This is the update in which I officially go insane.


The Thayer Family

Left to right: Faina, Anthony, Lyov, Rufina, Meadow, Sevastian, Nastasia.


Everybody got their skill points in early so they could enjoy their Saturday.


I’ve never seen two wolves with glowing eyes at the same time before. I thought there was only one.


The Thayers didn’t manage to earn enough money to buy a second business last season, but they managed this season with a slightly cheaper business. So welcome to Time to Buy a Clock.


The store sells clocks of all sorts. At first there wasn’t enough money to stock it fully. But Sandy gave Lyov a huge flat screen TV as a networking gift.


Then the store reached Rank 1, and Lyov rolled a money perk, which happened to be his $50,000 one. So now the store is fully stocked, and the family has over $40,000 left, not counting move out funds.


Usually Rufina keeps to herself, but Saturday morning her want panel was full of wishes to call other sims and make friends with them.


“Hey guys? I know it’s phone time, but the baby’s coming!”


I don’t know about this labor face. Is Meadow having one of those orgasmic births?


Her daughters are obviously not impressed by the prospect of a new sibling.


And it’s twins! Lyov has Alexei, another blond-haired, blue-eyed kid with skin 3. Meadow’s got Yevgeniya, who has blue eyes, skin 3, and…RED HAIR!

Ok, it’s kind of sad that I’m excited by this, but really, Lyov had to get to his sixth biological kid before he managed to pass on his red hair gene? Really?


Everybody finally got off their phones and got excited about the babies. The study was converted into a nursery for them, since I don’t like to put babies on the second floor.


Of course, they also got bouncy seats in the living room, where all the action is.


“Lyov, I’m so excited about the twins, but I just can’t help feeling we’re not done yet.”

“Rolled the 10 kids want?”


“Well, I’ve always said, more kids means I get to make more grilled cheese.”


Anthony wanted to throw a party to celebrate it being Saturday. His guests (mostly cousins, of course) arrived just as Rufina maxed her creativity.


Nastasia thought Anthony’s friend Eric was really hot – like, 3 bolts hot. Too bad he was just a kid. Still, he was worth a flirt.


Anthony made grilled cheese for his party guests, but then his sisters and brother ended up eating most of it. Josiah did manage to get a sandwich, though.


Faina was entirely unconcerned that her mother came out to eat grilled cheese in her underwear. In the middle of a party. Because that happens all the time.


Rufina enjoyed the chance to tell some of her cousins about school. Also, it’s too bad Sharlene is straight, because Faina and Akilina were both heartfarting her the whole party.


That night, it was time for birthdays! Rufina and Semyon were very excited to have so many people there for their birthday.


Rufina became a Family/Popularity sim with a LTW to have 20 best friends. And wow, those pigtails do not work for her as a teen.


“Haha, I shall steal the newspaper…wait, what? A party? With a birthday? Well, I’ll go on in, then.”


Sevastian became a Popularity/Pleasure sim, with a LTW to top the Law career. He grew up just in time, as the party ended a few minutes later.


Rufina got a makeover, and she’s gorgeous.


Sevastian’s pretty darn handsome, too.

Lyov and Meadow make good kids.


“Um, Mom, could you maybe put a robe on or something?”


Nastasia decided that it was time for a new look, since she was almost ready to head to college.


Faina decided to get to know Sevastian a little better, while Lyov thought about all the woohoo he was going to get to have if he was going to have 3 more kids.


“Oh, this isn’t the number to hire a maid? Oh, well, that’s fine. Yes, that would be great. See you tomorrow.”


“Honey, I made you some yummy cheesy cheesecake.”


“This is fabulous, Lyov. You should make me cheesecake more often.”


I don’t know who was calling Faina at 3 in the morning, but she wasn’t interested. Because science!


Rufina was kind of excited to have the chance to change her little sister’s diaper.


Meadow got up in time for diaper and bottle duty with the second baby, though.


As much fun as being a space pirate was, working from 10 am to 7 pm wasn’t exactly family friendly. Since they were having more babies, Lyov decided to take a job in Science instead. It would have irregular hours to start, but once he was a Mad Scientist his hours and Meadow’s wouldn’t overlap.


Faina earned her 8th logic point, and now has all her skill points for scholarships – which puts her ahead of her older sister.


The Carrs came over for Family Sunday.


Lyov apparently wanted to make 20 best friends, and apparently just achieved his 2nd LTW by talking to Joe before work. Apparently.


Everybody hung out on the lawn, chatting about algebra.


Oh no! They forgot to feed the babies!


Just kidding. I really am going for ten kids here, but Meadow’s life bar is filling up. So meet number 8, Julia.

I’ve heard people call Sims adoption the Ugly Kid Lottery, but so far I’ve had great luck. Julia’s definitely a winner.


Meadow was excited to meet her new daughter, but a little concerned that Sevastian didn’t seem to be getting along with his cousin. She’d have to have a talk with him later.


Grilled cheese was served, naturally. What else would you have for brunch?


Meadow got Julia her smart milk and get her started on the most important toddler skill, and never mind that she was being impaled by the door.


Family Sundays are great for popularity sims.


Nastasia looks really thrilled about making friends with Eric, doesn’t she?

Meadow is continuing to ignore family Sunday to focus on her new little one.


Terrible pregnancy pop shot. Anyway, number 9 is on the way. Hopefully number 10, too, but the Sim Blender says the cheesecake didn’t take.


“I must cleanse my brain of the knowledge that my mother is pregnant again. I remember when I was an only child, you know. Kiss me, fool.”


Adam and Sevastian continued to have trouble getting along. I sat back and watched, because normally my sims are all way too nice to one another.


“Oh, no, guys, you should try to get along. Don’t fight in front of the baby!”

On a related note, I love having teens who can be drafted to take care of younger siblings.


And they were off.

Joe was thinking, “My poor son. He’s such a wimpy little nerd. I can’t imagine that this will go well for him.”


It appears Joe was correct.


I was going to let things run their course, but Sevastian actually rolled up the want to apologize.


Lyov got a promotion, and brought Madelina Cooke home with him.


Birthday time! It’s always fun when birthdays coincide with Family Sunday.


Ok, I absolutely adore Alexei’s Li’l Surfer Dude look. He also appears to be pretty much a clone of Meadow.


I missed a cake shot, but here’s Yevgeniya. Also adorable, also looks like mostly Meadow. Unlike her brother, she definitely needs a makeover.


Eric’s got the Romance sim strut down.

“Yeah, baby, got an older woman giving me kisses.”


After the guests headed home, Rufina went on an outing with her sister, wanting to get her LTW off to a good start at home. Lyov got right to work on toddler training.


Meadow gave Ginny her makeover, staying with the beach theme her twin started.


More toddler training, complete with drafted teens!


The teens worked on getting their skill points in first thing in the morning, except Faina.


The toddlers made friends on the block table.


Adam came by to exact his revenge by stealing the newspaper as the teens headed off to school.


Meadow stayed home with the toddlers, which was just fine with her.


After their naps, they kept themselves entertained at the block table while Meadow took a nap of her own.


Nastasia brought home her cousin Angie, because she thought it was just incredibly cool that Angie was a wicked witch.


The other kids brought a couple more cousins home with them.


Lyov got another promotion, but needed cleaning points for the next one. So he hung out reading a book while the kids had fun with their friends.


Julia got a new dress! Better suited for spring, I think.


2nd pop. Meadow’s clearly very excited.


Apparently Adam and Akilina thought it was still family Sunday, since they showed up uninvited to play red hands in the yard.


Lyov took Sevastian and Anthony back to the clock store (after transferring the deed to Meadow, so she can get her cash perks as well).


Anthony surprised me by rolling up tons of wants to make sales and for customers to earn stars. He got his gold sales badge, and the store reached rank 4.


Back home, Lyov made a platter of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for his hungry brood.


“And the cheese was so delectable, just melted perfectly, so good…my dad makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the whole world.”


Success! In the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, Nastasia earned her last point for skill scholarships…a bare 16 hours before she was due to leave for the university.


Lyov and Meadow spent the morning working on that all-important toddler training.


Rufina earned a ton of aspiration points for making her 10th best friend. Halfway to her LTW already!


“I get to eat yummy grilled cheese while the kids go to school. Hooray for cheesy vacation days!”


Meadow also stayed home, taking a maternity leave day. She taught her li’l surfer dude a nursery rhyme.


And then it was nap time. Sleeping toddlers are the most adorable kind.


Hey, look! It’s a school bus friend who’s not a cousin!


Nikifor also came home with Nastasia, but was not impressed when she tried to talk to him about makeup.


3 teen outings + getting a toddler’s aspiration up before her birthday = chaos


Sevastian and the younger twins did their part to ease the insanity by engaging in quiet activities.


Kobe got a promotion!


“What? Giving noogies is a quiet activity. As long as the twerp doesn’t scream too loud.”


Meadow was eating a delicious leftover grilled cheese sandwich when she was interrupted by labor pains. Nikifor was first on the scene.


Fortunately, Lyov took the time to give a very hungry Ginny her bottle before rushing into the dining room with the others.


All the teens were very concerned. Despite her labor pains, Meadow naturally took the time to acknowledge that Anthony is a Popularity sim.


Baby boy Miron has blond hair and brown eyes.


And so does baby girl Oxana.

That’s it! 10 kids!


Of course, with 10 kids, it’s expected that someone will have a birthday. Lucky Julia got to grow up immediately after the babies were born.


Julia grew up well and continued to be adorable.


“Bye, Nastasia! Hope you don’t get lonely at college!”

“Well, if I do, at least I’ll be out of this nuthouse.”

Nastasia had a trust fund of $21,200 and scholarships totaling $7250, including grades, 7 skills, and the dance scholarship.


Miron doesn’t seem to enjoy Lyov’s piano playing.


Julia got Nastasia’s old room, which meant she got the room to herself for one night.


“Who’s Mommy’s adorable little nooboo? Is it you? Is it?”

Meadow was rather sad that these would be the last babies. She consoled herself by rolling a want for 20 grandchildren.


“Yikes! A hissing cat ghost!”

Yes, that’s right, it’s the ghost of Noodle.


Reno Day! I could have been nice and added more bedrooms onto the house, but no. 9 kids can fit into 3 bedrooms, right? And 3 bathrooms are fine for 11 people. So they got new kitchen counters instead.


Lyov made a platter of grilled cheese for breakfast, and earned tons of aspiration points when his family ate it (which would matter if he weren’t already permaplat with max aspiration points).


Julia got to eat her first grilled cheese sandwich in her brand new nightie.


Meadow took a vacation day to stay home with the little ones while everyone else headed out to work and school.


Lyov got home early with a chance card promotion! And a cold. 😦


Because of his cold, Meadow wouldn’t let him touch the babies, so he worked on his last cleaning skill point instead.


Sevastian was the only one with homework, but responsibly sat down to do it immediately, right inside the front door.

(And somebody brought Eric home from school. He seems to be pretty popular with the Thayers.)


“Hey, man, have you seen Sharlene Cooke? She’s really hot, huh?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, she’s kind of…well, I’d really like her to be my girlfriend.”

“So you’re saying you’ve got dibs, then.”

“Pretty much, yeah.”


Since the teens were home to watch the babies, Meadow and Lyov headed out to their old business, Cakewich, so that Meadow could cook for about the second time in her marriage without distractions.


Meadow made Lyov a nice bowl of Comfort Soup. It certainly wasn’t grilled cheese, but it did cure his cold.


Then Meadow randomly started cooking something else and lit the kitchen on fire.

Nice one, Meadow.

Fortunately, the fire department responded swiftly and no one was hurt.


Then it was time for the rather tedious process of passing along business perks. I gave up after Lyov did the wholesale rewards.


Then they headed over to Time to Buy a Clock and had a little private party.


Faina and Sevastian came down to help out. As you can see, Faina spent her time at the store working very hard.


The store didn’t really need four people to run it, anyway, so Lyov found time to get his last skill point for his next promotion.


Sevastian learned the basics of running the cash register while Rufina took care of sales, and the shop reached level 5.


Back home, Rufina helped out by feeding one of the babies a bottle – and was rewarded by being spit up on.


Sevastian was very excited to make his 10th best friend – even if pretty much all of his best friends were relatives.


Julia brought Greta Fairchild home from school. Big props to her for not only bringing a friend home her first day, but a kid who’s not a cousin.


As 6 o’clock approached, Lyov worked on getting the toddlers into good moods while Meadow napped.


Rufina got her first kiss. Eric was the only option, as he’s the only guy she knows that she’s not related to.


Meanwhile, Julia had a great time hanging out with Eric’s sister on the lawn.


Faina made herself platinum by maxing her logic. She seems to roll a lot more Knowledge wants than Pleasure wants.


Nastasia came over for birthdays, and made best friends with Rufina just before the growing up started.






And then it was time for baby birthdays. Hooray!


Oxana and Miron look pretty much identical despite their different genders, I think.


“Yes, I’m so excited that my children are growing up. I would like to have another baby, though. What? Why are you all groaning?”

Fortunately, as of 6 pm, Meadow is 5 days to elder and therefore can no longer get pregnant.


Training in the most important skill naturally came before makeovers.


Alexei kept his Li’l Surfer Dude look, of course.


Ginny decided on casual clothes and pigtails.


Oxana got a cute blue smock.


Miron was the unlucky one and got hand-me-downs, but he didn’t seem too upset.


Just a shot of the rather crowded upstairs to end the season. The upper left bedroom belongs to Julia and Ginny, while the lower left bedroom is Faina and Rufina’s. The boys all share the bedroom on the right.

That’s it for the Thayers! Next is the Carr household, a family with only four children. Won’t that be a change?


Family: Thayer


Cakewich, Rank 10

Time to Buy a Clock, Rank 5

General fund contribution: $16,000 (taxes $8500, school fees $7500)

Playable sims: 119 (+5)

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5950