Time for another exciting semester of university!

With four university households and a total of 20 students, uni can be a little rough to play. And frankly I think my uni chapters have been kind of boring – too many shots of sims eating or doing their term papers. So I’m going to make an attempt to pare the chapter down a little and only post things that are interesting. So you may notice that the chapter is a little shorter…but only a little.

I also tend to get annoyed in the last day of the semester waiting for finals, so students will now be sent to their finals early if everyone in the house has their grade bars filled.

So, on with the show.

Cham Var Hoh


Back row: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front row: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


We start off with a little infidelity. Michael invited Mireia so she could finish up her pledge period, she brought along her dormmates, the hot tub was free…*le sigh*


It’s point and laugh at the cow mascot time!


Time for the traditional All Playable Bash.

I’ve figured out the PJ thing – apparently really outgoing sims wear special pajamas to toga parties. While finger gunning, apparently.

Really shy sims just don’t answer the party invitation and have to be invited separately, so the only sims in togas are the ones in the middle.


This will never not be funny.


Anya looks disturbingly gleeful here.


“Oh, hi, guys. Hope I’m not disturbing you when you’re about to cheat on my sister. Also, why are you wearing swimsuits? I mean, who wears a swimsuit in the hot tub?”


Mhairi got hit by lightning and loved it. Although I like to think the lightning was aimed at the cheaters opposite her.


“Ok, yeah, I get it. I’m going to go home now and take a shower.”


Finally, someone who’s not cheating!

Although to be fair, none of the “cheaters” are in committed relationships. The only engaged couple at the moment is Marya and Orlando, and neither of them has cheated.

It amuses me that Agnes is in the hot tub in her wet suit. She seems like the type.


It was an excellent start-of-semester party, and of course a roof raiser.


Carme wanted a date, so she had one with this guy. I think his name is Cooper.


They ended up having Fun Couch Times. I took out the blur because it was annoying me, so I hope no one’s bothered by a little Barbie doll nudity.

snapshot_1e9c043f_803b62a5More dating happened.


Mauro had a want to get engaged to Anya. I had it locked for a while, but then on their date he asked, “Do you like what you see?” and she heart-barfed him – even though they have 3 bolts! So no engagement for these two.


This is the stripper that is not Malvina.


And here’s another reason Mauro will not be marrying Anya. A date with Mauro is generally followed by hot tub time with Ramsay.

I do like Anya, and she is behaving exactly as a Romance sim should. She just doesn’t seem like the right girl for Mauro.


The random fruit tree I bought them last semester grew its first fruit!

Also visible here is this semester’s house upgrade, a larger back porch. I went with the back porch because that’s where everybody goes first to leave date roses and outing gifts.


I sent them to their final about 8 hours early. 4.0s for everyone, of course.

40 Almond Street


Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


While waiting for a computer to write his term paper, Dimitri made friends with the cheerleader.

(We won’t mention the ACR kiss that he didn’t refuse. Luckily Romina was in the bathroom at the time.)


The class schedule this semester is annoying. 1 sim starts class every hour for 4 hours. Orlando is the last to leave, just as Marya, who has the earliest class, is coming back.


Dimitri and Romina were forced to finish their term papers before they could get to the semester’s big event.


“This is a really romantic place for a date, Dimitri.”

“Yeah, well, I was thinking of a little more than a date.”


“Romina, I really love you a lot, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


“Will you marry me?”

As you can see, Romina’s Fortune sim brain is calculating the expected increase in her net worth if she marries into one of the richest families in town.


“Oh, Dimitri, it’s beautiful.”


“Yes, of course I’ll marry you!”


After that touching moment, the first thing that happened back home was that Anya, who was just randomly walking by the house during a thunderstorm, was struck by lightning.


Marya and Orlando are pretty easy to keep happy, given that they both keep rolling the “woohoo in bed” want.


Dimitri and Romina spent less time in the bedroom, which meant they were just a tad more productive.


They needed a bit more space in the house, so they scrimped and saved to add an attic bedroom. Eventually I’m going to put a bathroom up there, too.


They only made it to their final 3 hours early. Still, that got them home at 8 pm instead of 11 pm.

Larisa House

snapshot_1f5dfc2d_5ff81403Left to right: Mhairi Bruce, Akilina Carr, Feofil Pavlov, Irina Carr, Malvina Bruce, Anya Pavlov


The elderly cafeteria worker spontaneously combusted. Fortunately the sprinklers took care of it.


Anya and Akilina headed down to Dance Fever for some romance sim fun times.


Akilina was quite successful.


Anya had a bit of a rough start.


She did eventually get a thing going with Stupid Rodney, though.


Back home, there was a party. Either Nastasia thought it was a toga party, or she was party hopping.


This seems to be the rotation for fires and electrocutions that don’t count.


I was thinking I was kind of surprised that Irina’s not best friends with all her cousins yet, but then I remembered how many cousins she has.

33. She has 33 cousins. No, that’s not crazy.


I could make some kind of derogatory comment about people who hang out in the study room doing schoolwork at parties, but honestly? I’d be right there with them.


Since they’re sophomores now, and never rolled a want to choose a major, I had Anya, Mhairi, Feofil, and Malvina declare majors. They were all put into majors related to their LTW. Anya and Mhairi both want to top the Art career, so they’re both Art majors. And that’s how I discovered that the professor with the dreads is the Art professor.


Feofil got 5,000 aspiration points for throwing a Roof Raiser party. Good, I can ignore him for a while now.


Anya had met Bolts at Dance Fever, so she invited him over for a date.


He accepted the date, but wouldn’t accept any romantic interactions, even though his want panel was full of them. And then I remembered that he’s engaged to Ghaliya, so that’s why.


Somebody wanted a guitar, so that’s this semester’s contribution to the dorm.


Wow, being horny Romance sims sure paid off!

(Sandy just had an outing with Akilina. Not that Akilina wouldn’t have liked some romance there, but Sandy is straight.)


Max science enthusiasm! I see aliens in Irina’s future.


“Congrats on maxing creativity, bro! Finger guns!”


I actually caught the six of them in the cafeteria at the same time, although only 3 were eating. Malvina was hitting the bar, as usual, while Anya wanted some espresso after staying up all night. Irina was just hanging out.


Ok, I’ve got 4 sims on free will all hanging out in a tiny little room. Guess what, kids? Early final time!


22 hours early, in fact. Sorry, guys, but you were boring me. Anyway, A pluses all around.


Malvina and Mhairi moved out. You’ll get to see them in their new place next semester. I thought about moving the others out, too, but Anya and Feofil are going to Cham Var Hoh, and that would make it a little full. So Irina and Akilina are staying in the dorm another semester to keep them company.

Pavlov Hall


Standing, left to right: Lluis Picaso, Mireia Picaso, Nastasia Thayer, Isaiah Gavigan

Seated, left to right: Agnes Picaso, Liouba Pavlov


Isaiah didn’t get the worst transition outfit ever, but that color doesn’t suit him.


Stinky Crystal got fit right before moving out to make room for Isaiah. I’m sure we’ll see her again one of these days.


I’m pretty sure I will never stop loving this. The dormie may be stinky, but she looks pretty empowered here.


Isaiah was the only one who needed to skill up for his classes.


Someone actually used the photo booth for taking photos!


Apparently it was a very cheer-worthy event.


Mireia maxed her Arts & Crafts enthusiasm!


Isaiah wanted to make friends with Dimitri, and figured he might as well invite his housemates over, too.


Nastasia had Goopy over for a date, and made best friends and fell in love in one fell swoop.


Isaiah decided he wanted to be a History major. His dorm mates, who are all a semester ahead of him, still haven’t decided.


Apparently dating Liouba plus his little thing we will not talk about with Irina at Cham Var Hoh was enough for Lluis to start up with the Romance sim strut. (Romance is his secondary aspiration.)


Dimitri rejected the cheerleader for woohoo, and I thought, “Good for him! He’s over his wandering now that he’s engaged!”


I was wrong.


“How could you? We’re engaged!”

“Nice flirt, la la la, going to do an assignment now.”

The guests were sent home after that.


Lluis got hit by lightning on the way to class. It actually counts!


Isaiah wanted a kiss, so he invited Mhairi over to renew their teen relationship. Unfortunately, it seems she wasn’t interested.


“Isaiah…we had fun in high school, but things are different now.”


“But Mhairi, I…I mean, you’re so hot!”

“I’m glad you think so, and I hope we can still be friends, but I just don’t see a future for us.”


So, when Mireia got home from class, Isaiah went ahead and fulfilled that kiss want with her.


This was followed by a visit to the photo booth.

To be honest, I was never really into the idea of Isaiah and Mhairi as a long term couple. But I didn’t expect Isaiah to steal Mireia away from Michael. Still, consolidating my family sims would mean one less ridiculously huge family (hopefully).


Nastasia went on a date with some guy she’d found walking by, while Lluis maxed his grade bar talking to Professor Inappropriate. Lluis is smart enough to keep his interactions with Professor Inappropriate limited to the telephone.


Once again, an early final. Once again, everyone got straight As. Hooray!


Agnes, Lluis, and Liouba moved out. Isaiah’s the only one still required to stay in the dorms, but Mireia and Nastasia stayed on to keep him company.


And we finish up with the remaining dorm residents clustered around an unfortunate dormie, with Isaiah worrying, Nastasia laughing, and Mireia preparing to take a picture.

And so ends another semester of University! One more, and I’ll have actual graduates. Next up is the Bousaid household.