It’s a new year in Willow Valley, and time to return to the Pavlov family!


The Pavlov Family

Left to right: Anya, Nikifor, Vanya, Saveliy (standing) and Feofil (seated), Noelle holding Kir


Everyone headed off to work or school except Noelle. Her sons were rather jealous.


Kir was home, too, of course. He played alongside Alexandra the kitty cat.


There was, naturally, snuggle time.


Feofil brought home David Ottomas, who just moved to town. Unfortunately, they had a couple of interactions that ended negatively, so it seems they are not meant to be friends.


Saveliy is the only one of the four teens who doesn’t have his skills for scholarships yet, so he spent the afternoon with the medical mannequin.


Vanya took Noelle and the younger set of  twins down to the grocery store, where they sold off some excess produce.


Back home, Feofil got back to work on earning his gold fishing badge now that the pond had thawed.


Those who had gone to the store were hungry, except Noelle for some reason.


Also, this happened. I’m beginning to doubt Malvina’s identity as a Family sim.


That night it was birthday time!


Kir is, of course, adorable.


“Are you a burglar? Because I’m really scared of burglars.”

“Nah, I’m not a burglar, I’m your cousin Pavel. Burglars don’t walk around in swim trunks, buddy.”


Post makeover, Kir is even cuter.


Nikifor finally got his chance to make friends with Malvina, which was the whole reason he had invited her over. Pavel spent the time roughhousing with Anya.


Kir went to sleep in Grandma Larisa’s old room, which is a fine place for him to stay for a few days. He’ll get Feofil’s room when Feofil leaves for college.


Saveliy went out with Josiah, after obtaining the appropriate permissions, and had a great time.


Anya and Feofil also went out, although they went the sneaky route.


Nikifor was left by himself while everyone else was out or sleeping, so he spent some time with neglected kitten Nibbler.


Nikifor had all his scholarships, but he still wanted to earn his last two Mechanical points. He figured he might as well build himself a sweet ride while he was at it.


Nibbler was scheduled to grow up later in the day, so Kir figured he might as well enjoy the kitten while he had him.


Hi, gypsy lady! Whyever would you be here?


Noelle had never owned a business before, so she decided it was time. She and Vanya went down by themselves so that Vanya could pass along his wholesale perks.


The store is called Hello My Baby, and sells cribs, changing tables, and other baby stuff.

(I finally downloaded the proper item so that my babies can have bouncy seats and danglers, hooray! They no longer have to be banished to nurseries.)


Appropriately, Samantha Ottomas was one of the first customers.


Back home, Anya began the process of using all the genie lamp wishes for money. I have high hopes for the Pavlov family to make a certain big purchase this season.


Kir needed a friend, so Mhairi Bruce kindly brought her little sister Catriona over.


Nibbler grew up, and looks exactly like his deceased father Henry.


Noelle and Vanya, both being permaplat and at the top of their careers, get to do pretty much whatever they want. This is usually where I find them.


Anya needed a little romance, so she invited Eric over while Saveliy got to know Mhairi Bruce.


After standing by the pond with a pole for about 24 hours straight, Feofil maxed his Nature enthusiasm! Still no gold fishing badge, though.


Anya was glad to finally be in love with someone again – she hadn’t had any love in her life since Ramsay left for college.


Of course, falling in love should definitely be followed by hot tub time.


I kind of thought Saveliy’s first kiss would end up being with Sharlene Cooke, but Mhairi’s a fine choice, too.


Project Sweet Ride was a success!


Family and guests sat down to a delicious spaghetti dinner.


Saveliy woke up early the next morning, and found that skilling could actually be fun if done properly.


“So this apple sculpture was just sitting out in the woods where we were hiking, so we brought it home to sell it.”

And somehow this is legal.


Back to the store, where both Nikifor and Saveliy earned their gold sales badges.


The Cooke-Pavlovs came over for family Sunday, except Kylie. I should get her a job with Sundays off, really.


Kir greeted Greta Fairchild as she walked by, excited by the opportunity to make another friend.


“So, I heard you and Malvina Bruce were kissing.”

“None of your business, jerk.”


Feofil wanted to make friends with David, so he invited him over, but he was rejected again. Poor Feofil.


He finally had some success discussing the weather.

Kir was doing better, playing Cops and Robbers with Greta.


Vanya made a big platter of chili for lunch, but Jake seemed to be the only guest who was hungry.


Hey, look, it’s Zosia Kozlow! She’s a new CAS sim.


Zosia’s first action in her new town is to make Kir cry. Nice one, kid.


He got along much better with Elle Goodie.


Anya had an easier time making friends with David than her brother had.


Feofil went back to the pond while Vanya and Saveliy got the garden in shape.


Leo haunted and cheered for his bed, which is odd since he didn’t sleep for most of his life.


Feofil finally earned his gold fishing badge, earning himself a slot in his LTW career.

Also, that’s 3 generations of Pavlovs who have earned the gold fishing badge, if you count Noelle.


“I see that want to sneak out, young lady! Not on my watch!”



Anya made the bold decision to sneak out anyway. It was her last night as a teen, after all.


In the morning, as Noelle and the kids headed off to work and school, Vanya purchased a couple of huge stupid expensive decorations.


Vanya then invited over a Garden Club representative, while thinking about how happy he was to be married to Noelle.


They inspected his beautiful thriving fruits and vegetables…


And then said that his garden was ok, but he didn’t have enough decor.

I hate the Garden Club.


Although Vanya was disappointed by the Garden Club’s ruling, he was pleased to find after selling the huge stupid expensive decorations that he had $100,000 in the bank. He donated it to the university, to be used in construction of a luxury dorm.


Once the teens got home from school, Vanya took Anya and Feofil to the store. Now that all the teens had their gold sales badges, Vanya could dazzle, and they quickly got the place up to Rank 4.


“You went to my store without me?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“No, I just earned $100,000, so I don’t mind.”


Sharlene happened to walk by, so Saveliy seized the opportunity to ask her on a date.


Kir continued his trend of meeting the girls of Willow Valley by bringing Sharla Ottomas home on the bus.


Feofil needed an aspiration boost, so he invited Josiah over. They were clearly pleased to see each other.


Anya seemed pretty chill about the fact that her brothers were on a double date without her.


Feofil and Josiah fell in love while staring off in different directions.


As night fell, it was time for Anya and Feofil to head off to college.

Anya and Feofil each earned $7250 in scholarships – grades, 7 skills, and dancing skill. Anya’s trust fund has a value of $43,400, while Feofil has $47,700 in the bank.


Larisa came out to haunt for the first time!

Apparently that end table displeased her Fortune Sim self.


Kir moved into Feofil’s old room (blue, at the top). Anya’s old room (top left) was redecorated for Nikifor, while Saveliy got to stay in the big room all by himself.

This is also going to have to count as my Reno Day effort, since I forgot to do anything else.


Vanya was the first one awake in the morning, and got in a little housework before breakfast.

snapshot_ba15400e_bf0448a1Noelle had an urge to fish, so she headed out in her nightie.


“Shouldn’t we be drinking beer while fishing, dad?”

“Beer? What’s that, Nikifor?”


Everyone soon headed off to work and school, leaving the house for the cats.


What is up with all the beer conversations lately?


I was a little concerned about the family having enough money to pay all their bills, but I didn’t realize that Noelle wasn’t at the top of the Oceanography career yet. Not only did she complete her second LTW, but she also earned far more than enough money to pay the $6000 in school fees.


Saveliy had homework again, so Nikifor took charge of weeding the garden.


In an interesting twist, Kir brought home a boy from school.



Nikifor and Saveliy are both tinkerers.


Kir had totally forgotten to do his homework on his first day of school, so Vanya helped him through two sets of homework while Noelle paid the school fees.


Lucy appears to be furious at Kir. I have no idea why. Maybe he didn’t flush the toilet?


We end the season for the Pavlovs with a little 3 bolt stalking. Next up is the Cooke family.


Family: Pavlov


Larisa’s Fish Market, Rank 10

Five & Dime, Rank 10

Hello My Baby, Rank 4

General fund contribution: $22,800 (taxes $16,800, school fees $6,000)

Playable sims: 112

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5600