The Gavigan Family

Left to right: Josiah, Nathan holding Judith, Mary holding Hadassah, Isaiah


You might recognize their new house as the house the Thayers just moved out of. They really could have used something bigger, but this was the largest depreciated house available and they couldn’t even really afford this one.


The layout and decor are the same. The house’s main advantages over their old one are an extra bedroom, extra bathroom, and more common space.


Nathan and Mary surprised me when they both inherited money from Larisa, about $2000 total. They really need the money, as they’re the first family in town to take out a loan. They took out a loan of $5000 from the Town Prosperity Fund to buy the new house, and ended up taking another $3000 to pay taxes. They won’t have to start paying it back until next season, so they plan to make sure all the kids have college funds first.


Nathan needed a skill point for his next promotion, so he spent the morning on the punching bag while Mary took care of the toddlers.


Mary found some leftover grilled cheese sandwiches in the fridge. She wasn’t a particular fan of grilled cheese over any other food, but she had to admit the sandwich was incredible. It was if the person who made it was completely dedicated to the art of perfecting the grilled cheese sandwich.


Nathan headed to work, because he had a chance at a promotion today, and then two days off. But alas, he was late and got a warning. I don’t understand why sometimes sims get reprimanded for being late, while other times they can stroll in hours late, get no reprimand, and still get a promotion.


Mary put the girls down for their nap, then worked on her logic skill for her next promotion.


Isaiah got home from school, then headed off for his Crappy Teen Job pretty much right away.


Aw, Judith is a cutie. Baxter the Ugly Green Dog is still ugly.


Josiah brought Greta Fairchild home on the bus and spent the afternoon at the chess board with her.


Nathan didn’t get a promotion, but he did bring Melissa Fancey home.


That night it was time for some serious birthday having.


Josiah became a Pleasure/Romance sim, with a LTW to top the Show Business career.


Judith (left) and Hadassah (right) grew up absolutely adorable. I love how they grew up again in the same theme – Judith is more of a girly girl, while Hadassah’s a bit of a tomboy.


The girls both wanted to make a friend, and their older brothers were happy to oblige them.


Hadassah then headed out to get her 8th charisma point, and discovered a love of sports.


Thanks for the help, Melissa!


In the wee hours of the morning, Nathan headed down to the family’s gym, Train & Tone, to earn some money to buy groceries.


This guy is apparently a professor. Of botany, I’m guessing.


As usual, Train & Tone strongly attracts women who wear purple sweatsuits.

Nathan got the place up to level 4 and made about $2,000.


Off to the grocery store to buy some frozen pizza, and then home.


Isaiah finally earned his first skill scholarship. Poor kid, he’s only been working on it since he first moved in.


The girls are so cute in their Family Fun Stuff pajamas.


Mary wasn’t too upset that hardly anyone else was hungry, since she could have eaten the whole platter of  toaster pastries herself.


Off to work! Mary wasn’t really thrilled to go, but they could definitely use the money. If she went to work, she’d get both her salary for the day and maternity leave pay.


Nathan had the day off and the house to himself. He earned himself a body point, then took a nice nap.


Josiah brought Pavel Hamilton home from school. He was excited to make a teenage friend outside the family.


Hadassah brought home Artur Pederson from school. Artur looks unimpressed.


Mary didn’t get a promotion, but she did get a $5,000 bonus!


Tayla Bendett stopped by for an hour or so as well.


After friends went home, it was homework time. Isaiah got roped into helping out, but he didn’t mind.


Josiah really wasn’t thrilled about taking a Crappy Teen Job, but he supposed it would be nice to have the scholarship so he could have more fun in college.


Looks like the Bust of Tylopoda is the Gavigan’s seasonal gift theme.


Early the next morning, Mary woke up with labor pains.


She gave birth to a baby boy, named Ezechias.


Nathan was excited about his new son, but he didn’t forget about the kids he already had.


“How come we don’t have paintings of you and dad?”

“Well, Judith, your father’s working on them, but you know we’re very busy.”


Off to work and school. Mary was hoping for a promotion today.


Nathan had another day off. He caught up with friends…


And, of course, changed diapers. He was glad Ezechias had come alone – one baby was so much easier than twins.


Feofil came home with Isaiah, but Josiah was quick to pull him off to the backyard.


Feofil clearly reciprocated Josiah’s interest.


Hadassah brought home Dustin Cooke from school. She’s got a bit of a facial expression/body language mismatch going on there.


Promotion, hooray! The money was put straight into college funds. Since the interest on the family’s loan is only $40 a day, I figured it’s better to get the college funds funded first before paying back the loan early.


Drina Bendett heard her sister had had fun at the Gavigan house, so she stopped by for a water balloon fight.


Feofil and Josiah turned out to get along very well.


If kids have such a strict curfew, why are they walking past the house after 6 pm? Hadassah at least had a chance to say hello to Lyosha Parker and Catriona Bruce before they headed on home.


Isaiah and Judith were the unlucky ones who got homework.


They finished off the evening with a little skilling before bed. The Gavigans are another Moderate Skilling family.


Josiah and Isaiah get along just as well as they did when they were kids.


The next morning, Nathan finally got to go to work.


Mary took a vacation day to take care of Ezechias and earn some skill points for her next promotion. Of course it started to snow for the first time all season while she was outside.


Mireia and Lluis came home on the school bus. Isaiah and Josiah were both excited for the opportunity to make new friends.


Nathan got a promotion and a chance card bonus!

All the money was still going straight into college funds – it would cost a lot to send 5 kids to college. But it was good to see progress being made.


The girls both got A pluses at school, but Judith needed some significant help with her Fun.


Hadassah actually didn’t bring home a friend, but she looks pretty pleased to have gotten homework.


Ezechias was a terribly glitchy baby, and so he had to grow up without fanfare or cake.


“You don’t have to get on the school bus, you know. You could just skip.”

Mary was rather concerned that this girl was going to be a bad influence on her daughters.


Even though Josiah was a Pleasure sim, he really loved his family. He was so glad he’d been adopted into a house where he could have brothers and sisters to play with.


Isaiah wanted to earn a second skill scholarship, while Mary’s fondest wish was…well, her fondest wish was to have 10 children, but they could barely afford the 5 they had. So she would have to settle for teaching Ezechias to walk.


Friday morning everyone got in a little skilling in their pajamas before school.


Judith got a new hairstyle, but it’s still not quite the right one for her. I’ll probably try again when she’s a teen.


Mary took a vacation day to stay with Ezechias and work on her skills, while everyone else headed out.


Of course Ezechias got all his bottles right on time.


Isaiah and Josiah left for their Crappy Teen Jobs shortly after getting home.


Nathan got a promotion! Between his bonus and Mary’s vacation pay, they now had enough to complete the twins’ college funds. Now they only needed to save for Ezechias before paying back their loan.


Neither of the girls brought a friend home from school, but that was ok. They could play with each other.


The family had to do something for Reno Day, but they’re still penny pinching, so they just put up some new wallpaper. It’s not really that great for a nursery, but the room will only be a nursery for another couple of days.


Hadassah was the only one with homework again, poor thing.


Josiah looks really thrilled to have topped his Crappy Teen Job, doesn’t he?


Agnes Picaso came home with Josiah from school, so he made friends with her. Adam Carr just stopped by to visit and play with Baxter.


Josiah meant to just chat on the phone with Saveliy, but accidentally invited him over for a date instead. Surprisingly, Saveliy accepted. The problem is that Saveliy is straight. Josiah kept the date friendly, even though it didn’t take him long to roll the want to fall in love with Saveliy.


Things went ok up until the end, when Josiah ended the date and tried to give Saveliy a had-a-good-date kiss. Poor Josiah.


Mary still wanted another baby, but she settled for continuing the training of the one she already had.


Ben Long stopped by to leave a contribution to Ezechias’ college fund.

That’s it for the Gavigans! Next up is the Bousaid household.


Family: Gavigan

Business: Train & Tone, Rank 4

Taxes: $5200

Playable sims: 100 (+1)

(100 playable sims! Yikes!)

Sim multiplier: 44

Population: 4400