Time to wrap up Winter 3 with another semester at University!

Cham Var Hoh House


Left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Michael Bruce, Carme Picaso, Dimitri Hamilton, Ramsay Bruce


Each student contributed $200 to the house fund for the semester, which was used to make the downstairs look a little less Maxis and a little more fun. (I probably won’t be upgrading the Greek house every semester, as they’ll need to save up for some of the modifications I have planned.)


As usual, they started out the semester with term papers.


Of course, it wasn’t long before they had guests hanging out.


As soon as Venyamin finished his term paper, he obtained some pizza and hosted a party.

He was a little weirded out by the blond guy performing a Shakespearean soliloquy. Must be a drama major or something.

snapshot_1e9c043f_9ede1ceeThe house was going to need more residents to manage all the planned updates, so Venyamin invited fellow popularity sim Mauro Necci to pledge.


He then fell in love with Demi, while his other sort-of girlfriend Celeste looked on.


Andrea Hogan may be cray-cray (per Jex on boolprop), but she did make some damn fine looking boys.


Ramsay and Carme indulged in a little hot tub time.


I’ve got something weird going on with my temperature regulation. I’m pretty sure Ramsay and Carme weren’t supposed to get frozen while woohooing in the hot tub.


Marya approves of Michael maxing his creativity.


Dimitri got to know Romina while everyone else warmed up with hot chocolate.


Dimitri really liked Romina, and followed her upstairs to study.


Somebody fixed a big platter of pancakes for breakfast.


The crew from the dorm came over again, because Mauro needs to spend enough time in the house to become a full member, and the others might as well come along.


Dimitri and Romina continued to get along quite well.


They danced right through the big Cheerleader vs Cow Mascot match-up.


Go, cheerleader, go!


That calls for the purchase of a mounted cow head, I think.


Venyamin was trying to figure out who he wanted to be with, so he invited Amanda over. She rejected him for a date even though they were best friends with two bolts. Well, that made things easier.


He invited Demi over next. They definitely make a cute couple.


Meanwhile, Ramsay got to stay home from class after woohooing his professor got his grade up to maximum.


When they were teens, Ramsay thought for sure that he’d have a great Romance sim life with Annika. But she wasn’t here, and he had so much more in common with Carme. She loved nature, too, for one thing.


Venyamin had a great evening with Demi.


I decided I wanted portraits, so Venyamin and Michael got to work.

(Whoops, just now noticed the unfinished walls.)


All too soon, it was time to head off for finals.


The Greek House members are halfway through college!

I’ve decided to roll for whether sims get a re-roll for aspiration or not. Ramsay had to re-roll, and became a Pleasure/Family sim. 3 others had a re-roll option but stuck with their original aspirations, and Venyamin didn’t get an option to change.

I also decided to give myself the option to reroll LTWs, even if the aspiration didn’t change. I decided to reroll Carme, since I don’t see her as a cop. She got 50 Dream Dates – much better.


Dimitri decided he wanted a little bit calmer life, with less parties and craziness, so he moved out.

Pavlov Hall

snapshot_3e3fd4be_3ea2c6c0Left to right: Mauro Necci, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci, Marya Hamilton


Once again, we start with studying. Orlando’s been lucky and hasn’t needed any skill points for his major so far, but Mauro and Romina both need to spend a little time skilling.


That night was TV night! Mauro and Romina each got one.


Marya maxed her creativity and earned some tips while doing so.


Much of the time was spent making friends.


Romina spent quite a bit of time writing articles. Since her skills are low, she only earns about $200 or less for each one, so it doesn’t seem too much like cheating.


Marya and Orlando of course spend most of their time acting as a 3 bolt couple should.


Mauro really wanted to Meet Someone New, so he headed down to the skating rink.


He’d been hoping to make friends with some adult townies, but nearly everyone who showed up was a college student. So he supposed he’d settle for what he could get.


Stay classy, dormies.


The crew from the Greek House came over to visit and make friends.


Carme clearly had been missing the photo booth, because she was in there several times.


Even though it was the last night of the semester, everyone’s grades were in good shape, so they were able to spend the evening just hanging out.


Uh-oh, Marya and Orlando are eating their pancakes at separate tables. Trouble in paradise? Or just annoying coding.


And the semester is over! Everyone has 4.0 GPAs, of course. Marya and Orlando both had the option to change their aspiration, but I decided to keep them both the same. I did reroll Marya’s LTW, which is now to top the Business career. Still boring, but it makes more sense than her previous LTW to top Entertainment.


Mauro headed off to the Greek house. The other three also moved out of the dorm, to make room for the influx of new students that will be coming next semester.

That completes the Uni rotation, and also finishes Winter 3!

The town is big enough now that I’m going to do an interstitial post with a general update on the town before starting Spring 3 with the Pavlov family. I’ll include a full set of stats and all that jazz.