The Bendett Family

Left to right: Drina, Ashton, Devan, Marisa, Kat


And we’re back to moderate skilling. It’s Saturday, which means the kids each have to earn 2 skill points toward scholarships before they can have any fun.

Skilling’s especially important in this family because they don’t have any money. Nothing at all in the college funds yet.


Last season, Ashton completed his LTW to be a Celebrity Chef. His new LTW is to see 3 kids graduate from college, which will happen eventually. But in order for those kids to pay for college, he needs to work more than 3 days per week. So he quit his Celebrity Chef job and took a position in Law Enforcement instead.


The carpool arrived in an hour or so.

That’s Phil back there, the Bendetts’ poor ignored dog.


“First to get my skill points for the day! Wheeeeeee!”


Lunch time!

Both Ashton and Marisa have secondary aspirations of grilled cheese, so I’m pretty sure the kids have never eaten anything else.


Drina invited her cousin Greta over to play.

(They have a very small pool in the backyard of their lovely Maxis house, if you’re wondering why kids are in swimsuits.)


Time for babies!


Right in the living room in front of the kids.


And this is where I discovered that Friendly Hug After Work even queuestomps over Watch Birth. I mean, really, it’s nice that Kat wants to hug her dad, but now he doesn’t get to see his kids born.


Marisa gave birth to a baby boy named Geoffrey. I was really wondering when they were going to get around to having a black haired baby – not that I don’t love the recessive genes, but their kids should have a 50% chance of having black hair.


“Oh, the screaming? That was just my mom having a baby.”


Marisa then gave birth to a baby girl, another redhead, named Tayla.


Geoffrey was excited to get a new family member.


“Yeah, my mom just had another baby…Go? Why would I need to go? No, we can keep talking, it’s cool. It’s just a normal baby, not an alien or anything.”


Since they’re out of bedrooms upstairs, the Bendetts’ massive family room became a nursery.


Off to the toy store that doesn’t make any money. They earned about $1,000 and got the store up to level 7.

I meant to get them back later in the season, but this ended up being the only business session. What can I say? They were busy, as you’ll see.


Back home, while changing Geoffrey’s diaper, Ashton thought that he’d really like to have 10 kids. Yeah, 10 seemed like a good number.


Marisa needed to skill for work, but Ashton didn’t mind taking care of diapering and bottles at all.


At nearly midnight, Ashton finally sat down to pay the $6000 in taxes the family owed. They just barely had enough after Ashton’s pay, the money from the store, and $500 Devan had made from the telescope.


Random cute sleeping kids shot.


“I wish we had an alien in our family.”

Marisa just shook her head at Drina. They didn’t need any more babies, alien or human.

Ashton, on the other hand, was rather intrigued by the idea.


The Cooke-Pavlovs came over for family Sunday, all except Kylie.


Devan had a great time playing Marco Polo with Jake.


Marisa spent most of the day working on skills for work.


“Better keep an eye on your mom. Sometimes parents keep having babies even after you think they’re done.”


Birthday time!

Marisa was at work and missed it.


Geoffrey’s a cutie, although he still has the Face One nose.


Hooray, someone finally got Marisa’s nose! Fortunately Tayla’s a girl, because I’ve heard it’s hideous on boys.


Marisa got home late, after all the festivities. Unfortunately she didn’t get a promotion, but she does make over $2000 per shift, so there’s that. But now she has 3 days off.


Baby #6 will arrive while #4 and #5 are still toddlers.


Toddler skilling montage! (And makeovers)


Drina and Kat spent a little time getting to know their younger siblings before school on Monday.


Phil has discovered something amazing! When he’s stinky, he just goes and plays with the Water Wiggler, and it gets his hygiene bar up! It’s an auto dog washer!

I anticipate a run on the toy store by future households.


Marisa has some trouble with pregnancy – her hunger bar drops like crazy. She eats about six grilled cheese sandwiches a day. Fortunately she was able to get the twins to nap for most of the day so she could eat.


Ashton got home early with a chance card promotion and Colin Cooke. He went immediately back to work – they needed the money.


Colin cooked a fancy dinner. Butler training in action.


Another promotion and Nadezda.


Ashton got home just in time for a birthday!

snapshot_bc7b7921_5e9a5705Devan became a Romance/Grilled Cheese sim with a LTW to top the Slacker career.

He’s stuck in those clothes, either until someone gets a silver sewing badge or until the family’s got college funds sorted out for all the kids.


The adults went off to skill or care for toddlers while the kids socialized.


“I walk?”

“Yes, big boy, you can walk.”


Phil found someone who will let him lick her.


Their fireplace is really pretty, and it is winter. I should have them light fires more often.


Ashton needed a body point for work, and finally found a few hours to skill. Sadly, he didn’t manage to get his skill point.


“You are so super hot. Like, super hot.”

I think Devan’s going to need to work on the pick up lines if he wants the girls to swoon over him. Also, he needs to meet some girls. The only teenage girls he knows are his cousins.


The girls left their homework until the last minute, and Ashton had to go to work, so Devan had to help out.


The kids went to school, the toddlers went down for their naps, and Marisa chowed her way through a stack of grilled sandwiches.


Marisa is a great mom, despite being a Fortune sim who’s a little disappointed that having 5 kids with another on the way means it’s really hard to get rich.


After school, Devan invited his cousin Jake over to make friends with him.

I think he’s a closet Popularity sim. He seems to have an awful lot of wants to make friends with people, even relatives that can’t possibly be romantic interests.


The girls came home with A pluses, along with Rufina Thayer and Artur Pederson.


An epic snowball fight ensued.


“Dad, I really want to Max a Skill. Do you think I can do it?”

“Of course you can do it, Drina. My brother and sister both maxed all their skills before they were adults.”


“I can’t believe I got roped into doing this…but you are pretty cute.”


Woot! Awesome gift, Jake!

Devan’s college fund definitely needs the money. So far, the Bendetts have only managed $3000 for each of the older 3 kids. With the $6500 from the hot tub and his $500 in telescope money, Devan now has his $10,000!

(Yes, that means that his parents will probably contribute more to his younger siblings than they will to him. Being the oldest sucks sometimes.)


It was early Wednesday morning, and everyone else was asleep when Marisa went into labor.


She was relieved when she gave birth to only one baby, a little girl named Cyan.


Ashton woke up and was thrilled to meet his new daughter. He was also excited to finish up Geoffrey’s toddler skilling by teaching him a nursery rhyme.


“Humph. Another baby,” Kat thought as the kids headed to school.


Devan brought Mireia Picaso home from school and immediately did this. Devan, if you want to impress the ladies, that’s probably not the best way to start.


Marisa still hasn’t gotten around to sewing, but she did max her creativity.


Reno Day time! This is a Maxis house, so the layout definitely needs some work. The original upstairs here has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the bedrooms are very awkward in shape. Those diagonal walls may look nice, but there’s a lot of wasted space.


Post Reno – 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, including a large master bedroom taking advantage of space under the roof plus a couple of dormers. The common area is also a little bigger. The reno cost about $8k, and I had to sell one of Marisa’s expensive paintings to manage it, but I think it’s worth it.

Devan gets his own room, the blue room in the upper left corner. Kat and Drina will continue to share, but they get the second master bedroom with its own bathroom (although neither of the master baths have plumbing yet). Once the younger set of twins grow up, Geoffrey will get the green room. Tayla will get the room with the rug to herself for a few days, until Cyan grows up.


And it’s already birthday time! Just the immediate family was there for this one.





Both cuties, both stuck in their random clothes. They’re very lucky neither of them grew up in a dragon costume.


Tayla had a bit of a lazy eye, so she had to get glasses. Also, she strikes me as the type to have flaming orange hair.


“My block tower is better than yours.”

“Yours is stupid. I haven’t even started mine yet.”


Devan spent the evening having an outing with his cousin Eva, who he also wanted to be friends with.


Devan’s college fund is getting quite healthy.


I’m not quite sure why Marisa and Ashton’s dormer room counted as “outside”, but I’m hoping a ceiling will fix the problem. Guess I’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

That’s it for the Bendetts! Next up is another Uni chapter.


Family: Bendett

Business: Tots Best Toys, Rank 7

Taxes: $6000

Playable sims: 99 (+3)

Sim multiplier: 44

Population: 4356