snapshot_3e3fd4be_be3fdb57Our inaugural uni class finishes out their freshman year in this update.

Left to right: Ramsay Bruce, Carme Picaso, Michael Bruce, Orlando Centowski, Marya Hamilton, Dimitri Hamilton, Venyamin Hamilton


First up, of course, everyone has to pay tuition, $2500 per semester. The Dean’s List grants everybody got certainly help, but they do have to dip into their savings for the rest.


Everybody needs fun after writing term papers!

(I’m a cruel taskmaster. I make all my sims do their term papers right at the beginning of the semester.)


Of course, some people have their own strange ways of enjoying themselves.

snapshot_3e3fd4be_3e74a995Poor Marya. The coach got to her. Look at her, old dude – she’s hardly a fat slob.

“Well, mom, if there’s no one to play the violin, why don’t you get Catriona violin lessons? What do you mean, aliens can’t play the violin?”


Across the street is the new lot the Carrs paid for, the Carr Student Union.


Marya and Orlando are constantly all over each other, and the other guys are constantly all over Carme. I need a break from the dorm.


So Ramsay, Venyamin, and Carme headed over to the Student Union to check it out. (Seven is just way too many for a community lot visit. I have a semester adjuster thingy so they’ll stay in sync with the folks back home.)


Here’s the inside. There’s a fun room, study space, and a cafeteria with espresso. Students could pretty much live here if necessary.


Carme found all kinds of activities to please her Pleasure Sim self.


Ramsay found a friend. Obviously he’s looking for inner beauty.


Venyamin got some female attention as well, while Carme found a redhead to date.


I didn’t know witches showed up at college lots. Huh.


Ramsay was really having a great time at the Student Union.


Carme and Venyamin, not so much. After watching Carme canoodle with three other dormmates, including his brother, Venyamin finally decided to get jealous when Carme was on a date with Redhead here.





Both their dates just stood there wondering when the date would be resuming.


“Hey there, Carme. Nice job on the slapping.”


Ramsay and Edith just woohooed, entirely uninterested in the shenanigans in the next room.


“Hooray, he’s all mine!”


Back home, I’ve decided that the second day of the semester will be Call Your Mother day. Really, it’s just for keeping relationships up, but several of them actually did call their mothers.


Despite the slapping, Venyamin and Carme are still in love. And apparently there are no hard feelings.


You might remember this girl from the last chapter. Her name’s Celeste, and she and Venyamin get along quite well.


Since the kids all got their term papers done early, they have pretty much nothing to do except hang out and go to class.


Heh heh heh.


Five of the seven playables have evening classes, so the guests were left to amuse themselves.


I decided to bust out the crystal ball, just for kicks. Venyamin got Amanda Carlson.


Carme got this guy, whose name I forgot.

None of the others used the Crystal Ball, since I have a pretty good idea who they’re going to end up with.


Thanks, Edith, but I don’t know that the study is the best place for a hot tub.

Ramsay shoved it into his inventory. They can make good use of it once they have a house.


Orlando and Marya continue to be sickeningly sweet. They go on at least a couple of dream dates every day.


In the morning, Venyamin had Celeste over for a date. He seems to really like her.


Party time! Orlando looks pretty upset that he has to go to class and miss it.


Ah, Mireia. Such a family sim.


Two of these sims just came out of the photo booth. Good luck figuring out which ones.




The party was a roof raiser, of course. It actually hit roof raiser about two hours before the party was over.


I knew that dormies playing for tips could earn the playable sims free money, but I didn’t realize visitors would do the same thing. Thanks for the $200, Faina! (And whoever threw money in her bowl, of course.)


Crystal actually came out of her room! I’m pretty sure that’s the first time all semester, and we’ve got about 16 hours left.


I don’t know who set Venyamin off this time – Ramsay was at class, and his relationships with Michael and Dimitri didn’t suffer. But he’s out of love with Carme, which is probably for the best.


Orlando’s actually talking to someone else! Marya must be at class.


Everybody’s grade bars are maxed, so they’re all just waiting for their final in the morning.


“Huh. Oh. I think maybe this is a problem.”


“Sprinklers! Aaauuuuuggggggghhhhhh!


“Welp, my shift is over. See you in the morning, kiddies.”


Carme’s crystal ball drop left a very nice fountain. Now I feel a little guilty for forgetting his name. Just a little.


Carme and Marya didn’t get along for quite a while – no fights or anything, but their relationship was usually in the single digit negatives. So it’s nice to see them getting along.


Carme decided it was time for a new, more grown up look. The blond highlights were just perfect.


Everyone’s on the Dean’s List with a 4.0 average. Hooray!


Move out time! Due to differences of opinion on the goals of a rental house, Marya and Orlando stayed behind in the dorm while the other five headed out.

(Also, it’s pretty hard to play a household of seven university students, so there’s that.)


Just a quick shot of the updated uni neighborhood. I changed my mind about building houses from scratch – that million dollars that I spent for the university ought to be good for something, after all. But the bad news is that the only rentals available right now are all Maxis houses. Sims will have to pay to customize them and make them nice.

That’s it for the second Uni chapter! Next we have the Cooke-Pavlov family.