Annika Richter


Annika paid her taxes, broke the computer, and got electrocuted trying to fix it. Not an auspicious start to the season.

Her taxes were $3100, which is actually a little less than last season since she got her business up to level 10 and earned a tax credit.


She only had 2 mechanical points, so rather than risk getting shocked again she called a repairman, then made herself an omelet.


Once she got cleaned up, Annika headed down to her venue business, Spa Bliss, where she put in a hot spring. The business is level 10, but Annika hadn’t yet made back the cost of the business, so she needed to run it a little more.


She started the process of making the place profitable by dazzling the customers into paying $500 an hour.


Of course, she spent a great deal of her time working on her 20 lovers LTW, as well.


Turns out Mhairi is a naked hottubber. Who knew?


By the time Annika headed home, she was definitely in the black, to the tune of about $50,000.


Back home, she earned a charisma point to get in shape for her next promotion.


Then it was time for more work on the LTW. This is lover number 15, I think.


Sarah got promoted to Rescue Pet! She and Danny now have the same work schedule, for the first time ever.


Annika was feeling unusually tired that afternoon, so she lay down for a nap.


Number 16 came over in the evening.


Annika’s OTH is Nature, but she had never had a chance to really enjoy it before. She decided to establish a small garden, now that it was spring.


The next day, Annika headed to work. She earned $5000 on a chance card and came home with a promotion.


Then she realized why she had been feeling so off lately – she was pregnant. But she didn’t know who the father was.


She must have gotten pregnant at the spa, but she’d been pretty busy, and there were at least four possibilities.


Annika decided maybe some new clothes would help her feel better – and keep her belly from being quite so prominent.


She focused on getting things done. The garden needed weeded, after all, so she didn’t have to think about anything else.


“Oh, hi, Ramsay. No, nothing exciting going on for me. Just same old stuff around here.”

Annika wanted to tell Ramsay – he was one of her best friends, after all. But he was also a possible baby daddy, and she couldn’t imagine telling him that over the phone.


She was exhausted by the time it got dark – she supposed that was because of the baby. But the dogs still needed baths before she could go to bed.


She did finally manage to get a good night’s sleep, and had time to work on her skills for her next promotion in the morning.


She had the day off, so she decided to continue work on her LTW. It would be nice to be permaplat when the baby arrived.


The 2nd pop happened just after falling in love with Aaron.


“Oh, wow, you’re pregnant. Hey, it’s not mine, right?”

“Um, it can’t be yours. We’ve never woohooed. And now we never will.”

Annika may be a Romance sim, but she does have standards.






And 20! Annika was thrilled to be permaplat. Now, with her newfound sense of peace, maybe things would be okay with the baby.


Three of her lovers came by that night with outing gifts! Annika figured she would just consider it a baby shower.


She slept in the next day, and had just gotten out of the shower in the afternoon when the labor pains hit. The pain was terrible, and Annika vowed that she was never going to do this again.


She gave birth to a baby boy, and looking at his skin color and red hair, she knew who his father had to be. She named him Baldur.


He was followed by his twin sister, Cornelia.


Annika converted the study into a nursery for the twins. It was only temporary – she’d originally planned to add a bedroom onto the house, but now that she had twins she thought it was probably a better idea to plan to move to a new place at the end of the season.


“Hi, Ramsay. Thanks for coming over.”

“Hey, baby. Looking for a little roll in the hay?”

“Not exactly. I need to tell you something.”


“Oh, hey, whose kids are those? Are you babysitting?”

“No, Ramsay. They’re mine. And you’re the father.”


“Woah. I mean, wow, unexpected. Are you sure they’re mine?”

“Check your family tree.”

“Wow. Damn. Why didn’t you tell me before they were born?”

“I…well, I wasn’t sure who the father was, not until I saw the red hair.”


Ramsay was still shocked, but also pretty amazed when he held his daughter for the first time.


“So…um…I guess…do you want me to move in?”

“No. I want you to finish school. They should have a father who’s educated.”


“I don’t need money or anything, Ramsay. I’ve got plenty of savings. I can take care of them. I just want to make sure they know their dad.”


“I want to provide for them, though. I’ll be done with school after this season.”

“If you want to come live with us after you’re done with school, that’s fine. I was planning to move to a bigger house, anyway. Kids need room to play in the yard and things.”

“Can I stay for a little while? Overnight, maybe?”

“Of course. Stay as long as you like.”


Annika was glad Ramsay was able to stay. With him helping out with the babies, she was able to get things done around the house, including harvesting the fruit trees.


Of course, they managed to squeeze in some private time while the twins were sleeping.


The babies were very well fed – maybe a little too well fed. Ramsay seemed to think that sticking a bottle in a baby’s mouth was the way to solve any problem that presented itself.


Still, Annika was glad that Ramsay was able to stay and watch the kids while she went to work. She preferred to wait and use her vacation days when the babies were a little bigger and more interesting.


Ramsay spent most of the day playing with the dogs while the babies slept.


Shortly after Annika got home, it was birthday time! She was excited that infancy was over, but a little worried about the toddler years – the babies would need a lot more time and attention, and she would probably never get to woohoo.





I think they both look a lot like Ramsay.


Even though he was still a little in shock about being a dad, Ramsay enjoyed playing with the little ones.


Makeover time! Baldur got a new outfit.


Cornelia got a new outfit and a new hairdo, and now she really looks like Ramsay.


As Annika packed up the house to move to a bigger place, the twins gave each other an adorable hug.

That’s it for the Richter household! Next up is another university semester.


Family: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, Rank 10

General fund contribution: $3100

Playable sims: 121 (+2)

Sim multiplier: 55

Population: 6655