Left to right: Rosemarie Nanale, Farooq Bousaid, Ghaliya Bousaid, Bolts Carr

As a reminder, Farooq and Ghaliya are twins. Ghaliya is engaged to Bolts. Farooq is in love with Rosemarie, but not engaged.


The family acquired an elderly dog somehow. Like so many random pets, his name is Beasley.


Looks like at least one of the two alien abductions at the end of last season resulted in successful pollination.


“So are you moving out? Or staying here to make more money first?”

“Well, if it’s all right with you, I think Rosemarie and I should stay a bit longer. We can help with the baby.”


Bolts was the only one who had work. He’s in the Adventure career these days.


Aglaya and Marylena stopped by together, which was kind of odd. But Ghaliya and Rosemarie certainly didn’t mind, as they’re both Popularity sims.


Farooq was otherwise occupied.


Somebody wanted to have a party, so a party was had. A group of playables was invited.


Bolts got a promotion, of course.


“Oh dear, I’ve been pollinated.”


A few hours later, Ghaliya had her second pop as she and Rosemarie were having a pajama party.


On Sunday, both Bolts and Rosemarie headed to work. Since Rosemarie wants 5 top businesses, she’s in the business career with Farooq and Ghaliya.


“So hungry.”

“Being pregnant sucks.”


Yes, they ate all day. They are both terrible pregnant sims. It doesn’t help that neither of them has more than a couple of cooking points.

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible that neither of them will have to be pregnant ever again.


Bolts got a promotion and brought home Stepan, who looks weird without his plant hair.


“Babies are great, but they just keep growing up on you. Before you know it they’re teenagers.”

Ghaliya finally satisfied her hunger enough to get the logic point she needed for work.


Farooq also managed to get in a good enough mood to skill.


Bolts worked on a self portrait.


“So we just woohooed, and it was great. And I was going to come up with some kind of crazy romantic thing, but…”


“I just want to go ahead and ask. Will you marry me?”


“Yes, Rosemarie, of course I will!”


Bolts finished his portrait!


In the wee hours of the morning, Farooq had his second pop while fishing.


Bolts and Rosemarie were bonding at the chess table when Ghaliya went into labor.


“Woah, is this what labor’s like? Is it too late for Rosemarie to have this baby?”


Ghaliya gave birth to a baby boy, named Ridha. Ridha is half brother to Kir Pavlov.


Everyone was very excited to welcome the new family member.


Ghaliya got Ridha settled in his new bouncer and then headed off to work.


Bolts was the only one who didn’t have work that day. He spent the day tidying up while Ridha amused himself in his bouncer.


Farooq got home with a promotion to Business Tycoon! And he did it all in his pajamas.


Rosemarie and Ghaliya got promotions, too. Between the three of them, they earned about $17,000 that day.


Ghaliya and Rosemarie immediately started skilling. I think Ghaliya’s at level 9, and she needs 5 skill points for her next promotion.


I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Bolts is just a terrible Pleasure sim, mostly because he’s very serious. All I do for his wants is buy him TVs and stereos and then sell them back through inventory. So I made him a Popularity/Fortune sim.

And his new LTW? 5 top businesses. Well, there’s no rush, I suppose.


Although he’s got tons of money, so I went ahead and got him his first business.


The Hangout has plenty of games for sims to play, as well as a photo booth for other forms of fun. I ended up deleting the grill after a while because the plates made a mess.


Having helped Nadezda out with her businesses, Bolts is a very efficient salseman. In a little over 24 hours, he got the place up to level 3 and made $45,000 selling $500 an hour tickets.


He also renewed his illicit romance with Aglaya Hamilton.

It’s a good thing Marylena doesn’t want a Golden Anniversary.

snapshot_7cde73b3_4055d8ce - Copy

Back home, Farooq decided that of course the bathroom would be the best place to go into labor.


He had a baby girl, who he named Dalal. She’s half sister to Catriona Bruce and Eldred Louie.


There isn’t really a nursery, since all the bedrooms are upstairs, so a corner of the living room was appropriated.


In the morning, everyone but Bolts had work once again. Farooq got to take the helicopter for the first time. Is it just me, or does that look very unsafe for the dog?


After another boring day of sleeping babies and cleaning Bolts, the businesspeople came home with moolah. Rosemarie got a promotion, but Ghaliya unfortunately lost 3 logic points on a chance card. 😦


“Look at me, I’m so handsome.”

Ok then.


Rosemarie came home with the flu, but unfortunately I didn’t see the pop-up until I had already invited everyone over for a wedding party. And then her comfort soup didn’t even cure her!


Well, the show must go on…after Rosemarie gets a new formal dress. Normally I don’t worry too much about getting sims special wedding outfits, but yikes. She can’t get married in that.


With a new dress, and a lovely little setup in the backyard, it was finally time.


Farooq became Mr. Nanale.


And Bolts became Mr. Bousaid.

It’s a little unusual to have both of the husbands taking their wives’ last names, of course, but it was the only way I could follow the Principle of Conservation of Last Names (to have as many different last names and as few duplicates in the ‘hood as possible).


Ok, that’s a bit more…um…hands on than the normal post-marriage kiss. I guess Bolts is excited.


In proud Willow Valley tradition, an alien baby was brought to the cake at the end of the wedding party.


And in proud Willow Valley tradition, all the guests left before the baby could grow up.


Anyway, Ridha’s a cutie, and he got Ghaliya’s tiny nose! This makes me extremely happy, since one of my big worries when she fell in love with Bolts was that she might not pass on her tiny nose.


Bolts took charge of getting Ridha his smart milk.


Everyone else ate Comfort Soup, since of course Farooq and Ghaliya caught the flu from Rosemarie.

I’m dreading discovering how many of the party guests got it, too.


Reno Day time! I made my usual mistake when building 2 story sim houses. In a real house, having all the bedrooms upstairs is fine, but in The Sims, I find it pretty much essential to keep the babies and toddlers on the ground floor. So part of the enormous kitchen was turned into a nursery.


I also added a second staircase, to make it easier for the sims to get to their beds for casual woohoo.


The landscaping from the wedding was moved to make the front of the house look nice.

All in all, a quite successful and relatively inexpensive Reno Day. Not that expensive matters to this family, they’re loaded.


As usual, Bolts managed the little ones while everyone else was asleep.


Here’s Ridha post makeover. I love his itty bitty nose.


Bolts had the day off and wanted to make friends with Romina. She brought Marya along.


Ghaliya also had the day off, and spent most of it skilling.


Aw, puppy love.

I’d originally been planning to let Farooq and Rosemarie take Beasley when they moved out, but then I thought, better for him to stay, since Ridha is most likely going to be an only child. But when I checked his age bar, I saw that it won’t matter, since he’s not going to make it more than a couple of days into next season anyway. 😦


Someone finally got around to hiring a maid and a gardener. Because they’re rich, so they should have Help.


I would like to point out that Ghaliya does spend time with her son. Sometimes. (She did potty train him.)


Rosemarie got another promotion, and brought home Andrea Carlson.


Ghaliya finished up with charisma and moved on to regaining all the logic points she lost.


Kennedy randomly showed up and kept trying to flirt with Bolts. Fortunately, Bolts was smart enough to refuse and sent Mr. Cox on home.


This is best friend #16 or 17 for Ghaliya, I think. She should get her LTW next season.


Another alien baby birthday! This one with actual guests.


I think Dalal looks like a miniature female version of Farooq with gigantic white eyes. Which is awesome.


For some reason, I felt like Dalal should be bald. She rocks it. She did get a cute pink dress.


Farooq gave her her Smart Milk and got started on toddler training right away.


Rosemarie spent the night working on her skills so she could be ready for a promotion when summer starts.


Bolts and Ghaliya spent the evening on a date, and of course rolled up the want to woohoo in the car like a couple of teenagers.


After Dalal learned to walk, she spent some time at the block table making friends with her cousin.

That’s it for the Bousaid household! Next up is the Louie family.


Family: Bousaid


Party City, Rank 6 (Farooq Nanale)

The Hangout, Rank 3 (Bolts Bousaid)

General fund contribution: $16,700 (all taxes)

Playable sims: 123 (+2)

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 6888