Time for the Gavigan family!

snapshot_ba153bfb_20290343Standing, left to right: Isaiah, Mary, Josiah, Hadassah, Nathan

Seated, left to right: Ezechias, Judith

Foreground photobombing dogs: Baxter and Tina

snapshot_ba153bfb_c028b704Speaking of dogs, apparently I suck at keeping track. I meant for another family to gift the Gavigans one female dog. Instead they ended up with both Dinah and Tina.

snapshot_ba153bfb_8028feb9Nathan paid the family’s taxes of $7100, as well as the first mandatory $400 payment on their loan from last season. They’ll now have to pay at least $400 per day until it’s paid off, which shouldn’t be a problem. I anticipate them paying the whole thing off, once they get Ezechias’ college fund established.


“Dinah, you’re a really sweet dog, but this house only has so much room.”


So Dinah was put up for adoption.

Why Dinah? Well, Baxter’s ugly, and Tina’s ugly, so I figured I’d go ahead and have the Gavigans start a dog uglacy.


“Some of our friends’ families have video games. Maybe someday we can get a video game.”

“Maybe if you get a job when you’re a teen, you can buy a video game,” Mary said.


Saturday is generally reserved for friends, so Josiah invited Faina over for an outing.


Isaiah was busy skilling. He earned his 8th creativity point for his 2nd skill scholarship, and was hoping for a 3rd scholarship before heading to college at the end of the season.


And the portraits are done! I don’t know why they turn out dark sometimes.


Hadassah looks sad, like she’s thinking, “Why won’t my brothers play with me?”

Well, Hadassah, maybe it’s because you’re a little Meanie McMeaniePants. (Or it could be because Isaiah wanted to Talk About Hobby, and Judith has a point of interest in Arts & Crafts.)


Promotion for Nathan, hooray!


Judith tried to go to bed at 4 in the afternoon, but was forced to go down and greet Lana Pederson instead.


Faina brought Carme as her friend, and Mary kept rolling up wants to interact with her, culminating in a friendship.


Nathan spent the evening skilling for his next promotion. He figured if he worked hard, maybe he could get his LTW this season.


“Cheeby tamba luna…”

Once again, a youngest child was taught the last toddler skill.

(They’re actually not on birth control, as their roll was for 6 kids, but Nathan and Mary don’t seem to have any interest in trying for another one and I’m not going to force the issue.)


Father son bonding with thinking caps!


Carme came by with a contribution to Ezechias’ college fund. Her gift put them over the top! Now they can focus on paying back their loan.


After getting his skill points and energizing, Nathan was ready to take on that promotion!


Hadassah got pretty into her jump roping with fancy tricks and everything.


No one in the house has any cooking points to speak of, so the family had cereal for breakfast.


“You think it’s fun to spy on a hugely pregnant woman, huh?”

“Well, yeah, I guess I do. I mean, I did enjoy it.”


Josiah was, oddly, very upset by the altercation. I say “oddly” because he only has 3 nice points, and  I thought that was a nice sim thing.


Nathan was a bit sad to leave when everyone else planned to enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday, but he was level 8 and hoping for level 9.


It was a little weird for me not to be inviting anybody over, as I’ve gotten so used to family Sunday. But the Gavigans had a nice day of skilling at home.


Hadassah really enjoyed her time with the punching bag.


Once they finished skilling, the kids got to hang out and have fun.


Nathan got promoted to level 9! He hurried off to skill, since he worked the next day and then had a 3 day break.


“Judith, look! Ezechias and I are best friends! Ezechias is my special friend now, and you can’t be friends with him.”

“Can’t we all be friends, Hadassah?”



“And so I’m in charge of making special friends, and so you’re going to be my special friend, too, Felix! But you’re not allowed to make friends with Judith.”

“But I want to be friends with everybody!”


Skilling, skilling, always skilling.


Baloney sandwiches, yum.


Aw, Ginny Thayer is an itty bitty newspaper thief!


“Is that our invisible newspaper in your hand?”

“Um, no. Definitely not. Hey, birthday!”


Ezechias still looks like a Gavigan!


Since Josiah lost his date buddy when Feofil went to college, he stayed platinum through the buying of bubble blowers and musical instruments (which were then immediately sold back through inventory). So he got to dance!


A third bed was squished into the boys’ room. Because why would you need more than 3 small bedrooms for a family of 7?


More skilling! Because otherwise they would go to bed at 7 pm.


Josiah was put to work doing the landscaping.


Unfortunately, the first attempt at ugly puppies failed.


With the money from Nathan’s promotion, Mary was able to pay off most of the loan, getting it down to under $2000.


Josiah invited Pavel over for a booty call. Pavel seems to be the go-to guy for the other teen guys in the neighborhood. But before they could get to the “booty” part of the visit, Pavel decided it was too late and headed home.


Nathan maxed his charisma, and is now all skilled up for his Athletic LTW!


He was finally able to indulge in his OTH of Nature and get a garden going.


“I think I saw a rat, Mom!”

“No you didn’t, Judith. Less talking, more gulping.”


Mary was pretty high up in the Business career, so she got a limo.


Everyone else headed out as well, Nathan really hoping for a promotion.

It’s always nice when the youngest becomes a child, and nobody has to miss work for childcare.


No friends for Isaiah and Josiah, so they had to talk to each other about their hobbies. Fortunately, they both had the want for it.

Isaiah had just enough time to get into platinum before leaving for his Crappy Teen Job. Josiah was lucky enough to have the day off.


Alas, Nathan didn’t get promoted. With 3 days off ahead, that means he won’t be permaplat this season.


Judith was the only one to bring a friend – Sharla Ottomas again. The game seems to like her.


Mary, the one who didn’t really need a promotion, got one. But hey, money is good.


Nathan headed down to Train & Tone. The store stayed Rank 4, but Nathan did manage to earn his gold sales badge, and about $10,000. Since they also got $10,000 from salaries and Mary’s promotion bonus, they’re in pretty good shape.


Back home, Ezechias spotted Eldred Louie walking by, and hurried out to make friends with him.


Birthday time!


Hadassah became a Fortune/Knowledge sim with a LTW to top the Architecture career.


Judith became a Popularity/Grilled Cheese sim, with a LTW to be a top Artist.


Hadassah got new clothes, and continued to refuse to be girly.


Judith kept her clothes for now, but did get a new hairstyle and some makeup.


Since her parents were busy on a date, Hadassah took care of paying off the last of the loan before midnight. The Gavigans are now loan free, and paid a total of $300 in interest on their $8,000 loan. Not a bad deal.


Early in the morning, the girls got up to chat in their room. And the matching white PJs thing just will not work at all. No.


Nathan got a silver badge!


Hmm. I am not a fan of the unitard, but Isaiah leaves for college tomorrow, so no point in changing it.


Judith changed to a cute pink nightie before making her first ever platter of grilled cheese.

Grilled cheeeeese. GRILLED CHEESE!


Nathan decided to expand the garden, since he could grow new plants now and had all those days off.


“Ezechias, next time do your homework the night before. You’re not going to have time to finish it before school.”


The Gavigans are established enough now that the kids can be in private school! The kids were excited, since it was lonely being in public school all by themselves.


The try for puppies was finally successful! Maybe having a random walkby running to watch increases the success rate.


“Um, Hadassah, could you please stop noogieing my school bus friend? We’re trying to have an outing.”


Hadassah headed off to her first day at her Crappy Teen Job. She’s in Athletic or something. Whatever.


“And I used extra sharp aged cheddar, and it was awesome!”


Given that Judith and Anthony are both Popularity/Cheese sims, it seems inevitable that they would have chemistry. Unfortunately, they’re too far apart in age for anything long term – Anthony’s going to college next season, and Judith won’t go until winter.


“Yeah, my dad’s been making a lot of money lately, so we got into private school.”

Ezechias is the only kid Zosia’s encountered that she hasn’t immediately been mean to. I think it’s a good sign.


Judith is definitely loving being a popularity sim. Any teens that come home on the bus with her siblings, or walk by the house, are fair game for befriending.


“Hey, everybody! I’m home from my Crappy Teen Job!”

“Isaiah, do you really have to do that? I got a promotion, but you don’t see me crowing about it.”


“You’re going to sit here until you’ve got all your homework done, yesterday’s and today’s, understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”


It was Mary’s turn to spend all her time skilling for her next promotion.


“Die, punching bag, die!”


Judith was very excited to become fit.


It meant she could join the cheerleading squad at school as a Llamaette.

(I don’t know why, but I see Judith as the pretty, popular cheerleader type.)


Reno Day time! The family made quite a bit of money this season, but decided to be cautious with their money after several seasons of just scraping by. So they got a modest new car…


And a nice TV as their big treat (aside from the private school).


Teens who go on outings stay up very late.


Everybody’s getting fit!


“Grilled cheese: a healthy part of a balanced breakfast. Well, actually it’s the only part of a balanced breakfast. The only part of a balanced diet, really.”

(Judith’s original LTW was to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. I said no way and changed it, as I usually do when I get numbered wants related to a sim’s secondary aspiration.)


Nathan and Mary both had the day off, so they enjoyed some alone time as soon as the kids were off to school.


Nathan headed down to the gym, where he judiciously charged some sims $500 an hour. The gym only just became profitable at the last session, which means Nathan’s still got to earn back the more than $30,000 he spent to buy the building in the first place.


The business got up to level 5 and earned about $10k again. And Nathan got a networking perk guaranteeing a promotion the next time he goes into work!


Isaiah brought home Angie Pederson and had a nice outing with her, despite the occasional heart-barfing.


Josiah and Hadassah spent most of the afternoon away at their Crappy Teen Jobs.


Ezechias brought Lyosha home from school.


Nathan paid the school fees on the brand new expensive computer, and was then able to establish a savings account. It was nice to finally be earning good money.


Hadassah got promoted to the top of her Crappy Teen Job, Ezechias met Ginny Thayer, and Judith bogarted her brother’s school bus friend.


“Bye, Isaiah! Have fun at college!”

Isaiah was a little sad to be leaving his family to head off into the unknown world of university.


Most of the family came out to see him off, except Judith who was still busy with his school bus friend.

Isaiah managed to accumulate a college fund of $13,400 and $4000 in scholarships (grades, job, and 3 skills) – peanuts for some, but not bad for him considering he started out as a child and his family had nothing.


“Don’t be imprisoned by weird food. Experience the freedom that is grilled cheese!”

“Judith, I don’t care if you have grilled cheese instead of what I make for dinner, but let the rest of us enjoy our spaghetti in peace.”


Ezechias decided he’d best get his punch on, so he could be fit like his older siblings.


“Really, Daddy, grilled cheese is the best! You should make it the next time you cook. Or just ask me to make it – I’m getting pretty good.”

“Well, if you’re volunteering to be in charge of making the family meals, I think we can come to an agreement.”


Tonight Josiah was the teen that was up late after everyone else had gone to bed.

He’s got the same disadvantage as Isaiah, of starting out as a child with no smart milk, but I’m hoping to manage 5 skill scholarships for him when he goes to college, since he’s very easy to keep happy with Buy Something Expensive (and then sell through inventory).

That’s it for the Gavigans! Next is another Uni chapter.


Family: Gavigan

Business: Train & Tone, Rank 5

General fund contribution: $12,100 (taxes $7,100, school fees $5,000)

Playable sims: 121

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 6776