Time for another exciting semester of University!


As you may recall, the Carrs donated to fund another building, so the Leo Pavlov Memorial Library was built. (It’s possible that I might have just stolen the library from Sim State and renamed it.)

Cham Var Hoh House

snapshot_1e9c043f_df65c309 Back, left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front, left to right: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


Some of the housemates were hungry after finals, so they enjoyed some leftover Chinese food before working on their term papers.


Irina Carr came by, and Ramsay made friends with her as Munchie Bot showed up with pizza.


Anya also came by, and she and Mauro spent some time in the hot tube, just chatting.


The bills for the Greek house are ridiculously high, over $700. So for this semester’s upgrade, they got a couple of solar panels. It did knock a couple hundred dollars off the bills.


Venyamin got on the phone to throw the house’s Beginning of Semester All Playable Bash.


Also known as the Renewing Teen Relationships party.


Liouba and Lluis got right back to flirting.


No, guys, no. You already renewed your relationship, and then you broke up, remember?


Michael and Mireia skipped the flirting stage entirely.


Everyone in Willow Valley is obsessed with the slap dance.


Fickle much, Dimitri?


Apparently Lluis is really hot. Who knew?


Michael and Mireia spent the whole party all over each other. It’s kind of adorable.


The Carr sisters showed up fashionably late – as in, I forgot to invite them.

snapshot_1e9c043f_7feefc0dAkilina and Agnes became the last teens to renew their relationship – although they never really had anything serious to begin with.


That night, the students finished painting the last of the portraits. They all look great! The founding members got gold frames.


Mauro and Carme were the only two members of the household who weren’t friends with each other – mostly because I wanted Mauro to get settled in before Carme made him another notch on her belt. But they decided it was time to get to know one another over a game of chess.


Ramsay felt just a bit guilty at woohooing with Carme, although he couldn’t say exactly why. Just because he was a father now didn’t mean that he and Annika were suddenly exclusive, after all.


Michael brought a video game system back from campus! Sweet.


The house hosted another party, a toga party this time. Carme always seems to wear her nightie to these – apparently she doesn’t have a proper toga.



Malvina, I’m sorry to say you only brought it on yourself. You never should have kissed Dimitri at the last party.


Mauro thought he’d try something different, so he invited Demi to join him in the hot tub.


Lluis was subjected to unwanted advances while Liouba looked on. Fortunately, he rejected them.


Venyamin brought another TV back from campus. I sold it and bought them a fruit tree. Pretty sure that means I’m doing the whole Greek House thing wrong.


Mauro got food poisoning! It was his own fault for eating spoiled Chinese food.


“Wow, man, this is some good soup. I feel much better now, thanks.”

“No problem. It’s my mom’s recipe.”


Venyamin and Demi had spent some time hanging out at the party, and had a great time. So shortly before the final, Venyamin invited her over for a date.


They’re really cute together, with their matching dreads.


Some random visitors slap danced while the residents of the house were at their final.


And we have A pluses all around!

40 Almond Street


Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


Marya broke the computer while paying tuition. Is this going to become a theme? At least she didn’t get electrocuted.


The burning flamingo amused me for some reason.


“I’m so glad you moved in with us. It’s good to have someone around for girl talk.



With the money everyone in the household contributed to the house funds ($200 each), they redid the study corner.


Marya stayed up late working on her mechanical skill while everyone else was asleep.


Their bills are only about $50, thanks to Romina’s pathological need to buy ceiling fans.


For some reason, these guys seem to eat a lot of toaster pastries.


Malvina came over and heartfarted…Marya?


The Hamiltons came by for a visit, because Romina wanted to make friends with Aglaya.


Since Dimitri’s the only one in the house who’s permaplat, he was elected to paint portraits. 3 down, 1 to go!


Orlando fixed a delicious spaghetti dinner for his in-laws to be, since Marya had assured him spaghetti was her moms’ favorite food.


Aw, Romina and Dimitri spontaneously cleaned the kitchen together.


For some reason, Marya didn’t manage to finish her term paper until more than halfway through the semester. That’s unusual.


Hooray! Marya has now maxed all her skills.


And the portraits are done!


Everyone spent the evening hanging out doing Group Research.


Marya and Orlando had a sidewalk date in their PJs, just because.


Then Marya wanted to get struck by lightning, because she’s a crazy suicidal knowledge sim. But even though she hunted for bugs until it stopped raining, the lightning didn’t cooperate.


“Whoa, Romina, I did not need to know about that. Dimitri’s my brother, you know.”


A pluses all around!

Larisa House


Left to right: Mhairi Bruce, Akilina Carr, Feofil Pavlov, Irina Carr, Malvina Bruce, Anya Pavlov


These are the clothes the Carrs grew up in. Ugh.


Everyone did their term papers right away. Larisa House is the only college housing that has enough computers for all the students to write their term papers at once.


Irina and Akilina are sharing a suite, but when I built the dorm I envisioned this suite as housing a romantic pair. Good thing Irina brought her bed from home, and doesn’t mind sleeping in the sitting room.


“Congratulations on falling in love with my brother.”


The Carrs were a little late to get their lunch, and unfortunately had to settle for burned chili. Darn cafeteria workers.


Akilina went in to try to make nice with Malvina’s rebound girlfriend, but found Malvina busy with her .


Then she got rejected for woohoo. Alas.

Akilina’s LTW is to woohoo with 20 different sims, so there are a lot of pictures of her coming out of photobooths ahead.


Akilina and Mhairi are the only two dorm residents who aren’t friends with each other, so they sat down for some pancakes and a chat in the morning.


Feofil spent a whole lot of time hanging out in the hall, dancing.


While the others were at class, Irina and Akilina headed down to Dance Fever, hoping to meet some new sims.


Agnes Picaso showed up. Akilina was totally cool with that.

At some point they went up to 2 bolts, from the 1 they had as teens, despite their incompatible aspirations (Akilina is Romance, Agnes is Knowledge).


And they had never woohooed, so Agnes got her first woohoo while Akilina got her second belt notch.


Irina had never met Agnes, so she got some aspiration points as well from first Meeting Someone New and then making friends with her.


Agnes doesn’t seem to be the jealous type. That’s a good thing, as Akilina is up to #3. (ACR makes the 20 woohoo want so much easier.)


Um. No.

Please don’t turn into a scary stalker, Irina. I promise I’ll find you someone age-appropriate who’s not gay and married with children and grandchildren.


Back at the dorm, Akilina was pleased to find another potential romantic interest just strolling by.


Mhairi’s been playing the violin a lot lately, in her quest to max her Music & Dance enthusiasm. Success!


Liouba walked by as well. Irina waylaid her and made friends with her.


#4, and Akilina is a Big Woman on Campus.

(I didn’t mean to focus on Akilina more than the rest, but she is the only one in the dorm who has a LTW that’s achievable in college.)



“It takes more than that to impress an old lady, missy.”


Irina had a party, and right as the guests arrived the tree was struck by lightning. And of course, everyone knows the best response to a fire is to run toward it and then scream and panic.


After the fire went out, I got everyone inside, where serious slap dancing ensued.


It wouldn’t be a college party without inappropriate woohoo.


I wasn’t really expecting Irina and Ramsay, but I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me.


The only thing surprising about this is that Agnes got the aspiration points.

Also, #5 for Akilina (since the other woohoo with Agnes was public, and this one isn’t). A quarter of the way there!


Akilina and Malvina hung out after everyone else had gone to bed. I thought for sure something romantic would happen, but it didn’t. Akilina must have realized that Malvina, as a Family sim, would take things far too seriously.


Spring is in the air, and everyone wants to buy garden plots and fruit trees. So the group used their collected funds to build a lovely little greenhouse.


Malvina’s OTH is cuisine, so she randomly made delicious meals and desserts even if no one was hungry.


“Anya, I’d really prefer it if you’d put on some clothes before class.”

“Oh, Feofil, don’t be such a prude.”




Irina used the crystal ball, and got Komei. I know it is my solemn duty to make a Komei joke here, but truth is, I like the guy.


“Bees! Why is it always bees?”


Irina and Komei had a nice date.


Anya and Mhairi enjoyed glowing while doing the slap dance.


Everyone decided to work on their One True Hobbies late into the night. Anya’s is Fitness.


Mhairi already had maxed enthusiasm in her OTH, so she got a flower bench and started making flowers.


Anya tends to not really get into the Romance sim stuff, but she did invite a guy over for a date as the semester came to a close.


The final went well, with 4.0s for everyone.

(Akilina rolled up the want to major in Psychology, but everyone else remains undecided.)

Pavlov Hall


Back row, left to right: Nastasia Thayer, Agnes Picaso, Lluis Picaso

Front row, left to right: Liouba Pavlov (Pederson), Mireia Picaso


The grow up clothes. Lluis kept his clothes, while Agnes and Nastasia just switched outfits. And I suppose the witch outfit for Liouba is SOP. But let’s take a closer look…


Poor Mireia definitely got the short end of the stick in the clothes department, and the bad hairdo department.


Nastasia wasn’t too sure about this “mac’n’cheese” stuff. Yes, it had cheese in it, but it just wasn’t the same as grilled cheese.


 Agnes is the first Knowledge sim I’ve had at Salix University who rolled up a proper Knowledge Sim want to write her term paper.


“Wow, Lluis’ jaw really exploded when we grew up. Maybe I should consider adoption.”

Lluis’ jaw did kind of explode, hence the beard. Also, Liouba thinks facial hair is hot.


 “Oh, yeah, grilled cheese is awesome. My dad would always make the best grilled cheese sandwiches when we went over to his house.”

It’s a good thing Nastasia found someone she can talk cheese with.


People brought outing gifts for sims who have moved out. I wasn’t sure who they were for, so I sold the chess table and stuck the vase on a table somewhere.


“Thanks for studying with me, Agnes.”

“Anytime! I’m so glad we’re all undecided on our major so we can share classes and study together!”


“Liouba, look! I’m fit!”

“Sorry, babe, busy painting a pretty flower for the cafeteria.”


Mireia got up way earlier than everyone else, and spent some time doing the slap dance with Stinky Crystal.


Nastasia wanted to make friends with Professor Inappropriate, and was thus the first sim to max her grade bar.


Liouba and Lluis headed for the photo booth immediately upon waking up, without bothering to change out of their pajamas. They’re a consistent 3 bolts now that Lluis has a beard.


Poor Stinky Crystal. Being a dormie is a rough life.


Nastasia was feeling lonely, and Stupid Rodney (the dormie at the chess table there) wouldn’t give her the time of day, despite two bolts. So she used the crystal ball, and got Goopy as her #1 match!

I love Goopy.


And he’ll listen to her blather about grilled cheese! That’s definitely an essential.


Lluis and Liouba are doing the “steady couple that spends all their time all over each other” thing.


You had your chance, Stupid Rodney.


Mireia consoled Stupid Rodney by taking him out for a snowball fight. At night, because what else would you do with a stupid dormie after dark?


Double date!


Agnes’ grade bar was maxed, but she felt like doing an extra credit assignment anyway.


Liouba wanted to max her Arts & Crafts enthusiasm. She already has max creativity, so she got a pottery bench.


I was a little worried about Lluis and Nastasia having 3 bolts, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a problem.

snapshot_7feb0c58_bffffa52Stinky Crystal fell asleep standing up in the shower. This worried Stinky Liouba.

snapshot_7feb0c58_9ffffb55I realized that I got her the same outfit as Brittany Parker, so Liouba got a new outfit.

snapshot_7feb0c58_1ffffe89Nastasia finally caught up with Stupid Rodney in his dorm room.

He may be stupid, but he’s still worth aspiration points.

snapshot_7feb0c58_80000092It appears that this group’s gift to the dorm is crafting benches.


 Akilina wandered by, and Agnes was so thrilled to see her that she rushed out in her PJs.


 Crystal decided to have her first woohoo with a random walkby while everyone was at their finals.


Back from finals with straight As, and inappropriate swooning galore!

That’s it for the 2nd University chapter! Next up is the Cooke-Pavlov family.