snapshot_9c6d0a33_3e761cb0 The Cooke-Pavlovs

Left to right: Jake, Denise, Sofiya, Kylie, Eva


I installed some new stuff packs, so everyone was awake at 3 am when I loaded the house. The kids were sent out to play basketball at about 4 am.

(Yes, I finally got Family Fun Stuff so that my kids, too, can grow up in dinosaur costumes.)


Denise did some yoga and hummed, “Omm” really loud so she didn’t have to hear her moms being all kissy face.


Despite the kissy face, Kylie and Sofiya really loved their kids. They were fun to hang out with. Kylie was glad, though, that they were past the baby and toddler stages.


Off to school! The season started on a Tuesday (seems to be a trend lately), so the kids will have 4 days of school. The Cooke-Pavlov kids are in private school, of course.


Sofiya had had leftover salmon for breakfast, but it had apparently been in the fridge too long.


Kylie was the only one home during the day. After paying the taxes, she did some financial consulting. Even though they’ve got more than $60k in the bank, she wanted to earn some more.


Denise invited Malvina over after school, because they have 3 bolts! I hardly ever get 3 bolt couples in my game unless they’ve got the Romance sim perk.


The kids were exhausted after school and needed naps. That’s what happens when you get up at 4 am, kids.


Well, hate and love are two sides of the same coin.


After Malvina left, Denise snuck out with Sharlene.


“Kylie, oh my boolprop. I think the aliens got me pregnant.”


I guess Sofiya is a “get right back on the horse” kind of woman.


Denise snuck back in as quietly as she could. Mom was at the easel, and she didn’t see Mama anywhere. She snuck off to bed, hoping they would think she’d been there all night.


Jake! I told you to take a shower!

Jake is rather excessively playful. His fun is always low. He actually slides down the banisters, although I haven’t been able to catch it fast enough to take a picture.


“Omelettes for breakfast, Sofiya? Yep, you’re definitely pregnant.”


“What do you mean, Mama’s having a baby? I don’t want another bratty little brother or sister! Where’s it going to sleep?”

“Well, we thought you could share with Eva…”

Denise’s room is the old nursery, so that’s probably the main reason she’s so upset.


“I am not sharing with Eva. No way. I’d rather sleep on the couch.”

“Well, we could fix up the basement for you…”

“The basement? Yeah, okay, I guess that would work. As long as it’s all mine.”


“And when the baby’s born, we’ll have everyone over for chili!”

Sofiya’s the worst Romance sim ever. She’s only ever kissed one sim, she’s got a Family LTW, and she rolled up the want to Have a Baby as soon as she got pregnant.

She and Kylie do Woohoo an awful lot, though.


“Do you still love me even though I’m having an alien baby?”

“Of course I do! Heck, I’m just glad it’s an alien and not a result of you cheating on me.”

“I love you so much. Let’s make out while the kids are at school!”

“For four hours?”

“Sure, why not?”


After Denise got home, she and her moms headed out to Paws, the family pet store. It’s level 9, and I’m hoping to get it to level 10 this season. Denise did manage to earn her silver cashier badge, but they were still about 12 stars from level 10 when they headed home.


Denise brought her cousin Nastasia home on the bus, and they spent the afternoon commiserating about stupid moms deciding to have more kids when they already had plenty.


Once the kids got home, Denise took Jake out to teach him to shoot hoops. “It’s really important to be good at sports, Jake. It makes high school a lot easier. I may be a Knowledge sim, but I’m not a geek, and you shouldn’t be either.”


“And Artur says he’s going to be a wizard when he grows up!”

“Eva, sims can’t be wizards.”

“But Artur says his dad and two of his sisters are.”


“It’s true. Uncle Makari is a wizard. Thanks for letting me stay for dinner, you guys.”


Denise may not be a geek, but she sure spends a lot of time studying.


No dance spheres wanted here, thanks. Sofiya will have to avoid them from now on. *sells*


Why would pregnant sims need outerwear? I mean, according to the game, pregnant sims have no reason to leave the house, right?




Eva and Jake both brought home homework, and both left it until morning. Eva rolled the want to do hers, but Jake did not. He had to do it anyway.


Kylie had another day off, and Sofiya took her maternity leave day so they could spend the day hanging loose and making out.


Of course, they had to take a break so Kylie could clean the tub before the maid got to it.


Jake felt like he was playing basketball in a wasteland, but he definitely needed the fun boost.


Denise cooked dinner for everyone autonomously! Just mac & cheese since she doesn’t have many cooking points.


That night it was birthday time.

Having a late baby is more common than not in Willow Valley, but the Cooke-Pavlovs will be the first to have their late baby after all their other kids are teenagers.


Jake became a Family/Fortune sim with a LTW to top the Culinary career. Thank you, Jake, for not giving me an annoying Family want.


Eva became a Romance/Fortune sim with a LTW of 20 woohoos. I guess her cousin Akilina can mentor her, as they have the same LTW.


The fridge was almost empty, so Eva hit the grocery store first before heading out to buy new clothes – mostly for her, although she figured she’d pick up something for her dippy brother while she was out.


Jake’s still a nerd, but he’s a cute nerd.


Eva was kind of a weird looking kid, but I guess she was just an ugly duckling, because now she’s gorgeous. She even makes The Mouth look good.


And as a reminder, Denise is quite a looker herself.

Kylie and Sofiya make good kids.


I broke the Reno Day rule to put some carpet down in the basement, which was previously unfinished with a grass floor. Come Reno Day, Denise can have a proper bedroom down here, and maybe even her own bathroom.


Kylie and Sofiya always manage to get up at the same time. They go to bed at different times, and I let them sleep until their bars are full, and then they get up within a few minutes of each other.


“How would you like to use your last wish?”

“Can you make my mom’s alien baby go away?”

“Of course not. I’m really not an open wish genie, you know; you have to pick from the pie menu.”

“Oh. Well, I guess I’ll take money, then.”


Just as Denise got her wish, Sofiya went into labor.


Sofiya gave birth to a baby boy, named Felix.


“Wow, he’s not an alien…Kylie, he has your eyes!”


Everyone was very excited at the news.


The next day was another Friday snow day. Sofiya decided to take a vacation day as originally planned, while Kylie headed in to work for the first time all season.


Eva got a cell phone and made good use of it. Denise was excited about having extra time to study.


Irina came over to hang out, and brought Malvina.


Sofiya headed to the store with Jake and Eva, so that they could work on some badge earning.


After about 8 hours, Venyamin gave us the last star to make the pet store Level 10. Hooray!


Lucky Sofiya got home right when Felix needed his diaper changed. Joy.


Eva and Jake both had low aspirations when they got home, so they got crystal ball dates.

Denise, of course, is quite happy with her book.


Family Sim Jake gets himself a sweet first kiss, while Romance Sim Eva obviously has other things on her mind.


Kylie got a promotion, came in and worked on her charisma a bit, and then headed back to work.

Chain promotions aren’t so much fun when there’s a family having fun at home.


1 down, 19 to go. Not bad for a girl who’s been a teen for less than 24 hours.


I have to say, I really hadn’t anticipated Malvina and Denise getting together, but they’re cute together. They both seem to have a bit of a thing for purple.


Kylie brought Lyov home from work! No promotion, though.


She was thrilled to hear that Paws had made it to level 10, and celebrated by buying another business.


The Cooke-Pavlovs are doing moderate skilling, too, but if they’re up all night after going on outings, they might as well make use of the time.

Of course, studying is Denise’s preferred activity, anyway.


It’s now officially Day 5, so time to fix up the basement. Denise has her own space down there now, and there’s a common space for storage or whatever.


As soon as it was light out, Kylie took Jake and Eva down to the new store.


The store is called Fortunate Living, and sells living chairs for Fortune sims. Because why would anyone else ever want a living chair?


So I didn’t take any pictures of them actually working at the business, but they did, and Eva and Jake now both have silver badges in sales and cashiering. The store got up to level 3.


“Maybe we should sell jewelry.”

“Uh, Jake, it’s a furniture store.”


Denise invited Derek over to make friends with him. She was careful to keep things platonic, even though she has more bolts with Derek than Jake does.


“Bye, kids, I’m going to work.”

The kids avoided looking at Kylie, not wanting to see the dress their mother was wearing.


After her outing with Derek, Denise spent the day hard at work on her last skill scholarship.


Derek can’t decide which Cooke-Pavlov he likes more.


Sofiya had the day off, which meant she got diaper duty.


Poor Saveliy. He just came over to visit his cousins and got a water balloon in the face from the paperboy.


Sofiya meant to just call and chat with Julien, but accidentally invited the family over instead. Madelina and Colin hung out on the sidewalk being lovey-dovey.


That night it was birthday time for Felix! Kylie had to work, but little Felix had plenty of people there to watch anyway.


He is, of course, a cutie.


I vaguely remembered some romantic happenings between Sharlene and Saveliy at the Carr’s big party, so I snuck a look in their relationship panels. 3 bolts!


Sofiya got Felix his smart milk and got him started on his skills.


Jake and Derek are still getting along well.

In case anyone’s wondering, these two only have one bolt, so it’ll just be a teen romance. I’ve been trying the last few households to make sure most of my teens have a romantic interest, especially Family and Romance sims since they’re so hard to keep happy otherwise.  It’s really hard for gay sims like Jake, since the options are limited.


Eva maxed her Logic while playing chess with her grandfather, who told her how proud he was of all his grandchildren (13 and counting).


Kylie’s a Space Pirate! Hooray!


However, the Adventure hours aren’t any good for her, either. Besides, her new LTW is to be a Celebrity Chef just like her daddy. So Kylie moved on to the Culinary career.


And that’s it for the Cooke-Pavlovs! Next we have the Pavlov/Parker household.


Family: Cooke-Pavlov


Paws, level 10

Fortunate Living, level 3

General fund contribution: $17,900 (taxes $13,400, school fees $4500)

Playable sims: 95 (+1 for Felix, and I added two new CAS sims that you’ll meet later)

Sim multiplier: 44 (+1 as Fortunate Living is the 35th community lot)

Population: 4180