It’s time for the third semester of University! Since Willow Valley’s inaugural class is in their sophomore year, some have moved out of the dorms, so there are two households. At this point I plan to have all the Uni households in a single post, but that may change in the future depending on how many households there are.

The Move-Outs snapshot_1e9c03ac_fe9c03ae

 And here are our first off campus residents. Left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Michael Bruce, Carme Picaso, Dimitri Hamilton, Ramsay Bruce


They moved into this lovely Maxis mansion, which cost $17,000 to rent. I was originally going to have uni sims build houses from scratch, but I decided it would be more fun to renovate Maxis houses.

snapshot_1e9c043f_5e9c04f5snapshot_1e9c043f_be9c04fasnapshot_1e9c043f_3e9c04fePre renovation

Who the heck thought taking up half the second floor with 8 staircases was a good idea?

Fortunately, there’s about $20k left after paying the rental cost.


I didn’t change anything with the first floor layout yet, since the second floor was far more desperately in need of work. But they do have a pretty nice party room.


 I still don’t love the second floor, but it’s better. If necessary, the bedrooms would fit a couple more beds to sleep 8 sims.


 I didn’t do much with the attic, but it does seem a lot more spacious with just a single spiral staircase instead of 4 straight staircases.


And with a phone call for a charter, the group established Salix University’s very first Greek house, Cham Var Hoh! The five have enough friends between them that the place is already level 6, which I believe is the max level.


First up, of course, is dealing with money. In addition to $2500 in tuition each semester, each student will pay $1000 into the household funds the first semester they live in the Greek House, and for now, $200 each semester after that. College is expensive.

snapshot_1e9c043f_7e9c1956Michael was the first to make use of the study room, which also contains mirrored closets for changing clothes, charisma skilling, and woohoo.


It wasn’t long before the group was throwing their very first toga party.

snapshot_1e9c043f_1e9c1ed3I think Carme may have slightly misunderstood the dress code.


Venyamin’s sort-of girlfriend Celeste became the Greek house’s first pledge.


 “I’ve had enough of winter. Why does it have to be winter for our entire first two years of college?”

Because in order to keep things in sync, all the seasons in the uni hood are set to winter. I’d hate to spend 2 years in college in the winter, too.


 Interesting thoughts Dimitri’s having. I think maybe he’s heard about all Malvina’s activities back in the main ‘hood.


 Ah, the cow mascot fighting the cheerleader. Vooooooooo Gerbits!


Well, somebody’s using the study room. Michael’s getting some use out of his Knowledge secondary.

(Also, Michael wanted to make some money, so he got a money tree. The money will go to the general house funds and help to pay bills, which is important since they just got their first bill and it’s over $700. I have no idea why it’s so high.)

snapshot_1e9c043f_bea1573fRamsay decided to see what it was like to be with a guy. His conclusion was that it was just as awesome as being with a girl.


The semester was pretty much a succession of toga parties and just hanging out, with a little going to class mixed in.


Dimitri’s new LTW is to top the Entertainment career, so he figured he’d best ensure himself a spot.


Marya and Orlando are invited to all the toga parties, which is awesome for them since they get to enjoy the amenities of the Greek house while still living in the dorm for free.


Ramsay made another new friend, while Carme decided she didn’t really like the llama mascot.


At the end of their third day in the Greek house, everyone went to bed early so they would be fully rested for their finals in the morning.

(No, this is definitely not just an opportunity to ogle Michael’s chest.)


After sleeping, it was time for a fortifying pre-exam meal of berry pie.

(Again, this picture is not just an excuse to show off the Bruce boys’ chests and Dimitri’s well toned arms. Definitely not.)


Everyone successfully completed the semester with 4.0 averages, hooray!

Now it’s on to…

Pavlov Hall


Left to right: Mauro Nicci, Orlando Centowski, Romina Nicci, Marya Hamilton

The Niccis are new CAS sims. They’re brother and sister, orphans who have decided to use their inheritance to fund them through college.

(I originally moved them in as adults, aged them down to teens, and had them apply for scholarships before sending them to college. So they each got the orphan scholarship in addition to about $10,000 in each of their bank accounts.)


Since there are only 4 playable sims in the dorm now, some new dormies moved in. Fresh meat!


As usual, I’m a slave driver. Mauro and Romina both had to earn skills, and everyone had to write their term papers before I let anyone have any fun.


Romina hit it off with one of her fellow dormies.


It turns out it’s actually really great to have more dormies, because they play the piano and tip each other. Free money!


Orlando got to know his new dorm mate in the time honored traditional way.


Mauro’s aspiration was low, so he used the crystal ball to call up this girl from Takemizu. Why do so many people get vacation townie drops?


Things went well.


Romina decided to take the easy path to increasing her grades.


Marya is the dorm Influencer, convincing the dormies to shower and clean up around the place.


Unfortunately, her influence was not enough to keep Ponytail Girl from peeing her pants.


Romina’s romance with Mr. Bandanna progressed nicely.


Since Venyamin and Mauro are both Popularity sims with awesome hair, it only made sense that they should be friends.


Outing gift, huzzah!


Also, apparently vacation sims can come by booty call.

Note, in the back, the current group’s gift to the dorm.


Wuv, twue wuv…

They only have two bolts, though, so I’m not counting them as an official couple just yet.


And another semester is over!

(Marya got herself out of sync somehow and finished an hour earlier.)

Next up is the Gavigan family.