Annika Richter, my lone single sim household

Annika is a Romance sim, which is why she’s opening the chapter in her undies.


Annika went to work while thinking very strange thoughts, and returned with a promotion.


I downloaded some new makeup and adjusted Annika’s.


After work, Annika headed down to her venue business, Spa Bliss, to work on her 20 lovers LTW. The place was level 4 when she got started.

Later she added a third hot tub on the deck there, getting the ticket price up to $30. Adding a fourth hot tub, though, actually dropped the price down to $20, so three hot tubs it is.


There were times when there was nobody to seduce on the lot, but then the mah-jong tables were a good substitute.

Annika’s being a responsible Romance sim and not going after married men (especially married men whose sons are also on her list), so Dand there is definitely not an option.


Michael Bruce was invited over, and rejected Annika’s first flirt. But Michael was Annika’s first love when she was a teen, so she wasn’t about to give up so easily.



(Don’t worry, Michael is still looking forward to his girlfriend Mireia coming to college. And once Annika’s got her LTW, I’m going into Sim PE and nuking her hearts for playable non Romance sims.)


Annika met Venyamin when she was over at the dorm visiting Ramsay, and she liked him enough to invite him over.




For some reason Venyamin’s been…well, not unlucky in love, just never really in a serious relationship, though he’s had flings with Marsha Bruenig, Carme Picaso, and now Annika. Since this uni student was heartfarting him, I had him meet her. We may see more of her.


Farooq clearly hasn’t met too many Romance sims. While on a date with Annika, Farooq rolled the want to get engaged to her. Sorry, Farooq, you’re just a notch in her belt.


Annika was in the hot tub with Ethan when she got her very first BOING!

(Not counting the BOING! that she herself caused as a teen when she got mad at Ramsay for dating Anya Pavlov, of course.)

There was no slapping…I guess Farooq had cooled down a little by the time Anya got out of the hot tub.


“Sweetie, I’m so sorry you had to see that. Here’s a flower.”


And, with a final woohoo to get her relationship with Farooq back up to the top, Annika closed up shop and headed home.

The business ran itself while Annika was busy with other things, getting up to level 9 and earning Annika about $17,000.


Annika seems displeased by her new hairstyle.


“Wow, Annika must have a lot of roommates,” each guy thought as he dropped off his roses.


Annika did some skilling for work.


Then she ended the evening with a little recreation.


Annika brought Ghaliya home from work the next day, and made sure to say hello to Danny.


More recreation.

Annika’s LTW is 20 lovers, but first she’s got to get 20 FWBs (friends with benefits). Townie guy here is #19.


Some things haven’t changed from Annika’s teen years. She still spends ridiculous amounts of time bathing her stinky dogs.


I think Roll Over is Sarah’s last skill for her final promotion, and Danny’s already at the top of his career.


Annika’s making a pretty good salary at her job, too, so she hired a maid and a gardener. She was tired of the place being filthy all the time, but she wasn’t about to clean it up herself.


Annika really loved it when her acquaintances got her triple bolt blind dates.


She was quite happy to reward Makoto with a woohoo.


Still trying to get those logic points.


Annika got one, but it wasn’t enough for a Friday promotion. She was happy to have the weekend off, though.


Annika headed back to Spa Bliss to call over some of her FWBs, since the relationship was high enough for her to fall in love with them.


Bolts needs 50 first dates for his LTW, so Annika was more than happy to help him out.


New swimwear! Definitely better than that old tank suit she had before.

Also, the business got up to Level 10. She still hasn’t made as much from it as it cost her to buy it, though, so she’s going to keep running it a while longer.


Annika went on a date with a vacation townie a while back, and he dropped off an outing gift. So you can come from vacationland to drop off an outing gift, but you can’t come to smooch Annika and fall in love with her without staying 3 whole days, huh? I see how it is.


I finally had Annika get collars for the dogs, although I don’t see how Sarah’s is supposed to stay on since she doesn’t have a neck.


I feel kind of bad for Annika, not getting to go to college, so I decided that she can have extra elixir. Most of my sims get 2 sips now, but Annika can have a whole bottle.


It’s Saturday, and day 5 of the rotation, so it’s Reno Day. Since the rule that something has to be upgraded every Reno Day is new, Annika’s lived in this dinky little house for almost a whole sim year with hardly any change.


So Annika got a new bedroom at the back of the house, her old bedroom became a study, and the main room was expanded with a kitchen upgrade. The interior of the house also got a much needed flooring and wallpaper upgrade. The reno only cost about $5000.


 Annika tried out the new kitchen with her first meal of the rotation.


 This is when I noticed the season got messed up. Sometimes the game will try to cheat my sims out of a day of their rotation, but fortunately I have a season adjuster and was able to reset the season to the 5th day of winter.


Nery became Annika’s 10th lover. She’s halfway there, and that’s it for the Richter household! Next we have another college chapter.

(Yes, Annika woohooed via ACR. A lot. Yes, I have Risky Woohoo at 10%. No, she did not get pregnant. Annika Richter: The Luckiest Romance Sim Ever.)


Household: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, rank 10

Taxes: $3400

Playable sims: 92

Sim multiplier: 43

Population: 3956