The Goodie Family

Left to right: Faith, Elle, Herbert


The season started with a very serious early morning conversation.

“I got a call from the social worker late last night,” Faith said. “They’ve found a home for you, Elle.”


Elle’s reaction was immediate. “I don’t want to go to a ‘home’!”


“Uncle Herbert, you’re not going to let them take me away, are you?”


Herbert turned to Faith. “Elle’s lived with us for four years now. How can we let her go to strangers? I’m sure there’s another child they can adopt.”

Faith nodded. “I thought that’s how the two of you would feel. I’ll call the social worker and tell her that Elle’s staying with us.”


“I get to stay forever!” Elle chanted as she jumped rope.

“We should probably tell her to go outside,” Faith said to Herbert.

“I suppose so,” Herbert replied, but didn’t look away from his painting.


In the afternoon, Elle invited her friend Zhenya Pederson to come play. Her dad walked her over.


Faith thought it was a lovely painting, but a little sad. So she sold it for over 500 simoleons, which would cover a day’s payment on their loan.


Elle had a great game of chess with Zhenya.


She also chatted for a little while with Eldred Louie, before it got too late and the other kids had to head home.


The family had Clean Out the Fridge night for dinner. Faith and Herbert were thrilled to be having another dinner with Elle, and anticipating lots of dinners to come.


The next day, the family kept busy with skilling.


Herbert finished a lovely portrait of Elle, which he hung right next to his and Faith’s portraits.


Faith decided she wanted to be friends with Meadow Thayer, so she invited her over for a visit.


Elle was a little social butterfly, spending most of the day on the phone with several different friends.


“Aunt Faith, I’m so excited that I get to go to school today and see all my friends!”

“That’s wonderful, Elle.”


After Elle went to school, Faith and Herbert headed down to their shop and sold curtains. They got the shop up to level 6 and earned $4500.


Back home, Herbert put the money in the bank – enough in his own bank account to get the balance up to $10,000, and then the rest in Elle’s bank account. As glad as he was that their adopted daughter wasn’t going anywhere, he still had to face the fact that he and Faith didn’t have all that much time left, so he needed to make sure Elle had enough money to see her through her teen years and college.


Dora Ottomas came by, and Faith spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know her.


Herbert was very excited to max his Arts & Crafts enthusiasm.


“Did you have a good day at school, Elle?”

“It was great, Aunt Faith!”


“I learned a lot of really exciting stuff, so I’ve got to do my homework right away.”


After finishing her homework, Elle naturally spent the rest of the evening on the phone.


Faith maximized her second skill! She still didn’t think she would manage 5 more before her life bar filled, but she was certainly going to try.


Elle finished her very first custom painting. Her guardians were proud enough to hang it in their bedroom.


Tuesday was uneventful, until Elle came home from school with an A plus!


Herbert got her a very special present as a reward.


Elle was very excited, and spent the rest of the evening playing with little Jupiter.


Finally, though, they were both tired. The puppy found his way to his bed, right beside his new mistress.


Early in the morning, Faith took a break from the exercise bike to praise little Jupiter for going in the right place.


In the morning, Elle made sure to say goodbye to her puppy before heading off to school.


As soon as she left, Faith and Herbert had a lovely romantic date.


They then spent the rest of the day skilling like proper Knowledge sims.


Elle got home and did her own skilling, working towards a Logic scholarship.


That night, while repairing the computer, Herbert got a nasty shock.

snapshot_7a153bfc_40cef9bbAnd then the computer caught on fire.


Fortunately, the fire department arrived quickly to put out the fire. Herbert was a bit singed, but no one was seriously injured.

The electrocution was the 12th in Willow Valley, opening a 4th permanent Science position.


Elle still liked her picture of a woman in flames. Everybody was ok, after all. And the computer had been replaced with a new one.


That night, Herbert decided to withdraw all the money from his bank account and transfer it to Elle. After his scare, he wanted to make sure she was provided for – after all, he didn’t have much time left. Elle now had enough in her bank account to have a nice college fund even after paying off the remaining $7500 bank loan.

That’s it for the Goodies! Next up is a new family, the Kozlows.


Family: Goodie

Business: Goodie’s Curtains, Rank 6

Taxes: $3300

Loan: $2500 paid back this rotation, $7500 still outstanding (no interest due to Elder household)

Playable sims: 124

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 6944