J. Picaso household

Left to right: Lluis, Agnes, Mireia, Jessica, Pau


The house is quite crowded due to the presence of three adorable puppies, in addition to their parents. Not that any of the kids mind.


Jessica got a serious shock when trying to fix the computer. That’s the 9th electrocution, opening the third permanent Science spot.


Wanting some fun, Pau sought Agnes out for a game of red hands. Agnes was his favorite of his older siblings, because she always seemed to have time for him.


As usual, Jessica didn’t have enough in the bank to pay the taxes, so she headed down to the park to earn some cash.


Mireia’s boyfriend Michael came by, so Jessica thought she ought to get to know him. He seemed like a nice boy. And, well, she wasn’t going to complain about the fact that he was the heir of one of the richest families in town.


Jessica also earned a logic point for work. She finally headed home after getting the business up to level 5 and earning enough to pay the household’s $6600 in taxes.


Carme came over for Family Sunday, and kidnapped poor Chicken Boo before she even came in the house.


Pau was very excited to finally get to meet his oldest sister.

“Have you really seen a genie lamp? I wish I could find one!”


Jessica wasn’t hungry, but Agnes made a nice Sunday brunch for everyone else.


I finally found Pau’s missing homework! It disappeared sometime last season, but turned out to be buried under the snow. Pau was hopeful that he could get it done and finally get that A plus.


Everybody had a great time playing with the dogs.


Buddy got a promotion! He’s now a Rescue Pet.


Pau was in need of friends – his only friends outside the family were Eva and Jake Cooke-Pavlov, who are now teens. So when Lyosha Parker walked by, Pau seized the opportunity.


Jessica made spaghetti for dinner without burning it! The triplets weren’t quite sure what to make of the meal.


Aw. Buddy was too tired to go back to work after only six hours off. Poor thing.


“Hey, Mom, can I go out with my friend Devan Bendett?”

“Well, it’s a school night, dear.”

“We’ll be back early, I promise.”

“All right, I suppose.”


As usual, Devan showed up in a limo. The Bendetts aren’t doing horribly, money wise, but they do have six kids, so they’re not exactly wealthy. And yet Devan can get a limo at 1 am.


Agnes headed to bed early, having not asked permission for anything. She hoped everyone would be asleep in a few hours.


I don’t have to wonder how Saveliy Pavlov can afford a limo for a night out on the town. His family probably has a garage full of them somewhere.


The snow finally melted overnight, so Jessica headed out early in the morning to plant a few tomatoes.


She also decided it was time to make the pond a little nicer with a bit of landscaping. The orange tree should provide some nice fruit, as well.


The next morning, Lluis and Pau enjoyed leftovers for breakfast and talked about how glad they were that winter was over.


Time for the puppies to grow up! This is Effie. She looks a lot like her dad Buddy, but there are some differences.


Dinah’s coloration isn’t quite as interesting as Effie’s (plus she just peed on the floor).


And Carter’s a clone of Effie.

Darn it, I wanted another blue poodle. 😦


Mireia was excited to have the house to herself from 2 to 3, after her brother and sister headed off to their Crappy Teen Jobs. She could sit on the toilet as long as she wanted without anyone banging on the door asking how much longer she was going to take.


I swear, I’ve used “End Services” on the nanny at least 3 times now, and she keeps coming back. They don’t need a nanny anymore, dangnabit!


Pau brought home Artur Pederson, and spent the next 3 hours hanging out with his new friend.


Jessica got a promotion to Business Tycoon! Hooray! She’s the neighborhood’s 8th business tycoon, which means Willow Valley only needs two more businesses for another Business District.


Jessica immediately went to the computer and deposited her bonus in her bank account. She was determined that next season she would have the money to pay the taxes right away.

Then she looked for a job in her dream career of Oceanography, but there were no postings.


There were way too many dogs in the house, and Jessica had informed the children that all the puppies would be finding new homes as soon as they were adults. David Ottomas had come home on the bus with Agnes, and seemed to enjoy playing with the puppies, so Jessica asked him if he would like to take Carter home.


Then he ate the disgusting toaster pastry that had been sitting out on the table since breakfast.

I have a feeling neatnik Agnes isn’t going to be too eager to make friends with him.


She was too busy working on her last homework assignment with Lluis, anyway.


After homework, it was Smustle Time!


Jessica invited her friend Phil over to foist another dog off on him, but got a little distracted.


Still, it did put him in a good mood, so that he was willing to pay over $1000 to buy Effie.


Agnes supposed she should be squicked by seeing her mother in the kitchen in her underwear, making out with some guy, but she had to admit it was nice to see her mom happy.


After everyone else had gone to bed, Agnes indulged herself in one last midnight cleaning.


Pau got up early on Tuesday morning and went around the house making everyone’s beds.

I guess we know who’ll be taking over the cleaning once Agnes leaves.


Jessica was so excited when she found an oceanography job in the morning that she shouted out the news to whoever would listen.


She did worry a bit, though, as she headed off for her first day. She’d been a Business Tycoon, and had finally been making some good money…and now she was a Sea Lice Research Assistant, with a salary of less than $300 per day.


The triplets got home from school and invited some people over to enjoy their last afternoon as teens.


As sad as Mireia was to see the last puppy go, she wanted to make sure she would be in good hands. So she gave Dinah to her friend-with-benefits, Isaiah Gavigan. She thought about asking for money, but refrained since she knew Isaiah’s family didn’t have much.


All the teens had exactly one vacation day for their crappy teen jobs, so they decided to use them, although Agnes still changed into her fugly pink suit out of habit.


Wow, that’s a lot of anger over a newspaper no one ever reads.


Mireia gave Isaiah a proper goodbye.

Unfortunately, Lluis’ girlfriend Liouba Pavlov left before he could give her a similar goodbye.


Jessica got home with a promotion!


As 6 pm approached, Lluis fixed the computer that one of his siblings had broken. He had to make sure things were in good shape, because he wondered sometimes if his mom would be able to take care of herself.


It’s birthday time for Pau! He got a cake, mostly because the fridge is empty and I haven’t gotten around to sending anyone out for groceries.


The boy’s going to need some new pants.

Pau decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and favorite sister, so he became a Knowledge/Popularity sim with a LTW to have 5 top businesses.


After that, it was time for the triplets to head to college.

Lluis managed to amass a trust fund of $20,000, which is good because he only earned $4750 in scholarships (grades, job, and 4 skills).


Mireia did even better with her trust fund of $26,000 (thanks to a lot of outing gifts and being lucky enough to dig up a treasure chest early in her teen years). She managed to barely beat out her brother with $5000 in scholarships, including grades, job, 3 skills, and the Tsang Footwork Award.


Agnes, the barely social nerd of the group, has a trust fund of only $16,800. I think she only got one outing gift. But she earned scholarships of $8,000, including grades, job, all 7 skills, and a surprise Tsang Footwork Award.


Jessica got rid of the extra beds and turned the girls’ bedroom into an exercise room and art studio.


Pau took over bathing the dogs. Ariel was filthy.


Pau got some new pants before heading off to school in the morning.


Jessica spent the day in her PJs, and scarfed down a yummy salad for lunch.


After school, Pau called up Agnes to see how things were going at uni.


This is what it looks like when a household consists of two Knowledge sims.


Jessica had two days off work in a row, which meant no money was coming in. So she decided a painting would help.


As soon as she finished her painting, Jessica aged up into a very sharp-faced elder (with glitchy ears).


Pau was too busy earning body points to pay much attention to his mother’s birthday.


Jessica spent the evening out by the pond fishing. Now that she was an elder, she was rather glad that the house was a little less hectic.


The next morning, the first crop of oranges was ready to harvest. Jessica was so excited that she headed out in her pajamas to pick them in the rain.


Hey, Gypsy lady, what’s up?

“There is a disgusting pile of trash in front of this house. It’s so awful I have to take a break from my sneaking!”

Uh, ok, but you’re still going to leave a lamp, right?


Jessica had another day off, so she decided to clean the place up so that everyone would stop waving their hands around and shouting about the mess.

Also, they bought one solar panel for their roof (because Pau wished for it), and their bills dropped to just $17. Sweet.


Jessica didn’t have a lot of spare cash for a renovation, so she just went with new wallpaper in the kitchen and family room, and a new stove.


Finally, someone brought home a teen besides David Ottomas. Pau had a fun time getting to know Isaiah.


I don’t usually do this, but Pau really wanted to get into private school. And since it’s just him in school now, Jessica can afford the fees.


“Wow, this bathroom is awesome! I’m especially impressed that I’m being impaled by the door. And the young man angrily shooing me out is a terrific touch. +10 points!”


Then Pau brought the headmaster into the kitchen, where his mother just happened to be saying to Isaiah, “Yes, of course all four of my older children were overachievers. And no doubt Pau will be, too, just as soon as he gets his Crappy Teen Job.”


Pau successfully made it into private school. Isaiah looked awfully smug after playing a minor role in Pau’s success.

(Now I don’t like the new wallpaper.)


Pau headed back to the exercise bike and earned his 8th body point. Another scholarship in the bag! His master plan was to earn all his skill scholarships, then get a job for the scholarship and the overachiever point, and then hopefully open his first business while still in his teen years.


As Pau was heading to bed, he noticed a dusty old lamp sitting in his room. How had that gotten there? Oh, well, he was tired. Maybe he’d deal with it next season.

That’s it for the J. Picaso household! Next up is the Pederson family.


Household: J. Picaso

Business: Picaso Park, Rank 5

General fund contribution: $6600 (all taxes as Pau hasn’t gone to private school yet)

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700