It’s time for a brand new family!


Zosia, left, and Mieszko, right, fled their previous home after a plague swept through the city, killing their mother.


Their father Sylvester, unfortunately, had also contracted the plague, and lived just long enough to see his children safe in their new home.

(I did count the Kozlow father as a CAS sim, because I didn’t want to mess with having a grave that didn’t count for Paranormal.)


The children did have a guardian, though, since Mieszko’s friend Pavel had given him Lissa, one of the family’s grown puppies.


They moved into one of the little starter homes. It was nice because it came already furnished, except for the spare bedroom. I think the Louies lived here last.


The only real changes they needed to make were to redecorate and furnish the back bedroom for Zosia, and add the items Lissa needed.


Zosia went straight to school, but Mieszko sat down at the computer first to get Lissa a job in Pet Service. They had a nice little nest egg left after buying the house, but he wanted to make sure they had a source of income so they didn’t have to worry about burning through all their money. And he couldn’t get a job himself, since he had to be home for Zosia after school.

(Mieszko is a Knowledge/Grilled Cheese sim who wants to be a Mad Scientist.)


Also in the interests of ensuring an income stream, he spent most of the extra cash on a huge array of solar panels. That way they wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills, and would in fact get a nice credit twice a week.


The welcome wagon was waiting when Mieszko came home from school, but he was more interested in meeting fellow teen Josiah Gavigan.


When Zosia got home, she preferred to spend the afternoon chatting on the phone with her school friends.


Mieszko wasn’t hungry after an outing with Josiah, but he did whip up some grilled cheese for Zosia’s dinner.


Then he cheered her up with a fun game of Red Hands before bed.


Josiah brought a lovely gift. Mieszko naturally sold it and deposited the proceeds in his college fund.


Zosia’s glasses were glitching, so she took them off.


Mieszko helped her with her homework, and they finished just in time to catch the school bus.


Zosia brought Sharla Ottomas home for school, and the two girls spent the afternoon making friends.


Mieszko spent the afternoon with Lissa, first giving her a bath…


And then working on teaching her to shake for a promotion.


After Sharla went home, Zosia spent the rest of the evening painting. She refused to take off her cute ladybug raincoat.


In the morning, she had to scold Lissa for growling at her. And all Zosia wanted was to be friends!


Mieszko managed to bend Zosia’s ear about the wonders of grilled cheese for some aspiration points right before school.


Lissa’s brother Max comes by to visit frequently. As in, several times a day.


Mieszko brought Saveliy Pavlov home from school.


“Hey, you know that lady Aglaya who lives around the corner?”

“Yeah, I know her! She’s my aunt!”


“Well, you know who died? Her mom! Isn’t that hilarious?”

And yes, Saveliy did indeed find it hilarious. Several times, in fact.


And then Mieszko swooned over him. Saveliy, who is entirely straight, has more guys swooning at him than any other teen in Willow Valley.

He’s got a hot girlfriend, though, so he doesn’t care.


Zosia didn’t know why Jenna Cooke was out walking way after curfew, but she wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to add her to her contact list.


Zosia and Mieszko never seemed to be on the same meal schedule, but there was always plenty of leftover grilled cheese in the fridge whenever Zosia was hungry.


“Yeah, Ezechias, that’s great…I have to go now, my brother’s calling.”

That night, Zosia learned that Ezechias Gavigan is a phone stalker.


Saveliy came though with a gift, despite the inappropriate swooning and gossiping.


Mieszko used the money to get his own bank account up to $10,000 and get Zosia’s college fund started.


The next day after school, Mieszko finished teaching Lissa to shake.


Then Zosia spent the rest of the afternoon playing fetch with her in the backyard.


That night, the ghost of Sylvester Kozlow made his first appearance.


Mieszko had been wanting to see a ghost all week, so this made him very happy.


He wasn’t so happy when his father woke him up from a sound sleep to scare him again, though.


Zosia wasn’t happy, either, when the ghost woke her up at 4 in the morning.

Probably just due to his first night haunting, right?


Mieszko got an A plus at school on Friday, and finally had enough aspiration points to get a long-desired thinking cap.


Then he started to make friends with a nice dog with very strange eyes. Unfortunately, the dog ran off after a while.


That night, Sylvester came back out, woke Zosia up, and scared her into wetting herself.


Then he came back for a second run.


And a third.

Sylvester’s gravestone will be moving to the cemetery first thing next rotation.


Lissa got a promotion!


Hopefully Zosia will have a better rest of the night now that she has a guard dog sleeping beside her.

That’s it for the Kozlows! Next up is the Ottomas family.


Family: Kozlow

Business: None

General fund contribution: None

Playable sims: 124

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 6944