Time for the Pederson family! This is a huge family, and therefore a long update.


Left to right: Varya with Lana, Makari, Artur, Anzhelina with Rada, Meadow, Liouba with Zhenya

As you might recall, last season, Meadow’s risky woohoo pregnancy resulted in triplets. Hence the chaos in this house.


Liouba was eager to help out, and sat Lana down to teach her how to talk.

In the background are the family’s two dogs, Eddie and Blondie. Thus far there are no puppies, because there is enough craziness in the house already.


Meadow headed out to get the garden in early. They would need the produce to help keep seven kids fed.


Makari broke the computer while paying taxes, but soon had it fixed again.


Lucy Hanby is furious at Anzhelina, and I have no idea why.


Liouba is now a neutral witch. Her title is just Liouba Pavlov the Witch.


Now they have all three varieties of spell books. At least until Liouba goes to college.


Varya decided to go hang out with Blondie in the yard at 4 am. Because she was up anyway, so why not?


 Meadow made pancakes for her brood for breakfast, before everyone headed off for work and school.


And off they go in their snazzy private uniforms.

Man, at $500 per kid per day, the Pedersons are going to spend a fortune on private school this season.

snapshot_9b264049_3f9d1e55Makari had the day off, so he started working with the triplets on their nursery rhymes. He’s become quite the house husband, since I don’t think he’s been to work since they were born.



 By 10 am, all the toddlers were sacked out on their blankets.


 As soon as the teens got home from school, Makari took Angie and Varya to the store. Varya turned out to be quite good at selling witch stuff, even though she’s not a witch herself.


 Makari got a Best of the Best Award, hooray!


Angie got a gold sales badge.


Liouba stayed home with the triplets and the girls’ 3 school friends, all cousins.


Then Nikifor stopped by unannounced.

“Hey, guys, I heard you were having a party!”


Meadow got a promotion! She’s on track to be yet another Business Tycoon (eventually).


Artur didn’t bring a friend home, but he didn’t mind. It meant he had time to become best friends with Hadassah Gavigan on the phone.


Meadow made hamburgers, but only Artur and the visiting cousins were interested.


The next morning, Varya and Angie decided to get their skilling out of the way early.

(Unlike the Picaso kids, who do whatever they want, the Pedersons are a Moderate Skilling family, which means the kids have to earn a skill point a day and two on weekends.)


Liouba’s got all her skills for scholarships, so she was free to change diapers. Um, hooray?


Meadow made sure to get the garden weeded before work.


I lost track of Anzhelina for a while, and finally found her playing in the tub in her parents’ bathroom.


Artur left his homework for the last minute. Those darn kids.


Ha! Finally caught it quick enough to take a picture!


Makari got tired of summoning Spectral Assistants all the time, so he went ahead and just hired a maid and a gardener.


Makari took a vacation day, and finished the last of the toddler training with Lana’s nursery rhyme.


He didn’t neglect the other girls, of course.


Yes, Makari. Too much woohoo. That is how you ended up with 7 kids.


The dogs love having toddlers around.


Varya brought her cousin Nikifor home from school. She enjoyed getting to know him, but really wished she could meet some boys who weren’t her cousins.


She spent a little while hanging out with Liouba after that. Since Liouba was about to leave for college, it was about time the sisters became friends.


Anzhelina became a Wicked Witch!

I’ll probably eventually download a mod so she’s not green, but I think for now I’ll leave her like that.

snapshot_9b264049_bf9fd783 It was dark before everyone was finally gathered together for birthday time.


 Artur became a Romance/Family sim with a LTW to top the Show Business career.

If he’s going to be a movie star, he’s definitely going to need a makeover.


Next it was time for the triplets to grow up!

I love it when toddler multiples grow up. So much.








The nursery was converted into a bedroom for two. Lana and Rada will stay in here, while Zhenya gets to move upstairs with her older sisters.

So glad I did a nice big addition for them last season.


After that, it was time for Liouba to move to college. She ended up with a trust fund of $21,200 and total scholarships of $7250, including grades, all 7 skills, and the dance scholarship that so many of my teens seem to pick up somehow.


It was late, but the triplets had just finished a nap shortly before growing up. So they had some leftovers while talking about how exciting it was to be bigger.


“I look much more manly now. I can definitely be a movie star…shut up, Zhenya, my chin does not look like a beach ball.”


The triplets got adorable coordinated outfits. They can wait until they’re teenagers to express their originality.


They all still wanted mechanical points, so it was off to the block table until they finally went to bed.


Varya wasn’t tired after going on two afternoon outings, so she stayed up with Makari.


The next morning, Meadow did a little yoga before work. She wanted her pre-six-babies body back.


Artur decided an exercise bike was the way to go. He would need to be fit for the shirtless scenes, after all.


“Bye, Daddy!”

“Bye, girls. Have fun at school.”

Makari was a bit disappointed that he had a day off, the first day he could have actually gone back to work.


After school, Makari took the teens to the store. Angie felt a little out of place at The White Cauldron, given that she was quite clearly a wicked witch.


Artur, as the youngest, got stuck restocking. He really would have preferred the flashier sales job, but no hot teen girls came in, so it was okay.


Artur was getting desperate – he’d been a teen for almost a whole day, and hadn’t been on a single date. Almost all of the teen girls he knew were his sisters or his cousins. So he used the crystal ball and got Nicole.


Meanwhile, Varya saw a guy walking by on the sidewalk and chased him down.

“You’re a Romance sim, and you’re not my cousin. So you’re my boyfriend now.”

“Um, okay.”


That’s a lot of homework. Varya’s the only one that lucked out and didn’t get any.


Meadow got another promotion, to President.


Zhenya came running out to give her a hug.

Meadow was so glad for the happy accident that had resulted in the triplets. If she didn’t have them, she wouldn’t have any kids to give her hugs after work.


I installed a hack to de-greenify Angie. She’s clearly pretty excited about it.


Meadow probably should have worked on her skills for her next promotion, but she decided to spend some time on the phone catching up with friends instead.


The girls had some of Makari’s delicious chili for dinner, and Zhenya told her sisters all about her dream of becoming an astronaut.


Artur was getting along well with Nicole.


Since the triplets didn’t bring anyone home from school, Lana went out to greet Jenna Cooke when she walked by. The girls need some friends.


The pond finally unfroze. Varya wants to be an Oceanographer, so she figured it was time to get started.


For the rest of the family, it was time to work on the mountains of homework.


Artur flexed his guns right before heading to bed, excited to be fit.


Makari sometimes got a little lonely at night, while everyone was sleeping. But at least he had his robot bench to entertain him.

(The hack was supposed to work on him, too, but he’s still sparkly. That’s ok, it doesn’t bother me as much as the green did.)


Makari was glad Angie still wanted to play Red Hands with him, even though she was a wicked witch.


Varya was sometimes a little miffed about having to share her room with her little sister, but she had to admit Zhenya was cute when she was asleep.


When Zhenya did get up, she had to hurry to do her homework, as she was the only one who had left it until morning.


Meadow just had time to weed the garden before work. She was sure Makari would have been glad to help out – he had so much spare time thanks to his witch chair – but the garden was her project, and she wanted to manage it herself.


Angie was her usual friendly self to Artur, while the triplets got in some time on the block table before school.


Look! Makari’s actually going to work! He’s, um, an architect or something.


The teens didn’t bring anyone home from school with them. This made me sad. So they immediately got out their phones and invited people over.


Varya had Devan over for a date, while Angie went on an outing with her cousin Nikifor.


Artur had decided the night before that he wanted to make Catriona Bruce one of his conquests, so he invited her over for a date.


No promotions today, but that’s ok. They made about $4000 between them.


“Well, everyone seems to be having fun. Hey, Meadow, come up to the bedroom with me. I want to talk about…um…laundry.”


Artur was excited by his success – especially since he’d discovered during their date that Catty was turned off by black hair.


Then Artur decided he wanted to do makeovers, so he bought a makeover chair. He did Catriona for free, naturally. Just a little eyeliner and lip gloss.


Meadow finally got a chance to harvest the first oranges of spring, while Varya and Devan fished.


Poor Artur. He was the only one with homework.

Zhenya, meanwhile, was the only triplet without a friend (since Rada brought Rufina Thayer home from school), so she spent the evening chatting with Elle Goodie.


Varya got her bronze badge, with an audience.


“I don’t know, Angie. I’m not sure about the red.”

“It looks really cute, Zhenya!”


Lana had a bit of trouble getting used to her sister’s new hair color, but decided she wanted a makeover, too.


Artur was happy to oblige Lana with a new hairstyle.


Of course, Rada wanted a new style, too. She also found she could see much better with a brand new pair of glasses.


Anzhelina earned her evil green sparklies of evil.


Then it was time for middle of the night skilling. Angie’s only got a few more cooking points to go to have all her skills for scholarships.


The girls were back on the activity table first thing in the morning. They were all close to getting their 8th mechanical points.


Don’t worry, Meadow’s not pregnant again. She just decided to use the first harvest to make omelettes for her girls.


Time for the last visit to the store for the season. Artur convinced his Aunt Nadezda to buy some stuff she didn’t need, and earned his gold sales badge. The store reached level 7.


Reno Day! The kitchen got an expansion, with a bigger table that seats 8.


They also got a brand new study.


“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure I’ll make sacks of money when I’m a movie star, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the art, man.”


Angie really wanted to cast an evil spell…


So she made her sister act like a chicken.

Yeah, that’s about as evil as my sims get to be.


Artur invited Catriona over for a date. He keeps rolling the want to go steady with her, which I suppose is due to his Family Sim secondary aspiration.


Rada failed while trying to do a cartwheel.


Zhenya spent about 6 hours straight playing the piano while I wasn’t paying attention to her.


Since Artur was on a date, Varya figured she might as well invite Devan over, too.


Lana finally finished teaching Blondie to come here. But then, Blondie is a dog of very little brain.


Angie finally got her magic skill high enough to make herself a Throne of Darkness. I would think she would finish it faster if she didn’t spend so much time cackling evilly, but whatever.


“Do you really not mind that I’m an alien?”

“Baby, if it bothered me, do you think we would be here right now?”


Devan and Varya are in love, as is only proper for two Romance sims.


“Finally got rid of the baby weight!”


The triplets spent some time fishing in the backyard pond, discussing algebra, as 8-year-olds tend to do.


Angie finished her witch throne! I find this one significantly more impressive than the good witch throne.


None of the teens were interested in sleeping, so they stayed up late working on scholarships.

That’s it for the Pederson family! Next up is the Thayers.


Family: Pederson


Galleria, Rank 10

The White Cauldron, Rank 7

General fund contribution: $22,200 (taxes $12,200, school fees $10,000)

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700