The Carr Family


Standing, left to right: Akilina, Nadezda, Joe, Irina

Seated: Semyon, Adam


Joe starts us off by paying the taxes. The Carrs have become Willow Valley’s first millionaires! Even after their tax rebates, that leaves them a hefty tax bill of $38,700, which is no problem at all.


Adam and Akilina hit the books, to get their skill points in early.


Irina and Semyon finished getting all their skill points for scholarships last season, so they were free to harass the puppies.


Nadezda became aware that only one of her children had a gold sales badge. That had to be remedied. So she took Irina, Adam, and Semyon back to her own roots at A Whole New You.


She took the opportunity to do some townie/dormie makeovers.


Timothy Huerta, one of the earliest newly spawned townies, had been running around with no shirt and a number on his chest for over a generation. Lucky guy finally got a sweater. He seemed pleased.


Back home, the Pavlovs came over for Family Sunday.


Wait, wait, she’s not a Pavlov! And good thing, because that definitely doesn’t look like a family kiss.


“Wow. She likes me. Wow. I’m in love. Wow.”


Time for the puppies to grow up!

Unfortunately, I find Joey rather ugly, even if he did get Ginger’s cute blue face.


Tina is cute and pug-looking, though.


Way to drive up the party score, guys!


Vanya and Noelle did their part, too.


There was an awful lot of slap dancing going on.


There ended up being several people there who weren’t family, including Irina’s kind-of-boyfriend-ish friend George.


Everyone enjoyed Munchie Bot’s Chinese food for lunch.


“You know, I was thinking maybe I could earn a scholarship or something.”

Is that a hint, George? I am taking applications with an eye toward sending some townie teens to college eventually.


Semyon was feeling a little lonely, so he used the crystal ball and got Debbie. Hooray, first kiss!


Things progressed naturally from there.


Irina had made family Sunday a party, and with all the woohoo, it wasn’t a surprise that it turned out to be a Roof Raiser.

(And yes, she was on the phone before her guests were even out the door.)


Joe brought a friend home from work, and gave her Joey. Poor Joey. Maybe somebody that likes ugly dogs will adopt him.


Tina was given to the Gavigan family, as she’s been judged pretty enough to be allowed to breed.


Adam made pork chops for the teens for dinner. The adults weren’t hungry.

“Hey, do you guys feel like we’re being watched?”


Akilina got the exciting task of fixing the broken Munchiebot.


Wait, what? I did not authorize this.

I suppose it’s my fault for letting Irina get most of the way through her teen years without her first kiss.


Isaiah is now in love with three girls.


I would like to reiterate that I had nothing to do with any of this.


The next morning was study time for Adam and Akilina. Adam got his last scholarship skill point, while Akilina got her next to last point. They were eager to get all their scholarships so they could have fun like their twins.


As soon as the sun came up, it was Phone Time.

I try to have each sim connect with an old friend each day, and I usually do it at 7 am for sims who aren’t busy doing other things. It’s rare that everyone in the household is ready for their 7 am phone call, though.


Nadezda was left alone to finish up her phone calls after everyone else headed to work and school. She had to do 3 phone calls since she’s a Popularity sim (and has 8 kajillion friends).


After she finished her phone time, Nadezda headed down to Dance Fever for a while to dazzle some sims out of their hard earned cash.


Then she tried to woohoo Bolts in the photo booth, and he rejected her. The whole thing was kind of creepy and weird, since Nadezda created Bolts and is therefore kind of like his mom, so I put him in Nadezda’s friend zone.

Nadezda did manage to earn a few simoleons – about a hundred and thirty thousand of them – so that consoled her somewhat.


Semyon was the only one who got a school bus friend. A cousin, of course.


Ginger got a promotion! Also a $2500 chance card bonus, which is kind of pocket change.


Irina had a third phone friend to call, while Akilina figured she’d just go ahead and get that last skill point.




This is just to show that the teens aren’t the only ones having fun in the only double bed in the house.


Varya Pederson figured she’d stop by and have fun with her cousins, too.


Joe’s work friend tried to set him up on a blind date. Nadezda got a blind date offer at the club, too. What the heck, guys?


Akilina worked on teaching Ginger to roll over for her next promotion.


“Ohmigosh, I love playing Minecraft!”

Varya was horrified. “Artur, stop! You’re embarrassing me!”


After the guests went home, the family had a delicious family dinner of chef salad.


The next morning, Joe and Nadezda had the day off. Joe headed down to Dance Fever to dazzle some money out of the customers.


I really wanted to get Dance Fever to rank 10 this rotation, for reasons I’ll get into later, so I had Joe set the price to cheap and meditate while I went off to take a nap.


I came back to broken sinks and a minor flood.


Also, Feofil apparently got hit by lightning.


But there were no graves, and the business did manage to reach level 10 (and earn the family another $150k). So after cleaning up the mess, Joe headed home.


Then, shortly after the kids got home from school, this happened and kind of freaked me out. Did I miss a grave at the club? Who died?


I finally figured it out when I found Ginger howling by a pet grave on the back porch. Death apparently took Lillian, the family’s elderly dog, without actually showing up.


I have no idea whose love letter that is. Pretty sure it’s not Irina’s, but she sure seems happy.


“So, Aunt Marylena, what do you think the best way to pick up chicks is?”

“Hang loose. Definitely hang loose.”

“Um, okay.”


Irina wanted to max all her skills, so she asked her cousin Angie, who had come home with someone on the bus, to help her out on the Execuputter.


Adam was furious with Angie for some reason. Given that and his fight with Sevastian at the Thayer house, he was banished to the couch to learn Anger Management.


Of course, maybe something like this happened to Adam…that could explain it. Although Semyon just thought it was funny.


Nadezda had a bit of a midlife crisis, and decided she was done being Captain Hero. So she got a job in the medical career instead.

At least Nadezda’s midlife crisis didn’t result in babies like some sims I could name.


Irina now has the Entertainment career open to her.


Early in the morning, Joe sat down and sold Dance Fever, then donated the money ($81,000) away. Dance Fever will still count as a sim-owned lot, since the family didn’t keep the money. But the advantage of it being officially unowned is that sims can go there to make money bartending or working as the DJ. Sims can also just go and hang out. It should be good for college students.

Then Joe bought another business. It’s the 40th sim-owned community lot, giving the neighborhood its 8th business district!


Pug learning to roll over. So cute!


Irina mastered another skill with the help of her mother’s new career reward.


Nadezda made pancakes for everyone before work and school. Joe took a vacation day just because.


As soon as the kids got home from school, Joe took Adam and Semyon out to the new business, Carr Sporting Goods.


Exercise equipment! So now every household can have one of those annoying exercise bikes, or maybe a weight machine that no one will ever use.


The boys earned their silver sales badges, and the business got up to level 2. And that’s it, the Carrs are finally done with businesses for the season!


After some male bonding time in the break room, that is.


Irina brought Sharlene home from school. As always, I got a little thrill when I realized it wasn’t a cousin.


Ginger got a promotion! She’s at the top of the Pet Security career. And I love her cute little tongue.


Semyon and Adam both needed needs boosts, so Semyon invited over Faina for a fun outing, while Adam had Catriona over for a date.


Adam invited Catriona to go steady, and she accepted! I’m excited, as all my steady teen couples have gone to college.


Irina was the only one with homework. 😦


Nadezda got a promotion, of course.


Adam played with Lillian while Irina inspected for prints.


Akilina snuck out even though she’d asked for permission, sneaking right past Sharlene who was sneaking toward the house to bring an outing gift.


When Irina deposited the money from sales of Sharlene’s gift, it put her trust fund over the $100k mark.


Nadezda and Joe discussed logic over breakfast.


Irina stayed up all night, and finished maxing her skills early in the morning.


After the boys got up, seemingly everyone in the family enjoyed some rousing games of Punch You Punch Me.


Nadezda’s bank account was getting a little too big, so she donated $100,000 for another university building. That’s halfway to a second university, hooray!


Super fun phone time!


At long last, after having the want locked for at least two seasons, Joe finally maximized his Science enthusiasm.

snapshot_5b263e9e_bfe06f70 Joe had the day off, and spent a pleasant but boring day in his pajamas while everyone else was at work and school.


 I love having neat sims. The first thing Akilina did after getting home from school was head in to clean the dog bed, before I even realized it was dirty.


Irina brought Akim home on the bus with her, and…

snapshot_5b263e9e_ffe070a2I learned that hydro bots can teleport. Weird.


Pavel Hamilton also came over on the bus.


Reno Day! I actually liked their house quite a bit the way it was, but there were a few annoying layout issues.


Downstairs, I moved the stairs into what I hope will be a better position, and converted Nadezda and Joe’s bedroom into a brand new TV room!


The upstairs got a more significant overhaul, with a gigantic master suite for Joe and Nadezda. The boys moved into the girls’ old rooms.


“Mmm, the smell of sawdust and drywall. Must be Reno Day.”


Everyone spent the afternoon hanging out on the lawn.

snapshot_5b263e9e_bfe07e72 Mieszko Kozlow came by, and surprised me by getting his first kiss from Pavel.


That evening, it was time for the girls to head off to college. Akilina is well set up for a good start in life, with a trust fund of $95,500 and scholarships of $6250 (grades and 7 skills).


“Ohmigosh, Dad, that’s so gross.”


The Hydro Bot decided to malfunction at a rather inconvenient time, although it was rather funny to watch it spray water everywhere while the Clean Bot followed along cleaning it up.


Move along, nothing to see here.


*ahem* Anyway, Irina also headed off to college. She has a modest little trust fund of $102,400, and earned the same $6250 in scholarships.


The remaining members of the household, plus guests, sat down to some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. No one discussed Pavel and Mieszko’s hot tub activities.


We end with this picture of Semyon dancing like a loon after everyone else had gone to bed.

That’s it, another lucrative season for the Carrs! Next up is the Richter household.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Carr Sporting Goods, Rank 2

General fund contribution: $46,700 (taxes $38,700, school fees $8000)

$100,000 contributed to buy university building

Playable sims: 119

Sim multiplier: 55 (+5)

Population: 6545