour, she made about $80,000 before getting bored and heading home.


On the way home, Nadezda stopped at the pet store to buy a collar for Arthob, and fell in love with an adorable little pug named Ginger. She went ahead and bought the dog, figuring Arthob could use a friend.


Then she got home and I realized Arthob is female. What the heck kind of name is Arthob for a girl dog? So I changed her name to Lillian.


Semyon in his regular clothes.


Lluis came home on the bus, and Akilina invited over Chandler Platz (here represented by the back of his head).


Irina fell in love with Ginger, too, and promptly rolled the want to be friends with her.


Nadezda taught Adam to play chess, while Joe watched the game with great interest.


So apparently my same sex pregnancy hack allows same sex pets to get pregnant as well…and Ginger gave birth only one sim hour after the woohoo finished. Those two little black blotches in the snow there are two black puppies, a boy named Joey and a girl named Tina.


Irina naturally wants to be friends with the puppies. Ah, Popularity sims.


Hurray for the punching bag!

(I realized at some point that Bolts left several career rewards there when he moved out. The Execuputter and the Journalism reward are definitely his. I should probably call him over and give him back his stuff.)


Joe and Nadezda had the day off, and you know what that means. Even though this extremely handsome uni student was not impressed by Joe’s dazzle, he still made about $50,000.


Anya came home with Adam, while Isaiah Gavigan came home with Irina.


“Oh my boolprop, ew, our parents are in love. That’s so disgusting.”


Everybody wants to make friends with Ginger. She’s a very popular dog.

Ginger got a job in Pet Service, so Akilina worked with her on shaking.


This family’s been a little too quiet so far this season. Time to spice things up with a little romance.


Irina got George the checkout boy. I like him.


Adam got a townie named Marylena Hamilton (no relation), who immediately swooned over his brother.


Random elderly townies who walk into houses without knocking should fully expect to be influenced to make grilled cheese.


Things progressed well between Adam and Marylena.

If she ever moves in, she’s getting a name change.


“Goodnight, Akilina!”

“What?! Akilina, are you going to bed? But you’ll miss midnight study time!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Nerd Twins.


One more charisma point…


“So, Irina, working on your cooking?” Semyon asked.

“Yeah, and then I’ll have all my scholarships.”

“Bet I can beat you.”

“Bet you can’t.”


Adam and Akilina are a bit behind their respective twins on the skilling. Fortunately, skilling on the career rewards with tutoring is incredibly fast.


Snow day!

“Snow day? Does that mean we can stop studying?”



Well, all right.

Joe and Nadezda actually both had to go to work for the first time all week, while their kids hung out enjoying their snow day.


Right after Akilina finished her outing with Marsha, Adam borrowed her. What about Marylena?

“Marylena who?”


Irina earned her 8th cooking point, and her 7th skill scholarship!

Yes, she did invite George over and then ignore him to skill. He seems to have been fine amusing himself on the piano.


George was still playing the piano when Semyon earned his final skill scholarship.


Akilina and Adam were stuck skilling into the night, while Irina and Semyon got to have fun.

(Yes, at some point I abandoned the moderate skilling plan in favor of the “come on, they’re close, let’s just get all the college scholarships NOW” plan.)


Ginger got a promotion! Good doggy!


“Mom, I just love skilling so much!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Shh! I’m trying reverse psychology.”

Adam’s pretty close, but Akilina’s definitely behind everyone else in the skilling department. Comes of being a Romance sim, I suppose.


It’s day 5, so it’s Reno Day!


Quite a nice house, I think. Plenty of space – they even have that nice big loft upstairs that they’re not really using for anything.

Since the Carrs have succeeded admirably at becoming ludicrously wealthy – they’ve got $200k in the bank in addition to $60k trust funds for all four kids – I thought about moving them into a mansion. Then I thought about how annoying moving is, so they get a minor reno instead.


New stucco, because the old stuff just bugged me for some reason, and a nice little balcony on the outside.


Inside, I upgraded the bathrooms and got them some new dining room chairs and a new computer and computer desk.

Seems like a fairly small reno, but it actually cost about $20,000.


Since Day 5 is also Saturday, it’s party time!


Poor Irina. Lluis rejected her for her first kiss, and she also glitched through her cousin Anya.

Irina has 3 bolts with Lluis, but until now it seemed like she was respecting his relationship with her cousin Liouba. But it’s good to see that Lluis is true, at least.


That’s a strange way to hold the phone, Semyon.

The original party invitation only allowed 7 sims, and that’s hardly a party, so Semyon and Irina were on their cell phones inviting the rest of the neighborhood.


Akilina and Agnes got the party started right.


Just as I was lamenting the fact that the only teen in the neighborhood that none of the Carrs are friends with is Denise, look who showed up. I think maybe Sharlene brought her.

If I calculated right, that means all the playable teens in the neighborhood are here. *sits back and prepares for drama*


Nadezda and Joe are supervising, meaning they’re hanging out in the living room giving each other backrubs and such.


I bought them a hot tub for the party (along with a stereo and a bubble blower – pocket change). Lluis and Liouba called dibs.


I send two sims on vacation just once…


Sharlene and Saveliy hit it off.


Nikifor got his first kiss from Malvina Bruce, who’s making really good use of her break while her boyfriend’s at college.


The younger set of twins hung out in the kitchen with the grilled cheese, well away from the commotion.


But then Adam went out and found that the hot tub was newly available, and that someone had invited Marsha to the party.

I like Marsha better than Marylena Hamilton (no relation), anyway.


The party was a Roof Raiser, and I hardly did anything.


That night, the Science nuts did a little stargazing.


“Wait! You’ve got the wrong sim! I’m not a Knowledge sim!”

Really. I put Irina on the upstairs telescope for a reason, aliens. She’s got a Knowledge secondary and could always use more scholarship money. Joe just likes Science.


Apparently it’s all Adam’s fault? Nadezda started lecturing him right after the abduction.


Someone finally took the puppy outside to potty instead of just letting her go in the kitchen. Poor puppy, lost in the snow.



Semyon came out to see and started laughing hysterically.


“Semyon, it’s not funny.”

“Yeah, really, dude. Dad’s not even a Knowledge sim.”

“I know! That’s why…ha ha ha…that’s what makes it so…ha ha ha!”


I finally relented and gave the boys makeovers so they don’t look so alike. They’re still dorky.

(And yes, Semyon’s always had brown hair. He just had a blondish recolor before.)

That’s it for the Carr family! Next up we have Annika Richter.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Dance Fever, Rank 8

Town fund contributions: $31,400 (taxes $25,400, school fees $6,000)

Additional donations: $100,000 for uni building/toward new university

Playable sims: 92

Sim multiplier: 43

Population: 3956