It’s time for this season’s new CAS household, and the last regular household of the season!


Faith and Herbert Goodie had just recently gotten married, despite their advanced age, and decided to settle in Willow Valley. They’d both had rough lives up to this point, with the result that neither had either skill points or pension.

Faith is a Knowledge/Romance sim with a LTW to max all her skills.

Herbert is a Knowledge/Fortune sim with a LTW to earn $100k.

(I re-rolled their LTWs from the original career-based ones.)


They moved into this lovely starter home, which I think has been empty for a while. It’s a nice set-up for a pair of Knowledge sims, with a room dedicated to skilling.


Herbert decided a business would be the best way to make money. He couldn’t afford to buy one with what was left of their savings after purchasing  the house, but one of the reasons they had moved to Willow Valley was the new Town Prosperity Fund, which offered interest-free loans to elders. A $10,000 loan was enough to buy the building and have some funds left for inventory.


Goodie’s Curtains wasn’t the most imaginative business name in town, but Herbert suspected it would fill a need – he’d seen an awful lot of bare windows in town. (Including those of his own house, but that was neither here nor there.)


Faith wasn’t entirely convinced of the wisdom of putting everything they had into the store – they could have invested their savings and lived off the proceeds, if they lived a modest lifestyle. But it was nice to get out of the house, she supposed, and she rather enjoyed managing the register.


Herbert did well with sales, and in 24 hours they had the business up to level 3.

After buying the remaining stock, they had only earned about $800, but that was all right. They didn’t need much.


Back home, the welcome wagon stopped by. There always seems to be inappropriate heartfarting in the welcome wagons.


That afternoon, the phone rang.

“Oh. Oh dear, that’s awful.”


“You want me to…no. No, I couldn’t. I’m an elder. I’ve never…”


“Oh. Is that…are you sure that’s the only alternative? I see. Well, I’ll have to discuss it with my husband.”


“What is it, honey?” Herbert asked.

“My niece Olivia died.”

“Oh…your brother’s daughter? The Romance sim? That’s terrible. What happened?”

“They don’t know. The social worker was called to the apartment and found an urn. But Herbert…she had a little girl. The social worker called me because there’s no one to take care of her.”


“I know we don’t have much money, but…but the social worker said the little girl will have to go to an orphanage unless she can come stay with us. She’s just a toddler, Herbert. The social worker said it would only be temporary, until they can place her in an adoptive home.”


“We can manage a little one, I suppose. I’d hate to see her go to an orphanage, too. We can find the money somehow.”


So Faith called the social worker back to tell them they would take the child, just until an adoptive home was found. With a little rearrangement, they managed to mostly empty out the spare bedroom, and they spent the last of their spare cash on nursery furniture.


Julien was nice enough to paint a masterpiece for them. Selling it gave them some funds in their bank account.


Herbert and Faith enjoyed their last night of having the house to themselves before the new arrival.


Rosemarie came by with a donation to the cause.


In the morning, Faith suffered a nasty shock while repairing the computer. Fortunately, she just needed a hot shower, and Herbert was able to complete the repair without difficulty.


“So what time is she coming?”

“Ten, she said. You should probably get dressed.”


Promptly at ten o’clock, the blue van pulled up outside.


Faith’s great-niece was named Elle, and she was a cute little thing. She seemed quite happy to be picked up by her new caretaker.


It wasn’t long before Herbert got a chance to meet the little one.


They got along splendidly.


Of course, he made sure that she got her smart milk and learned to walk, too.


She got some time in on the bunny head, of course.


Faith had never thought she’d be taking care of a toddler well after midnight, but here she was.


Still, the joy of hearing little Elle’s first word was worth it.


They did still find time to skill while Elle was napping. Both Herbert and Faith were working on their creativity skill, trying to bring in some money.


Even though they didn’t have much money, Herbert found himself hoping that the social worker wouldn’t find an adoptive home for Elle.


Thursday was a quiet day of skilling.


Faith looked down at the sweet little girl resting against her shoulder with a frown. She was now best friends with Elle, and it would be so hard when it came time for her to go.


Faith did have some success with publication of a novel, a mystery story called Miss Dunham about an elderly librarian who solved a murder. It wasn’t a great seller, but netted the family $1842.


Faith and Herbert found time for a nice date while Elle was napping.


Herbert taught Elle her final toddler skill, a nursery rhyme. She was such a smart little girl.


That night, it was time for Elle’s birthday!


She continued to be cute, and grew up into an outfit she liked. That was good, because Aunt Faith and Uncle Herbert didn’t have the money for a whole bunch of new clothes.


After selling the baby things, they did have just enough money to buy Elle bedroom furniture in a lovely ocean theme. Elle was tired and went to take a nap right away.


After she woke up, Elle figured she’d better head right to the bookcase to study. Uncle Herbert and Aunt Faith always talked about how important studying was, after all.


In the morning, Herbert worked a little with Elle on how important it was to be nice to people.


But they stopped to play a round of the best game ever.


Elle was a little nervous to go off to her first day of school. The bus driver seemed nice, though.


Once they had seen Elle safely on the school bus, Herbert and Faith headed down to the store. They had already completed their 24 hours, but they could use the money.


After another 24 hour marathon, the store was up to level 5, and they’d earned about $4000, including a $1000 bonus. The store was still far from paying back what they’d put into it, but Faith was a bit happier with their decision to purchase it.


Back home, it was back to the skilling grind. Herbert decided to try his hand at a novel, since Faith had been so successful.


They had saved up enough money to pay off their loan, but Herbert decided to wait. The loan was interest free, so if he waited, the money could earn interest while he slowly paid it back.

The $1000 bonus he had earned at the store, though, was given to Elle. She would need money for college someday. He and Faith would be gone by then, most likely, and no doubt Elle would be in a good adopted home, but he wanted to leave her a legacy to remember her old Uncle Herbert.


They had a little money left over. Since it was Reno Day, they decided some redecoration was in order, and fixed the house up with new carpet and wallpaper.


Faith also finished Herbert’s portrait and hung it next to her own. Next she would have to paint Elle, before she left. Faith didn’t want to think about that.


Elle brought Rufina Thayer home. By the time she had to leave at six o’clock, the two were good friends.


Faith maxed her Creativity skill! She still didn’t think she’d achieve her LTW to max all her skills, but it was nice to be making progress.


Herbert took charge of making sure Elle got her homework done.


Everyone went to bed early, but Faith was awakened by the phone ring.

“What? You…you found a home for Elle. Oh…”

That’s it for the Goodies! Next up is the final Uni semester for the season.

Household: Goodie

Business: Goodie’s Curtains, level 5

General Fund contribution: None (new household)

Playable sims: 104

Sim multiplier: 44

Population: 4576