Time for the Fairchild family!


Left to right: Eric, Davis, Greta, Sandy


I keep catching Eric studying. I’m not quite sure how this happened, but he was studying cleaning when I loaded up the house. Maybe he once had a want for a skill point that he lost when he was dating multiple Thayer girls?


“Yeah, I’m going to grow up soon. I can’t wait. Being a kid in an Awesome Party House kind of sucks.”


Sandy paid the taxes of $8800, spending most of their free cash. They had about $4000 left, not counting the kids’ college funds. They weren’t about to starve or anything, but it would be nice to have a little more cash.


Davis made an enormous vase in an attempt to remedy the problem.


As soon as Eric got home from school, the family headed to the store, where Davis sucked up to the reviewer. It was quite successful, earning the shop another Best of the Best award.


Eric earned his gold sales badge, so he switched to restocking while Davis dazzled.

“You really want this stupidly expensive dresser!”

“I do! I do!”


Peter, I’m so sorry you’re offended by Andrea’s mere presence in this store. Fortunately for you, she is happily married, and there is absolutely zero danger you will ever need to fend off unwanted advances from her.


The business reached level 10!

They made about $7400 this session, and the store has been quite profitable for them.


Davis headed down to the pet store and got the family a new dog! His name is Victor.


Eric’s aspiration was a little low after the trip to the store, so he invited Rufina over for a date.


Don’t let this adorable smile fool you. She has 2 nice points.


Sharla Ottomas came by and introduced herself. The Ottomas family just moved in next door to the Fairchilds.


Davis decided to take a nap while Sandy studied Physiology.


Greta was excited to meet Victor. Eric was the master of Jenny, the other dog, so it only made sense that Victor would be Greta’s dog.


Anya stopped by, and Eric spent the evening playing pool with her and Rufina.


Sharla blew bubbles with some townie until her dad showed up to fetch her home.


Aw, Victor knows what to do. As soon as Greta went to sleep, he curled up by her bed.




Sandy had a want to buy another community lot. They didn’t have the money, but then I remembered that there’s well over $100k in the Town Prosperity Fund, for housing and business loans. Somebody might as well use it, right? So Sandy took out a $15,000 loan and bought a new business.


Greta wanted to earn logic points, so she spent a little while at the chess board before school.


Sandy and Davis spent their time in money making pursuits until the kids went to school. They were hoping to pay their loan back as soon as possible.


Victor tried to destroy the Big Huge Expensive Vase. Fortunately, Davis got to him to scold him in time.


Once the kids were out the door, Sandy and Davis headed out to the new business, Clay Creations.


The store sells all the pottery Davis has made, as well as some items from the Buy catalog.


Davis Dazzled the store up to rank 3.

Since I’ve got several stores selling hand-crafted items now, I changed my hacks, so playables will now keep what they buy in inventory. They’ll lose money on anything they sell back, but I’m not going to tax the inventory items, so it’ll be like a tax break for supporting local businesses. Hopefully it will all even out.


They both had a great time on the post business date.


Sandy and Meadow have almost nothing in common, but they did manage to bond over music.


Davis made another Huge Ridiculous Expensive Vase. They really are quite profitable, as they cost $60 to make and sell for $300.


Eric brought Angie Pederson home from school. She swooned over him even though they have negative boltage.


Sandy headed off to work, hoping for a promotion. Last season she was at level 9 of her LTW career and got demoted down to level 1. She’s currently at level 3.


Aw, I love itty bitty newspaper thieves.

snapshot_5c79ffd7_4015ffcf “Hey, guys, want to come over? It’s my sister’s birthday…no, it’s not a real birthday party, it’s only 5 pm. But we’ve got a pool table and a bubble blower.”

In a strange twist of fate, Eric is the first to throw a party in Davis and Sandy’s Awesome Party House.


He got quite a nice selection of Willow Valley teens to show up.


That’s kind of weird, Jenny was only pregnant for about a day.

snapshot_5c79ffd7_c0160150Jenny had four puppies! I don’t think I’ve ever had four before. One girl and three boys, and they all look the same for now. I named the girl Lulu, and the boys Barker, Nugget, and JuJu. (I was in a weird mood, okay?)


Chance card promotion! Sandy was very excited to get home early, because she’d thought she was going to miss Greta’s birthday. Her youngest was about to become a teenager, which meant no more dependent children. It was an exciting moment.


Sandy is hot! Eric and Sevastian are Popularity sims! (Meadow’s not, so I’m not sure why she gets a thought bubble.)


Greta became a Fortune/Pleasure sim, with a LTW to become The Law. And she desperately needed a makeover.


Sandy got the task of bringing all the puppies up onto the porch. They got some soft pillows out there since there isn’t space inside for 4 more dog beds, not without some serious rearrangement. It’s spring, so it should be fine.


Post makeover, Greta is gorgeous.


She didn’t like her makeover, but I don’t care. She’s stuck.


Meanwhile, the party kind of moved downstairs. I think Eric wanted some private time with Rufina, but got followed by sims wanting to play red hands, tell jokes, and Hang Loose.


Sandy got distracted with the last puppy, and Brandon swooped in to pick up the little guy (Barker, I think).


Congratulations, Brandon, you just got yourself a puppy.

Normally I keep the puppies until they grow up to see what they look like, but not this time. Not when there are four of them. I think puppies go into the adoption pool when they’re given away to townies, anyway, so it might be easier for another family to get Barker than it would if he were a stray.


Apparently Eric and Rufina decided they weren’t waiting anymore, and never mind if her sister and cousin were in the room.

This is probably also why the party was a Roof Raiser.


“You’re really hot. You can definitely be a movie star someday.”

“Thanks, babe! You’re definitely hot enough to be a movie star’s girlfriend.”


Aw, cute puppies. Hopefully they’ll grow up to be unique and interesting looking.


In the morning, Sandy headed off to work after a date to get her platinum.


Rufina came over for a date, because apparently Eric needs daily dates to keep him happy.


Greta really took her dog ownership seriously, to the point of being impaled by the door while she bathed Victor.


You’re very lucky, Rufina. If your house didn’t already have eleven sims and two cats, you’d totally be getting a puppy.


Davis was chained to the pottery wheel until he was stinking and exhausted.


Greta invited Artur over to make friends with him properly.


Sandy came home with a promotion and went right back to work.


Greta actually managed to catch two of the puppies in time to get them outside to pee! Usually they just end up going in the house until they grow up.


Another promotion! Sandy is at level 6 now.


David Ottomas stopped by and played pool with Eric and Rufina.


Greta got her first kiss with Artur and had a dream date. Despite completely refusing to roll up the First Kiss want.


After an outing and a date, Greta wasn’t at all tired, so she stayed up way after everyone else had gone to bed learning to play the guitar.


She also spent some time teaching Victor to Stay.


Eric wanted spaghetti for breakfast. Who was I to tell him no?


Ah, sibling bonding. Oddly, Greta’s the one with more nice points here – she’s got two to Eric’s one.


Taking the puppies out to potty is such a pain – and now that they’ve been praised for peeing outside, they go to the porch and whine until someone takes them out. *sigh*


Davis and Sandy took Greta down to the store. I love having Fortune teens help out at businesses. Greta got her gold sales badge and tons of aspiration points.


They also managed to get the shelves fully stocked. They still have $10,000 worth of loan to pay back, but I figure they’ll earn money faster if they’ve got plenty of stock to sell.


They stayed a little longer than usual to get the business to Rank 5, so Sandy could get the aspiration points. The shop had become marginally profitable by the time they closed it down.

snapshot_5c79ffd7_c017a889Everyone got some energizer time in before they headed home.


The Cooke-Pavlovs came over for Family Sunday. David Ottomas was also invited, because Eric wanted to make friends with him.


Aw, so cute. They made best friends right after this.


Sandy got a promotion and brought home Ryan Wheeler. Then she went back to work an hour later.

I love chaining promotions, even if it does mean the sim in question doesn’t get much time at home for a few days.


Denise did this right after Eric punched Jake a little too hard.

“Hey, you got something on your shirt…dork. That’s what you get for being mean to my brother.”


Eric wanted to have a party. He was only allowed to invite two extra people, so he invited Devan and Rufina, but Rufina didn’t show up for some reason.

Anyway, the party got up to Good Time pretty much as soon as it started.


This might have had something to do with that.


Zinaida came strolling by, so Eric greeted her, and…three bolts! Ok, one of those is the Massive Attraction perk from his Romance secondary, but still. Three bolt chemistry is fairly rare in my game. And it’s especially impressive considering Fortune and Popularity are supposed to repel each other.


I’m glad I didn’t have Zinaida go steady with Dustin Cooke, even though he had the want for it.

Also, Sandy got promoted. Level 8!


Um. What?

I promise Sandy was not engaging in any hanky-panky with Ryan. I have no idea how he ended up in his PJs.


Between the store and Sandy’s two promotion bonuses, she was able to pay off the loan! It ended up costing them $200 in interest – not a bad deal at all.


College fund contributions are always appreciated.

(The fountain is from Eva, who went on an outing with Greta during Family Sunday.)


After 3 days of working 10 pm to 2 am, Davis finished his long, hard work week as a Professional Party Guest.


Teens who go on multiple outings during the day don’t sleep at night.


But oh, how I love neat freak sims who spend their free time cleaning the bathroom.


Davis was left alone while everyone else went to work and school. He spent pretty much the last of their money on private school fees, so whatever renovation’s to be done this season will depend on what Sandy brings home.


School friends, hooray! Greta brought home David Ottomas, and Eric brought Nikifor Pavlov. The teens both went on outings with their new friends.


Sandy got promoted to level 9! And…she doesn’t go back until Thursday. It’s Monday. She’s had a terrible time with her LTW career – but hey, at least she didn’t get demoted this time.


They didn’t have enough money for what I wanted to do for Reno Day, so they just got some railings on the front and back porches.


No one was really hungry, but Eric got aspiration points for making chili.


Greta rocked out on the guitar until about 2 in the morning. Sleep? Who needs sleep?


Davis worked on his pool playing. One of these days someone will get that elusive pool scholarship.


Davis and Sandy went on a date, to console Sandy for not getting her LTW until next season.


And then I tried out closet woohoo. It’s weird, and I don’t think I like it. Although it would probably be a little less weird if they were in their own closet instead of in Greta’s room. (She was still out on the guitar, in case anyone was wondering.)

That’s it for the Fairchilds! The Bendetts are next.


Family: Fairchild


Sleep Soft, Rank 10

Clay Creations, Rank 5

General fund contribution: $11,800 (taxes $8800, school fees $3000)

Playable sims: 121

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 6776