It’s time for this season’s last semester of Uni – and soon we’ll have Salix University’s very first graduates!

Cham Var Hoh

snapshot_1e9c043f_df65c309Back row, left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front row, left to right: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


“I’ve heard in some neighborhoods, seniors get to go on vacation before they graduate.”

Not in this neighborhood. I have way too many kids to get through uni. Now eat, so you can work on your term papers!


It was soon time for the standard start of semester gigantic party.


I was relieved to see Lluis and Liouba in the hot tub together, rather than some other combination.


Michael rolled a want panel full of wants for Mireia.


Ramsay and Carme ignored the party and had a fun time on their own.


The cow crashed the party, of course.


Akilina and Agnes were all over each other the whole party. They may only be a 1-2 bolt couple with incompatible aspirations, but they don’t act like it.


Mhairi had no interest in Isaiah’s advances last semester. Not sure what happened here, but it seems they fell back in love.


Michael and Mireia were still all over each other.


Mauro had a nice chat with Irina, who he thought was really hot.


Venyamin made sure to spend some time with Demi.


For some reason, half the group hung out on the lawn eating dodgy Chinese food that they got from who knows where.


Looks like Romina’s still upset with Dimitri for his indiscretion last semester.


After everyone left, the house’s residents finally got around to doing their term papers. Naturally, they had the obligatory post term paper games of red hands.


Ramsay brought a grill back from campus. Seems dangerous. We’ll keep it.


For this semester’s update to the house, the front porch was expanded. Decorating the porches will have to wait until next time.


Venyamin invited over his girlfriend Demi Gast for a date.


It wasn’t long before they moved into the TV room, where the couch is hardly ever used for watching TV.


“Demi, listen. We’ve been dating for a while, and I really like you, and I’m getting close to graduating, so…”


“Will you marry me?”


“I’d love to!”


“We are so going to have adorable dreadlocked babies.”


Meanwhile, Mauro was rejected for a date by Irina.


She did readily agree to a fun outing, though.


Ah, the joy of seeing the cow mascot beg.


Hey, look, a fruit tree! And the joy of spraying said fruit tree without worrying about anyone accidentally fusing with the tree.


Between the Munchie Bot and sims running out to visit campus, there was always cold pizza available.


Toga party time! Venyamin did get around to asking Demi to pledge the Greek House at some point. (And yes, he then influenced her to clean. Because who would turn down a free house cleaning?)


The hot tub was, as usual, in high demand.


“So, Mike, what’s going on with you and Mireia? Are you still in love?”

“Well, I’m definitely still in love with her. I’m just not sure how she feels these days.”


Finals time! They went about 17 hours early. All earned A pluses, of course, and Venyamin, Carme, Ramsay, and Michael have graduated!


Michael Bruce graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Physics.


Ramsay Bruce graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Art.


Carme Picaso graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science.


Venyamin Hamilton graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Drama. His horrible adult outfit will have to wait. Michael, Ramsay, and Carme will all join existing households in Willow Valley, some of which will be played before the next Uni semester, but Venyamin will be founding a new household which will be played for the first time during the Summer rotation. So he gets to hang out with Mauro for a bit longer, until the new Greek House residents move in.

40 Almond Street

snapshot_3e3fd4be_9f6867b9Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


The beginning of the semester was rather tense, due to Dimitri’s little fling with the cheerleader last season.

snapshot_3e3fd4be_011649aaMarya and Orlando escaped to their bedroom for a little private time as soon as possible.


“Romina, I am so, so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”


“This once, Dimitri, I’ll forgive you. But it had better not happen again.”

Dimitri was incredibly relieved.


This semester’s house upgrade project was to add a bathroom. For now, they only had the money to build the room and buy a toilet.


Everyone seemed to have senioritis. Even Marya, the Knowledge sim in the group, wanted to play computer games rather than write her term paper.


Finally, the term papers were finished, and it was time for Red Hands.


Orlando wanted to make friends with this dormie for some reason, so she was invited over for an outing.


Then Demi walked by. Marya thought she probably ought to make friends with her future sister-in-law.


Dimitri spent pretty much all of his free time repairing his relationship with Romina.


Things were definitely going well. Orlando helped out by sending the cow mascot away before it could cause trouble.


Now that the relationship was back on track, Romina decided to spend the rest of the evening studying Anger Management.


Demi brought a gift to contribute to the Boy-Do-We-Need-a-Second-Bathroom fund. I knew I liked her.


There it is, all finished. Hooray, no more chaining showers!


Every time it rains, Marya rolls up a wish to get hit by lightning. So she went out to play in puddles in the thunderstorm, but the lightning didn’t come near her.


She finally gave up and went back inside to go on a date with Orlando.


Looks like things are definitely mended between Romina and Dimitri. They did this entirely on their own.


That evening, everyone hung out waiting for Marya to get home from class, since I decided to send them to their final a whole 24 hours early.


4.0s all around, and three new graduates! Marya graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, Dimitri graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics, and Orlando graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature.

The graduates will all be waiting until next season to move out.

Nagard Annya Fruhm


Left to right: Lluis Picaso, Liouba Pavlov, Mhairi Bruce, Malvina Bruce, Agnes Picaso

At the end of last semester, these five sims moved out of the dorms with the hope of starting a different kind of Greek House.


Per university regulations, they were required to move into this Maxis house, just like the other Greek House. They decided to call the house Nagard Annya Fruhm.


The layout, as you see, is horrendous – too many stairs (4 staircases to a tiny attic loft!), master bedroom blocked off by a bathroom, somehow only 3 medium size bedrooms in this enormous house.

The residents of Cham Var Hoh worked with the layout, making some significant modifications.


The new residents of Nagard Annya Fruhm went to the next level, and gutted the place.


I like this layout so much better. Much more open, especially the upstairs.

As you can see by how the main room is furnished, Nagard Annya Fruhm is meant to be more study-oriented and less party-oriented than Cham Var Hoh.


After snubbing Isaiah Gavigan all last semester, Mhairi now wants to get engaged to him. So first thing, she invited him over.


He asked to bring a friend, and brought Mireia. Good. We can get this thing settled while everyone else is still working on their term papers.


Step one: dance and a kiss. Mireia took no notice.


Mhairi took Isaiah up to her bedroom for a celebratory woohoo.


Do Family Sims have some kind of cheating ESP? Because Mireia put down her book and ran upstairs crying.


She slapped Isaiah soundly, then reached into his chest, pulled out his still-beating heart, and crushed it into dust before storming out of the house.

Well, that’s settled, then.


Agnes and Malvina were the only two residents of the house who weren’t already friends, so they spent some time fixing that.


Liouba and Lluis had no problem keeping each other company, as usual.


Some kind of miracle occurred, and I actually saw a sim get aspiration points for writing her term paper! And Malvina’s not even a knowledge sim.


Liouba made a delicious pot of chili for lunch, and everyone gathered at the table and happily scarfed it down.


Mhairi invited Isaiah to pledge the Greek house, and then influenced him to clean.


Everyone spent the evening studying and skilling. Definitely a change from Cham Var Hoh. There will be some parties, though, as we can’t let things get boring.


Mhairi got up and headed to campus first thing in the morning, bringing back this…thing. It was sold for a few simoleons.


Leftover pizza that’s been sitting on the counter all night makes a fabulous breakfast.


Remembering how expensive Cham Var Hoh’s bills were at the beginning, I spent all of Nagard Annya Fruhm’s leftover money on solar panels. Imagine my surprise when the mailman showed up and they got a $110 rebate!


Malvina’s OTH is cuisine, which means occasionally I let her indulge wants to serve a meal even when no one is hungry.


Mhairi invited Isaiah over for a date, and he rolled up the want to get engaged. Since they have mutual wants, I locked them both and had Mhairi use her portachug to change her turn-ons. They have 3 bolts now.


Agnes maxed all her skills!


The group went to their finals 21 hours early, and all returned with A pluses.

Mhairi and Malvina are juniors now, and got the aspiration re-roll option, but they’re both staying the same aspirations.

Larisa House


Left to right: Anya Pavlov, Akilina Carr, Irina Carr, Feofil Pavlov


Larisa House has dormies again. Stinky Crystal and Bandanna Boy Aaron managed to get the choice positions.


Stinky Crystal really enjoyed access to the bar. She seems like a “juice” drinker.


Anya, for one, was glad to have the new residents.


Feofil and Irina spent most of the first day on their cell phones, naturally.


Anya wanted to make friends with Professor Dreads, so she invited him over.


She’ll be getting an A this semester without ever going to class.


That night, the Romance sims headed out to Dance Fever to get some action.


They were quite successful. Akilina even hit the halfway point for her LTW.


Back home, Akilina sweet talked a walkby into the photo booth.


Mhairi and her housemates came over for the evening, and Orlando stopped by as well. Irina took the opportunity to give Mhairi her flower bench, which she had left in her room.


Akilina rolled a want to make friends with Orlando. She did so in time-honored fashion, with much Busting of Moves.


Anya hit her 10th unique woohoo.

snapshot_1f5dfc2d_8135b420Akilina got her 12th woohoo, while the streaker watched approvingly.


Irina wanted to make friends with her professor, but this didn’t look like ordinary friendmaking. Then I realized it’s because he’s a Drama professor.

Note: Don’t try to go on an outing with a drama professor. He got positive plus signs for their interactions, but also the “lost best friend” symbol, and the outing score dropped like a rock until he left in disgust. Irina didn’t even get her grade up from the interaction!


It was time to get everyone’s grades up. Irina’s was the lowest since she’d skipped class to make friends with Professor Jerkface, so Orlando was kind enough to help her out for the price of a few influence points.


Once all the grade bars were full, everyone hung out in the hall waiting for Akilina.


Who was not working on her grade bar, but on Conquest #13.


And #14.


I would have guessed that Stinky Crystal would be the jealous one, not Vyn.

That’s ok. Akilina already got her public and home woohoos out of Vyn. And what would a 20 woohoo LTW be without some slapping?


Ivy’s not taking Vyn’s nonsense, though.

I like Ivy. Must marry her in someday.


Everyone passed their finals with an A+, of course, although I apparently forgot to take a picture. Anya and Feofil both got an opportunity to reroll, but Feofil will stay a Popularity sim. Anya, feeling she’d matured beyond her Romance years, became a Fortune/Family sim, with a new LTW to top the medical career.

Anya and Feofil moved out, to join Cham Var Hoh next semester, while Irina and Akilina will be sharing a rental house.

Pavlov Hall

snapshot_7feb0c58_e13db314Left to right: Mireia Picaso, Nastasia Thayer, Raebeth Dell, and Isaiah Gavigan


Yes, my simself has joined the party. She’s going to be testing out what it’s like to get through college on student loans in Willow Valley. Since she arrived with the usual base $500, she took out a $2000 loan to pay the first semester’s tuition. Normally I have sims pay that initial $500 into dorm funds, but that’s going to be waived for financial aid students.

Raebeth is a Knowledge/Grilled Cheese sim with a LTW to max all skills.


It was already late evening when the semester started, which meant it made perfect sense for Raebeth to get right to skilling and everyone else to work on their term papers.


Mireia wandered into the kitchen to poke Isaiah, but he ignored her and kept doing the slap dance.


It took putting my own simself in the game to finally get a proper Knowledge sim who rolls wants to write her term paper, do assignments, and go to class. Maybe she’ll even roll up the want to be on the Dean’s list!


Nastasia was thrilled to have a dorm mate who’s excited to talk about Grilled Cheese.


Raebeth also made friends with Isaiah. They have a bolt, but fortunately neither of them initiated anything romantic. Isaiah has enough issues in the love department.


These guys might be kind of boring. They’re all hanging out in the study room of their own volition.


Isaiah managed to tear himself away to greet Agnes as she was walking by and make friends with her.

I must confess I generally have my college sims mostly ignore the dormie walkbys. I’d rather have them spend their friend-making time on other playables. That’s probably why no one’s gotten into the secret society yet.


This semester’s contribution to the dorm was a bird cage complete with a bird named Mr. Tibble. It was funded mostly by Mireia’s pottery, since she kept rolling up wants to make a pottery project.


Everyone finished the semester with, of course, perfect grades.


Everybody moved out except Raebeth. They’re all going different places.

That’s it for the University chapter! Next time I may start splitting it into two, as it’s getting a little long with 5 households (6 next time). Next up is the last household of the rotation, the Wheeler family!