The Bendett Family

snapshot_bc7b7921_601f3d09 Back row, left to right: Ashton, Devan, Marisa with Cyan

Front row, left to right: Drina, Kat, Geoffrey, Tayla

I downloaded some new poseboxes to spice up the family photos. I’m not sure I like it.


The family had less than $400 in the bank, not nearly enough to pay their taxes, so Ashton headed straight to the ballet bar to earn a body point for his next promotion.


Marisa made a delicious breakfast of grilled cheese for everyone.


The Bendetts do Moderate Skilling, so Devan sensibly got his skill point before school.

Also, he keeps getting that thought bubble. He’s a Romance/Cheese sim, so it’s rather odd.


Off to school! The Bendett kids don’t have college funds yet, so they’re in public school. I think the Bendetts and the Gavigans are about the only families not in private school at this point.


Marisa was home alone with Cyan until Devan got home from school. She loved all her kids, but she was quite happy that she and Ashton had decided there would be no more babies.

(Previously I haven’t put Family Sims on birth control, and let them have as many kids as they wanted. But with my recent explosion of ridiculously large families, I’ve changed my mind. Once Family sims get to their ideal number of kids, I’m going to roll to see whether they go on birth control or not. So the Bendetts are done, hooray!)

snapshot_bc7b7921_a01f40b2Devan brought Adam Carr home from school.


Marisa headed to work just as the kids got home.


Ashton got a promotion to Captain Hero!


Geoffrey and Tayla were exhausted and both needed naps.


That night, it was Cyan’s birthday! Marisa missed it due to work, but Ashton was excited enough for both of them.


Cyan seems to be an oddly formal toddler.


Drina and Geoffrey celebrated the occasion with a wicked pillow fight.


I decided to keep the formality and the pink for Cyan’s makeover.

I’m not buying them new clothes, but Cyan’s lucky – she has 3 older sisters whose hand-me-downs she can wear.


Ashton got started on the toddler training right away.


Marisa topped the Dance career, completing her LTW and unlocking the career!


Homework time went a little late, thanks to Geoffrey and Tayla’s naps.


With two promotions to the tops of careers, the family had made quite enough during the day to pay the taxes, and they still had $9000 left for college funds!

Devan’s already got his college fund, thanks in no small part to his own efforts with outing gifts and such. With the promotion money, they were able to get Drina and Kat up to $5000 each, and get $2000 each in the bank for Geoffrey and Tayla.


In theory I should wait until Reno Day, but the bathroom situation was driving me nuts. They have 5 bathrooms, but only 3 of them are furnished, and the downstairs bathroom only had a tub. So I replaced it with a tub-shower combo. There are still less than half as many showers as people, which is a problem when everybody wants a shower in the morning, but it is slightly improved.


They never made it to the shop yesterday, so Marisa headed in with Ashton and Devan first thing in the morning. They got a Best of the Best Award and got the store up to level 8. They also earned about $4000.


“Oh yeah, I’m hot. Especially with a door through my face.”


Back home, after the kids left for school, Marisa took her turn with the toddler training.


Ashton flew off for his first day as Captain Hero.


Automatic dog washer FTW!


Marisa finally had time to get to the sewing machine. She hoped she would get her silver badge soon; she knew the kids wanted new clothes, and she wouldn’t mind a new outfit herself.


And then…Ashton got a $50,000 bonus at work for defeating a giant robot! Marisa took care of the money, topping up all the kids’ college funds to $10,000 each. With $10,000 in reserve for Cyan, they still had about $15,000 left over.


Again, even though it’s not Reno Day, the bathroom situation was driving me nuts. So the two ensuite bathrooms were furnished. Now they have five furnished bathrooms and everyone can take showers, hooray!


Devan didn’t bring anyone home from school, but he did catch Anthony Thayer walking by shortly after.


Tayla brought Zhenya Pederson home. She was the only one who got a school bus friend.


Geoffrey and Drina enjoyed a few games of red hands right after getting off the school bus.

Kat’s the only one whose fun doesn’t tank at school. Fortunately, with Ashton’s bonus, they can all start private school on Monday!


Let’s go fly a kite…


Ashton got home from work and went straight to the toy bench to replenish the supply for the store.


That evening, it was time for Kat and Drina to grow up!


Drina grew up very sporty. I wasn’t sure about that dress at first, but I think it’s growing on me. Good thing, since even though they have money now I’m still holding out on the “no buying clothes” thing. I still like her hair, and I think she looks good without makeup, so no makeover for her.

Drina is a Fortune/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Adventure career.


She scoped the room, and I wasn’t surprised when Adam Carr lit up. Drina likes brown hair and glasses. Unfortunately for her, Adam’s currently going steady with Catriona Bruce, who’s cheating on him with Akim Pavlov.


Kat also grew up in a kind of weird but workable outfit. She’s quite lovely, but I’m still going to change up the hair a bit.

Kat’s a Popularity/Romance sim with a LTW to top the Dance career, just like her mom.


Marisa once again missed the birthdays due to work. Alas. Maybe I’ll let her start using up her vacation days. Her new LTW is to be an Architect, and I’m pretty sure that has better hours.


Kat post-makeover. She is of course quite lovely, although very Face One-ish.


The girls celebrated their newfound teenage abilities by eating something that wasn’t grilled cheese.


Devan decided he was tired of waiting for his mom to get on that silver sewing badge, and tried out the sewing machine himself.


Unfortunately, while the Automatic Dog Washer is helpful, it doesn’t fill the hygiene bar much. Phil was using it to get himself out of hygiene desperation, but that’s about it. So Devan interrupted his sewing studies to give Phil a bath.


In the morning, the family sat down to a delicious grilled cheese breakfast. Except Tayla, because there weren’t enough chairs.

I could buy them more chairs since I’m breaking the Reno Day rule anyway, but it amuses me that they have a table for 4 when they have 6 kids.


Tayla decided to change into her older sister’s hand-me-downs, since the sweater and scarf combo was a little warm for spring.


In this house, Fortune sims don’t get a money tree to pluck whenever that Make Some Money want hits. Instead, they get to make and sell a Sir Bricks-a-lot.


Tayla and Geoffrey got to know their little sister on the block table.


Ashton and Marisa took Kat and Drina down to the store to earn some badges. Both girls got their silver sales badges and a cashier badge.


Back home, it was date time! Drina and Kat both used the crystal ball, and got perennial favorite George McCarthy and Akim Pavlov, respectively.


Devan invited Varya over. She asked to bring a friend and brought Semyon, which is a refreshing change from teens bringing their parents or grandparents along.


Yes! New clothes!


Akim for some reason kept rejecting Kat for a date, despite two bolts. But she did manage a first kiss with him.


Devan and Varya had a lovely Dream Date.


Kat has 2 bolts with Semyon! It’s a good think, since Akim’s being a dork.


Devan was the first to get new clothes! Nothing too exciting, but it definitely suits him better and is more fashionable.


Kat finally got her date. Akim’s loss is Semyon’s gain – at least until next semester when he goes to college.


Ashton taught Cyan her very last toddler skill, the nursery rhyme. It was a bit bittersweet.


Drina had a nice date with George, but then hit the telescope for her 8th logic point.

I’ve decided to leave her in the tennis dress. It suits her somehow.


Another new outfit! I like the shirt, but I don’t really like the mesh; her proportions are a bit too Barbieish.


The parents slept in, and it was chaos! By chaos I mean talking on the phone, skilling, and talking about antique cars.


Then it was time for Make Friends on the Lawn! Today’s guests: David Ottomas and Eva Cooke-Pavlov.

Kat was just waiting for her turn with David, since she and Devan both wanted to make friends with him.


The Louies came over for family Sunday. I think it’s the first family Sunday Eldred’s been invited to.


The kids got to know each other with an epic water balloon fight.


Apparently no one knows the Slap Dance, since we’re back to the old standard of smustling.


These two keep running into each other.


Way to be engaging guests, guys.


Lunch was served – grilled cheese, naturally.

Poor Tayla always seems to get the short straw when it comes to chairs.


Marisa was then chained back to the sewing machine until everyone has decent clothes.


Cute new outfit for Tayla. Yay, neither hand-me-downs nor outerwear!


One last “talk to” for platinum…


And Cyan is a child!

She now seems to be rebelling against her oddly formal toddlerhood, and prefers to be a cowgirl.


I’m going to go ahead and leave Cyan in her cowgirl outfit, so Geoffrey gets the last new clothes for now. It seems he and Tayla are the Yellow Twins. I didn’t do that on purpose, but I like it.


I had to buy a new bed for Cyan, so as an early Reno Day present I replaced Tayla and Geoffrey’s beds as well – there wasn’t enough money when they grew up to get them the good beds. Now all the kids have the same beds, which makes my OCD self happy.


Cyan had her very first grilled cheese sandwich, and began to learn all the intricacies of grilled cheese from her mother and brother.


The other upgrade for Reno Day is a desperately needed new dining room set. Everyone can sit down now! (I got them 3 one tile tables because I didn’t like any of the 3 tile choices.)


Marisa had free time, without me telling her to skill or sew or having to take care of the kids, for the first time in forever. So she danced.


Private school, hooray! Now the kids will only need 1 round of red hands instead of 2 when they get home.


Um, Ashton, I’m glad you’re so excited, but I’m pretty sure that was meant for one of your daughters.


I tried to get them to do this right after the kids left, but no, they decided to do it at 12:30. On the couch right in the living room, where their children will have no choice but to see them as soon as they walk in.


After the teens got home and waited on the lawn for their parents to finish, Marisa and Ashton took Devan and Drina down to the store. Both teens earned their gold sales badges, and the shop reached level 9.


Drina obligingly rolled up business related wants, as Fortune teens tend to do, while Devan got back into platinum with a conversation about grilled cheese before going home.


“Hi, Devan! I got an A plus!”


Cyan brought Lyosha Parker home from school and spent the afternoon making friends with him.


Once the kids all had their mandatory skill points for the day, they got to hang out and do whatever they wanted. This turned out to be catch on the lawn.

(That’s Annika Richter’s new house in the background, by the way.)


Ashton helped Cyan with her homework, sad that his kids were all growing up so much and soon wouldn’t need anything from him.


One last dinner of delicious cheesy grilled cheesiness to end the season.

That’s it for the Bendetts! Next is another family with too many kids, the Gavigans.


Family: Bendett

Business: Tots Best Toys, Rank 9

General fund contribution: $10,100 (taxes $7,100, school fees $3,000)

Playable sims: 121

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 6776