Time for the Cooke-Pavlov family!

snapshot_9c6d0a33_60015eb6 Left to right: Eva, Kylie, Denise, Sofiya with Felix, Jake


In the wee hours of the morning, Denise earned her last scholarship point!  She’s still got something like 8 days until she leaves for college.


Most important skill!

Felix has been a toddler for 12 hours and is already halfway through his toddler skilling.


The Fairchilds came over for family Sunday! Eric was there, too, he just headed on up to the porch.


Greta sat down for pancakes with Sofiya and Eva. Davis and Sandy were too busy macking on each other to eat.


Jake and Eric spent some time hanging out.


Jake invited his friend Pau over, and they very quickly decided they wanted to be more than friends.


Aw, nobody remembered to put poor Felix to bed.


Denise, Jake is on a date with Pau. He doesn’t want to gossip about your cousin Feofil at the moment.

…Actually, he looks pretty interested. Carry on.


“Daddy, what does Mommy mean by that?”

“Um, don’t worry about it, sweetie.”


Kylie got a promotion in her random Culinary job.


Kylie sold the pet store, and donated the proceeds to keep it legal.


“Ah, this hot tub is nice.”

“Um, Sandy, we’re kind of busy here.”

“Davis and I are going to get a hot tub at our place one of these days.”



As family Sunday ended, it was time for studying! Denise, of course, is just skilling for fun.


Sofiya went down to Paws, which the family no longer owns…


And returned home with a new family member! This is Alex.


Kylie taught Felix to talk before bed.


Eva wanted to make friends with Alex, so she taught him to Come Here.


Battle of the outing gifts! Derek was a jerk and didn’t end up leaving one.


Jake was the last one up, so he got a cuddle from Felix before putting him to bed.


Kylie promptly dumped her random Culinary job when she found a job in her new LTW career of Science.


Denise is back at the skilling again. Of course, now she wants to max Arts & Crafts enthusiasm rather than move on to a new skill.


Time for school for the kids, and the flowers looked terrible.


Kylie headed off for her first day in the science career.


Sofiya didn’t want to wait for the lazy gardener, so she spent the morning watering the plants herself.


Denise got homework, so of course she sat down to do it right away. She was babysitting, but Felix was sleeping, so that was fine.


Sofiya took Eva and Jake down to the chair store, where they sell living chairs for Fortune sims.


“Hey, Stinky Crystal! If you’re going to pass out, pass out in one of our comfortable chairs!”


Stinky Crystal apparently really likes living chairs.


Back home, aspirations needed to be raised. Eva used the crystal ball to find a guy who wasn’t a vacation townie, and got George. That works out well since Irina just went to college. Although hopefully Eva’s best matches will be better than 1 bolt once she moves on to Uni.


Jake had better luck. He invited Pau to go steady with him, and Pau accepted!


Sofiya had nothing to do but take care of Felix, and otherwise hang out on free will.


Kylie got a promotion, naturally. She also got a bad chance card that cost them a few thousand dollars, but what’s a few thousand dollars around here, anyway?


This is what my sims do on free will. Play chess and punch each other.


Oh my goodness, a sibling spat.

Kylie was content to let them work it out themselves.


They did, no problem.


Denise engaged in some more sibling bonding with Felix, taking care of his Nursery Rhyme.


Eva and Denise both wanted a flower bench, so they got one. Then everyone in the house wanted to earn a bronze badge, but Eva got there first.


Oh, how I love neatnik sims who autonomously clean their own bathrooms.


Selling a $40 bouquet put Denise over the $50,000 mark.


Sofiya took a vacation day, and had the house all to herself except for Felix and the cat. She celebrated with leftover pancakes.


Julien and Davis stopped by in the afternoon. Julien was very excited to meet Felix.


Kylie got home with a promotion and Lyov at the same time the kids got home from school.

Once again there are no school bus friends. I am very disappointed.


Kylie took Denise and Jake to the store, where she failed to impress Goopy with her sales pitch. Still, the business made it to level 6.


The kids aren’t really earning badges so much, as they all have gold sales badges and silver cashier badges. So I figure it’s only fair to let them energize before heading home.


Eva and Jake both wanted to make friends with Eric, so he was duly invited over.


Sofiya and Davis seemed to be getting along better. Meanwhile, Kylie studied cleaning for her next promotion.


Birthday time!


Felix is, of course, adorable.


Felix moved upstairs to Jake’s room. The nursery was redecorated, and all the cat stuff went in there, as well as the flower bench and the easels.


So cute.

I’ve decided to start rolling for kids to see if they need glasses. 20% chance if neither parent has glasses, 50% chance if one parent does, and 80% chance if both parents do. Felix looks good with them.


Sofiya made a birthday dinner of pork chops, which Felix and some of the guests enjoyed.


Denise got a bronze badge, and got right to work on silver.


Jake spent much of the night teaching the cat to use the toilet. Oh, how I wish it were that easy in real life.


“Come on, Felix, you have to get on the bus.”

“What if the other kids don’t like me?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. They’re all your cousins, anyway, so they have to like you.”


Sofiya got a little fluffy, so she worked out on the new exercise machine in the basement before going to work.


Denise and Jake both had homework, and both sat down to do it right away, despite their moms being at work.


David Ottomas came home with Denise (Finally! A school bus friend!) but Eva appropriated him. After all, he was a guy who was actually interested in girls, and not her cousin. That’s a rarity in this town.


Kylie came home with a promotion, just as Orlando Bertino came by to knock the trash can over for no good reason. Jerk.


Felix needed a friend, so Denise asked Sharlene to come over and bring Jordon.


The two boys got along great.


Max enthusiasm in Arts & Crafts for Denise! Hooray for the glowy stuff.


Armando stopped by to visit several times during the rotation. Of course, he Hung Loose with everyone.

Up next is How to Engage In Appropriate Dinnertime Conversation With Your Parents:


“Wow, Jake’s boyfriend Pau is really hot. It’s too bad he’s gay. I’d totally hit that.”

Followed by How to Engage in Appropriate Dinnertime Conversation With Your Teenage Daughter:


“I may be a lesbian, and at least 30 years older than Pau, but I agree, that boy is smokin’!”

This has been an edition of Appropriate Dinnertime Conversation, brought to you by the heart farty goodness that is Pau Picaso.


Meanwhile, Eva was getting to know David better.

His first kiss, not hers.


Sofiya’s getting rid of her flab was slightly delayed, so that it hit right after eating sparkly fish.


Felix decided the smartest thing to do would be to ask the Knowledge sim in the house to help him with his homework.


Eva needed a hobby, and wasn’t rolling wants for the florist bench anymore. Since she’s a tinkerer, she got a robot bench.


Jake is also a tinkerer, but since the bench was occupied, he was forced to play video games late into the night, poor boy.


For Reno Day, I replaced one of the loveseats with a couch, and added a study nook in the back corner there. Their house doesn’t need much, anyway.


Aw, Jake’s tucking in his brother, how sweet. But…I know Irina’s a Popularity sim, but Felix has never met her. Is he…psychic?


Everybody went to work and school in the morning, so nothing much happened until Kylie got home with a promotion to Mad Scientist, achieving her 2nd LTW.

She also got a $50,000 chance card bonus. Just another day at the office, right?


Back to the store. Kylie took Denise and Eva this time, so all the teens got two turns selling chairs. The shop reached rank 7.


Back home, somebody wanted to make friends with Sevastian, so he was invited over. He was kind enough to bring Julia, so that Felix could meet a cousin on the other side of the family.


Denise was feeling lonely with Malvina away at college, so she invited Derek over. She has 3 bolts with him, and they’re best friends, but he kept rejecting her for a date. 😦


Julia and Felix got along great, though.


They ended up with a lot of family members dropping by to visit.


Also a couple of dogs, that really like Felix for some reason.


Sofiya and Kylie hung out in their bedroom, being gooey.


Kylie headed off to her first night of work as a Mad Scientist, complete with robot hand.

Her new LTW is to top one of the Uni careers, which she can’t do, so I’ll probably just keep her in science.


David Ottomas came over again, and Eva convinced him that woohoo was the way to go.

That’s 2 down for her LTW.


The teens didn’t want to go to bed, so they were sent to the crafting benches.


Jake got left out again, but that was okay. He was on his last skill for scholarships.


Silver badge!

Someday, somebody in this neighborhood will finally be able to make snapdragons.


We end the season with a little mother-son basketball to get them tired enough to go to bed.

That’s it for the Cooke-Pavlov family! Next up is the Parker household.


Family: Cooke-Pavlov

Business: Fortunate Living, Rank 7

Donated to the community: Paws

General fund contribution: $24,900 (taxes $17,900, school fees $7000)

Playable sims: 121

Sim multiplier: 55

Population: 6655