Here we have everyone’s favorite aesthetically challenged Sim Bin family, the Ottomases!


Left to right: Tommy, Samantha, David (seated), Dora, Sharla, Peter


Someone gave them a dog. His name is Carter. I can’t keep track of which dogs came from where anymore.


The family moved into this lovely brick ranch, custom built just for them.


With 5 bedrooms and 2 baths, there’s just enough space for everyone, although they might have to stick the new babies in the kitchen. They spent all their money on basic furnishings for the place.


Dora quit her Crappy Elder Job so she could stay home to take care of the kids. Peter, meanwhile, took out a $20,000 loan and bought himself a business: Big Pete’s Used Cars. I mean, come on, doesn’t he make the perfect used car salesman?


Dora got to work on Tommy’s skill training.snapshot_5a153b69_c0dfff01

Samantha and Peter had other things on their mind.


They had just enough time to finish up before Peter headed to work. He was in the Journalism career, but keeping an eye out for his LTW career of Slacker.


Samantha spent the whole day eating – got to keep those twins fed! – while Dora got to do whatever she wanted while Tommy took a nap.


David headed off to his Crappy Teen Job shortly after arriving home from school. He’s going to need the Crappy Teen Job, since his family probably isn’t going to be able to get together much of a college fund for him before he goes to Uni the first day of summer.


Sharla brought Lyosha home from school. She’s come home from school with a lot of kids this season, so I was surprised to find that the only one she was actually friends with was Zosia Kozlow.


Dora continued to do whatever she wanted. She doesn’t have much time left, so she’s mostly going to get to hang out on free will when not helping out with the littles.


Samantha also got to mostly do what she wanted, although she was focused on eating and comfort.


Dora helped David with his homework that night. He’s got some work to do to get his grades up before college.


Peter brought home Priya Ramaswami. I think that’s a first.


David does a great job helping out with his little brother. Peter, on the other hand, barely seems to know the little guy exists.


Samantha and Dora bonded over a late night platter of grilled cheese.


Even though Peter only has 3 neat points, he seems to enjoy cleaning on free will.


 The next morning, Dora started the day out right by forcing her grandson to listen to her talk about grilled cheese.


Then he talked to her about money while she served grilled cheese for breakfast.


Dora has apparently been designated the official homework helper.


Peter found a job in his dream career of Slacker and snatched it up.


Then he headed down to Big Pete’s Used Cars to try out his secondary dream of being an awesome car salesman.


He turned out to be pretty decent at sales, and got the business up to level 1 after 12 hours. But with the cars being sold cheap, he didn’t make very much money.


“Thanks for making cheeseburgers, Ma.”

“I didn’t make cheeseburgers, silly boy. Your wife must have made those.”


Tommy spent the day napping and happily playing on his bunny head.


As a Popularity sim, David needed a cell phone, so he picked one up as soon as he got home from school.


Samantha’s pregnancy was messed up when the family first moved in, so I had to boolprop her a new one. So this is technically her first pop, but really should be her second.


David wanted to have a party, so he invited over an assortment of Willow Valley teens.


He spent most of the party hanging out with Eva.


Dora was thrilled to have a house full of hungry sims she could make grilled cheese for.


Turns out Sharla’s friends with Zinaida, too. And Peter got into the action with some kicky bag.


The party was a roof raiser, netting David a cool 5,000 aspiration points.


Peter had taken a long afternoon nap, so he found himself at loose ends when the rest of the family went to bed. He decided he might as well teach Tommy to talk.


In the middle of the night, Samantha woke up needing to go to the bathroom. But before she could make it there, she was stopped with labor pains.


She gave birth to a brown haired, brown eyed baby girl, named Derya.


Derya was followed by her twin brother, Kemal.


As you can see, the rest of the household was extremely excited.


Dora did finally get up from her chess game to pick Derya up off the bathroom floor and put her in her new infant seat.


Meanwhile, Samantha was half starved, and hit the leftovers hard. She made an easy decision: no more babies for her. She might be a family sim, but 5 kids were enough.


Sharla celebrated the arrival of new siblings with an exciting session of jumping on the bed.


Everyone headed to work and school, leaving Dora alone with a toddler and two babies.


 And a dog, of course. Dora made sure to work on his training.


She did spend plenty of time with her newest grandchildren, too.


David brought Semyon Carr home on the bus.


Samantha and Peter both came home from work with promotions.


Dora took the opportunity to relax.


David and Peter both went on outings with the friends they had brought home.


Dora taught Tommy his nursery rhyme, his final toddler skill.


That night, it was time for Tommy’s birthday!


His nose is a little too predominant, but otherwise not bad.


He’s cute after a makeover.

Tommy will be sharing a room with David.


That night, Peter headed back to the car lot.


The reviewer came by and gave him a Best of the Best award!

Peter looks thrilled.


The car lot gained in popularity and reached Rank 2, but still earned only a few hundred simoleons. They haven’t yet started to pay back the $20,000 loan that Peter used to buy the business.


Back home, Samantha got the babies settled in the nursery, now that Tommy had grown up and there was room.


Neither David nor Peter was tired, since David had been on an outing and Peter had energized at the car lot. So they enjoyed a nice game of chess late into the night.


Semyon came by with a nice addition to David’s college fund. He’s going to need it.


The next morning was, as usual, somewhat chaotic as everyone tried to get themselves ready for the day (or just played with the dog).


Once Samantha and the kids were off to work and school, Dora invited over Camryn to fulfill a want to make friends with her.


Peter had the day off, and ended up taking care of the babies while Dora was busy on her outing.


While Dora was getting to know Aglaya, who had come over with Camryn, Peter decided to chat up Camryn. She was pretty hot, after all.


David was pleased to get his first A+ at school.


Samantha got home at the same time as the younger kids, and coincidentally brought Aglaya’s wife Marylena with her.


Peter had gotten a little frisky with Camryn, not realizing that his wife was home and right outside.


And that’s when I discovered that sims can catch cheating through windows.


“How could he do this to me?”

Probably because he’s a Romance sim.


“How could you do this to us? To our children?”

“I…” Peter hung his head. Samantha glared at him for a moment, then turned on her heel and stormed out.


Samantha was relieved when Tommy asked her for help with his homework, needing to focus on something other than what had just happened.


Peter went outside to say goodbye to Camryn, who apparently really enjoyed herself. “Sorry about that,” Peter said before sending Camryn home.


Then he made sure all the landscaping was nice and tidy, wanting to put off going back into the house for as long as possible.


Samantha managed to keep it together long enough to help Tommy with his homework, but then lost it immediately afterward.

“Mommy? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, Mommy’s just having a bad day, sweetie. Why don’t you go play in your room?”


Maybe a birthday would cheer her up, Samantha thought, as David helped her bring the twins to their cakes.





They’re certainly unique looking, but from what I’ve seen it could be worse.


Peter ate his birthday cake on the couch, away from the rest of the family.


It was a night for skilling and toddler training. Peter definitely felt left out – but frankly, he was just glad Samantha seemed content to ignore him and hadn’t kicked him out of the house.


That night, he made the rounds tucking in all the kids before going to bed himself.


Samantha stayed up late working on her skills for work – Peter was asleep, and she did NOT want to share a bed with him.


Dora got up very early, not able to sleep restfully. She wished she could figure out a way to help her son and daughter-in-law resolve this, but they seemed unwilling to talk to each other, or even look at each other. So she focused on her grandchildren instead.


Samantha decided to commandeer Dora’s bed now that she was up.


The morning was chaos, as usual. Fortunately everyone got their homework done.


Samantha absorbed herself in a book as soon as possible. She didn’t want to risk having to talk to Peter.


For Reno Day, Peter bought himself a brand new truck! He also made sure all the bedroom and bathroom windows were covered with appropriate curtains.


David and Tommy moved into the old nursery, while their old room was expanded outward one tile and made the new nursery, since the old one hadn’t had room for everything.


Now there was finally room to place the toys that Peter had in his inventory (from the Bendetts’ toy store, probably).


Dora stayed busy with toddler training. David came home from school, ate a sandwich, and headed off to work.


Peter and Samantha both got home with promotions.


Tommy brought Geoffrey Bendett home from school, and the boys hung out all afternoon.


Samantha and Peter returned to their strategy of skilling in separate corners.


David reached the top level of his Crappy Teen Job and is now an overachiever.


He made a booty call to Eva to celebrate.


That night was Sharla’s birthday! She invited her friend Zinaida over to join the celebration.


David was way too busy to attend his sister’s birthday celebration.


Sharla grew up to be a Romance/Family sim with the LTW to woohoo 20 sims.


Peter and Samantha found themselves sitting opposite one another for birthday cake.

“I’m trying to get over it, Peter. I am. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to.”


Sharla turned out pretty decent with a makeover.


She also turned out to be a lesbian, and got her first kiss with her childhood friend Zinaida.

That makes her my second lesbian Romance Sim with a 20 woohoo want. Fortunately, there are tons of lesbians and bi girls at Salix University, as Akilina Carr has discovered.


“Oh, I could slap you right now.”

“Sorry, Sam, you’ll have to wait. Time for me to go to work.”

So apparently they didn’t work out their differences over cake after all.


Sharla got her first woohoo under her belt.

I don’t anticipate Zinaida and Sharla to be an ongoing item, since they only have 1 bolt.


Dora got up early in the morning to train the toddlers in the most important skill.


Peter returned home with another promotion.

That’s it for the Ottomas family!

I didn’t mean for Samantha to catch Peter cheating, and I really don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I was trying to let them take the lead, to see whether they made up or just fought, but they pretty much just ignored each other. Samantha has a fear of falling out of love with Peter, though, so I figure I’ll let them continue to work it out.

Next up is the season’s last Uni semester.


Family: Ottomas

Business: Big Pete’s Used Cars, Rank 2

Finances: No taxes this season due to being a new household.

Loan of $20,000 taken out to buy a business, no payments made on loan, value at end of season $20,404

Playable sims: 126

Sim multiplier: 56

Population: 7056