The Bousaid Household

Farooq on the left, Bolts and Ghaliya on the right

Yes, every once in a while I do a non posed picture.


Last season Ghaliya and Farooq lived in a little starter house, but with Bolts’ substantial savings they were able to move to a much larger house. It’s a little under-landscaped at the moment because I wanted to leave them something to do on Reno Day, although there is a pond in the back for Farooq’s LTW to top the Oceanography career.


The house is minimally furnished for now, but I’m sure it will fill up.


Everyone went immediately to work, and everyone came home with promotions. Farooq and Ghaliya are both working their way up the Business ladder, while Bolts was promoted to the top of the Journalism career! That’s the third career he’s topped.


Farooq and Ghaliya spent the evening making friends. Ghaliya wants 20 best friends as her LTW, while Farooq just really likes Rosemarie (the redhead on the left).

Rosemarie was actually one of the first new townies the game generated. She was originally an elder, but I’ve started a project of selectively aging down to adult carefully chosen townie elders that I like – especially female elders.


Bolts spent the evening indulging in his favorite hobby of Tinkering and earned his gold robotics badge.


Tuesday meant more work.


No promotions for the Bousaid siblings that day, but Farooq did get a $5,000 chance card bonus. Then, of course, it was cell phone time.


The crew headed to Party City, Farooq’s store, and got it up to level 4.


Back home, Bolts and Ghaliya had a nice date. Bolts was beginning to enjoy this new idea of going on multiple dates with the same person.


Farooq spent the night gazing at the stars, feeling a bit nostalgic.


Bolts worked on a portrait of Ghaliya late into the night.


Everyone had work again the next day. Isn’t that exciting?


Bolts finished Ghaliya’s portrait before heading to work himself.

Bolts still has to retrieve his own portrait from the Carrs, and Farooq will wait until he gets his own place, so that’s all the portrait painting for now.


Ghaliya got home early with a chance card promotion, just as Talin was walking by.


He was kind enough to give her a guaranteed promotion networking perk, so she headed back into work.


Another promotion for Ghaliya and a promotion for Farooq. They’re both Presidents now.


Bolts earned $48,000 on a chance card. Must be time for him to move on to a new job, then.


Farooq finally found time to fish.


The next day, Bolts took a vacation day and invited over a special visitor.


He had promised to be a notch on Annika’s belt, after all.


Joe also dropped by, bringing some things Bolts had forgotten when he moved out of the Carr house.


(Bolts earned two more career rewards, the Execuputter and the useless Intelligence thing, but the Bousaids already have two Execuputters and the useless Intelligence thing is useless.)


Farooq got a promotion and got his lifetime earnings up to some impressive sum. Ghaliya sadly did not get a promotion, putting her a level behind her brother again.


At the store, Farooq earned his gold sales badge, which meant Bolts could take over the sales. The place got up to level 6 before everyone headed home.


After finishing at Party City, Bolts and Ghaliya left Farooq at home and headed out to Cooked to Perfection for a date.


Aww. Alien-robot love story.


Ghaliya decided to try something new, and ordered fried chicken. Having never eaten before, Bolts ordered the least organic item on the menu.


After dinner, Ghaliya decided to spring her surprise.


Bolts was thrilled, and eagerly accepted her proposal.


Back home, I was disturbed to find that Bolts’ painting got wiped. I have the photographic proof that it was ok when it was first hung up! Boo.


Farooq decided it was about time he settled down, so he invited over Rosemarie and invited her to move in.


Rosemarie is a Popularity/Family sim with a LTW to own 5 top business. *sigh*


She did bring in $7000 and about $8500 in inventory items, including the 3 pianos featured here, so that’s cool.


Bolts spent the evening jumping rope to earn his last body point, thus maxing all his skills.


Late that night, as the twins were working on their skills…


*sigh* “I really like Rosemarie…what’s that screaming noise?”


“Oh, good, the telescope’s free. I need logic points.”


Bolts decided he’d had enough of Journalism (now that he’d topped the career, earned a big chance card bonus, and used up all his vacation days), so he took a new job in Adventure.


In the wee hours of the morning, an alien saucer appeared.


Ghaliya had definitely not enjoyed the experience of meeting her pollinator.


In the morning, Rosemarie was left alone while everyone else headed off to work.

(She’d moved in with a job in the Dance career, but couldn’t keep it as there are no open slots.)


Rosemarie had almost no friends (only 1 besides Farooq when she moved in). She decided to remedy that promptly, so she invited Nadezda over. Nadezda brought her brother Lyov to visit as well.


Rosemarie went on outings with both siblings, and gossiped quite a bit about Ghaliya’s abduction.


The others shared a carpool home. Only Bolts got a promotion. Farooq and Ghaliya both still needed multiple skill points.snapshot_7cde73b3_5ec09c3a

Stepan came home with Ghaliya, and Irina wandered by (I have no idea why). So the house was pretty full for the evening.


Farooq and Rosemarie wandered off to have some time to themselves, and Farooq decided he really did love this woman.


“What’s that? Uh…mom?”


Ghaliya had gone to bed early, so Rosemarie and Bolts got to know each other.


After a while they rushed out to greet Farooq on his return.


“Hey, Rosemarie, lookin’ good. Call me, baby.”

“Um, maybe you should go lie down, Farooq.”


As winter drew to a close, Rosemarie found a position in the Business career.

That’s it for the Bousaid household! Next up is the Louies.


Household: Bousaid

Business: Party City, Rank 6

General fund contribution: $7400

Playable sims: 101

Sim multiplier: 44

Population: 4444