It’s time to move on to the Fairchild family, where their philosophy in life is a little different.


 Left to right: Davis, Greta, Sandy, Eric


The family picked up a dog at the pet store during the break. I named her Jenny.

snapshot_5c79ffd7_9e901d88 The family didn’t quite have enough money to pay their taxes, so Davis wrote a Restaurant Guide, highly recommending his father’s restaurant for the discerning diner.

“Cooked to Perfection is, by far, the best restaurant in Willow Valley!”

Yes, it is, because it’s the only restaurant in Willow Valley.


 Sandy spent the morning working hard on her skills. She was confident she could achieve her LTW to be a Celebrity Chef pretty soon.


Since it was Saturday, the kids just hung out having fun.

The Fairchilds have a great party house, but there’s not really that much for kids to do.


“It was a huge bird. The biggest I ever saw.”


Davis and Sandy went down to their store, Sleep Soft, for a few hours. Still level 8, but they did make a few thousand dollars.


 Back home, the kids had some friends over – Josiah Gavigan and Sevastian and Rufina Thayer.


 Pau Picaso also stopped by as Sandy headed to work – late, because I forgot about her on the candy machine.


 Poor Sandy. I don’t remember her being late before, but apparently she was. The pop-up said she got fired, but she actually got demoted to level 1. From level 9. Of her LTW career. 😦


Eric wanted to earn a cooking point, so he asked his uncle James to teach him.

snapshot_5c79ffd7_1e9027f8“Pew, pew!”

“Augh! You got me!”

snapshot_5c79ffd7_3e90284c“Hey, James, can you watch the kids for an hour until Sandy gets home?”

“No, bro, I’ve got to go home.”

Well, I guess Davis is taking a vacation day, then. I’m not risking sending him in late.


Poor Sandy.

She didn’t get promoted to level 2, either, so she’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


Eric is an industrial little guy, always rolling wants to earn skill points or do skilling activities.


Greta much preferred to spend her time talking on the phone.


The Bendetts came over for family Sunday.


It’s really good for the kids to get to know this set of cousins, because Eric and Devan are exactly the same age, while Greta is the same age as Kat and Drina.


Devan and Eric are both mean little suckers, and had a great time cheating each other at chess.


“Chess puzzles me.”

“Don’t worry, cousin, Eric and I can teach you. Heh heh heh.”

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing.”


After everyone left, Greta surprised me by rolling some skilling wants of her own. So the kids spent some quiet time on the couch before bed.

(The Fairchilds are doing Minimal Skilling – the kids only skill if they roll the want or do it spontaneously. They won’t get as many scholarships this way, but they’ll have more fun – unless, of course, they spend all their time rolling up skilling wants.)


Level 2…well, it’s progress, anyway.


Davis and Sandy were up early. Sandy worked on maxing her cooking, wanting to be fully prepared when she got back to the top of the career ladder. Davis was on a quest for a gold pottery badge.


“Bye, Mom! See you later!”

Greta was very excited for her first day of school.


Davis and Sandy went down to the store for a little while, then returned to the phone and the candy machine.


Rufina Thayer came home on the bus. Which is great, but it would have been nice if they could have brought home a kid they weren’t both already friends with.


Ah, well, birthday time!


I guess all those skill wants were just kid stuff, because Eric became a Popularity/Romance sim. He wants to be a Professional Party Guest like his dad.


A makeover can wait, because fellow Popularity sim Anthony Thayer was strolling by the house right before Eric’s birthday.



Now Sandy needs a hobby.




Since everyone else had gone to bed, Eric figured he might as well clear that locked skill want from his childhood.


In the morning, Davis taught Greta to study while Eric burned breakfast.


Off to school!

“Hopefully I can convince a hot chick to come home on the bus with me.”

Poor Eric knows no teenage girls. Not a single one, not even his cousins.


Alas, no hot chicks today, although he did get a +1,000 from Lluis.


Off to the store, which got up to level 9.

“Young man, do you know where I might purchase an extremely expensive dresser?”

“Grandpa, don’t you recognize me?”

“Why, Eric! You’ve grown up!”


Greta was excited to earn an A+ on only her second day of school.


Greta was on the phone once again as Sandy headed off to work.

It’s definitely odd that Davis is a Professional Party Guest (who hasn’t gone to work all season), while Sandy’s still working fast food. Stupid demotion.


Davis did a great job with the dad thing while Sandy was gone. He supervised Eric’s homework (while calling a friend on the phone)…


And procured a delicious hot meal.


“And Rufina said her family’s going on vacation to the mountains, and going skiing!”

“Greta, I think your friend is telling tales.”


Sandy got home with a promotion after everyone else had gone to bed. Well, level 3 was better than level 1, at least.


The next day, Davis and Sandy had the day off. They had a lovely date while the kids were at school.


Eric was finally successful in bringing a hot chick home from school. Anya’s Romance, and Eric needed an aspiration boost…




Reno day! They got a rail around the stairs to bring the house up to code…


And a new big screen TV!

The house is getting pretty cool, but they’ve still got a ways to go to make it the most awesome party house in town.


Finally, Davis succeeded in earning his gold pottery badge.


Adam Carr came by, so Eric stopped him and made friends with him.


The kids got in a bit of skilling before bed.

(No, Eric’s not rolling skill wants anymore. But gosh darn it, he was just one point away from a scholarship.)


Davis made a really huge vase with his gold badge. I feel like a gold pottery badge ought to be worth more…but I guess it is a fairly expensive huge vase.


Greta went to bed and hadn’t done her homework, and I didn’t want to leave it and risk missing it next season, so I made Eric do it for her. I’m such a slave driver.

“I don’t mind. It’s super easy.”


Eric has 3 skill scholarships, but is apparently planning on taking the outing gifts route to round out his college fund.



That’s it for the Fairchilds! Next is the Bendett family.


Family: Fairchild

Business: Sleep Soft, Rank 9

General fund contribution: $10,800 (taxes $7800, school fees $3000)

Playable sims: 96

Sim multiplier: 44

Population: 4224