It’s time for the very last household of the rotation!

snapshot_2144451e_e1444520Ryan Wheeler, Shura Pavlov (and just a little bit of their dog Rosalie)


This is going to be the new Plantsim Homestead, where Shura will continue Willow Valley’s Plantsim line. It’s on a huge 5×6 lot, and as you can see there’s a large greenhouse and a creek for fishing.


I may have built a little too much house. Still, I like it, and there won’t be any worries about running out of space. With two master suites, it’s meant to serve the family for generations to come.


Shura went right off to work. Ryan went to the computer and was lucky enough to find himself a job in his dream career of Science. He left for work shortly after.


Dora Ottomas was the only member of the welcome wagon, and she didn’t hit it off well with the only member of the household who was home.


Shura brought Noelle home from work, and had a quick outing with her while waiting for Ryan to get home.


That evening, the two had a quick private wedding. Shura took Ryan’s last name.


They celebrated their marriage in a somewhat nontraditional way, on the couch instead of upstairs in the bedroom.


Shura then headed out to plant the garden.


Shura’s planting was interrupted by the need to empty her stomach in a decidedly traditional means of celebrating her recent marriage.


Ryan made sure to get in some telescope time before going to bed.


Shura indulged in some tinkering while Ryan slept.


With the huge house on a huge lot, it’s not surprising the bills are high at $440. They bought a couple of wind turbines after this.


After work, Shura took out a $30,000 loan to buy a business, and headed straight there.


Bubbles Away offers an opportunity for its customers to enjoy bubbles, for as long as they care to stay. It is, somehow, completely legal.

It’s also Willow Valley’s 45th sim-owned community lot, unlocking a 9th business district!


Shura’s already got a gold sales badge, thanks to helping out at her stepmom’s businesses. So customers were soon paying $800 an hour to blow bubbles.


Shura meditated through the night, getting up only if a new customer needed to be dazzled.

When she headed home after 24 hours, Bubbles Away was rank 2 and had earned $70,000, meaning it’s already well into the black after only 1 day of operation.


The first thing she did when she got home was give Rosalie a warm greeting.


Ryan got home with a promotion, and went straight back to work.


Rosalie was only about 5 days from becoming an elder. Shura wasn’t ready for that, so she fed her some Kibble of Life.


She paid back the $30,000 loan she’d taken out that morning. Since it was the same day, she didn’t even have to pay any interest.


Later that night, while working in the garden, Shura got her first pop.


Ryan got home with another promotion, and went straight to the telescope for a while before going to bed.


Shura spent her night talking to the trees…


Teaching Rosalie her very last command, Stay…


And getting her silver Robotics badge.

Pregnancy is a breeze when mom’s a Plantsim.


In the morning, Ryan figured he’d better take on the tough job of eating omelettes during the pregnancy, since Shura doesn’t eat.


He had the day off, so he invited his friend Jihoon over for an outing.


Shura may be a plantsim, but she has better things to do than water the flowers. So the family acquired a maid and a gardener.


After work, Shura headed down to the pet store and purchased a new dog, named Marvin.


Ryan spent the night on the telescope again, working toward maximizing both his logic and his Science enthusiasm.


The next day, while Ryan was at work, Shura harvested the garden’s first produce.


Apparently wind turbines are quite lucrative, as they went from a $440 bill to a $30 credit with just the two turbines.

I’m thinking about making it a goal to have all my Willow Valley households eliminate their bills.


Ryan got home with another promotion, and was greeted by Marvin.


The plants in the garden weren’t growing. After messing around with composting the plants and replacing the plots, I finally figured out it was because of the cute little border wall I’d built around the garden. Once I opened up some gaps in the wall, the plants started growing normally.


The attempt at puppies drew several onlookers.

Rosalie already had puppies with Snickerdoodle, but I’m quite disappointed that they all looked pretty much just like Snickerdoodle. I’m hoping she’ll have more luck with Marvin.


Ryan spent some time skilling at the bookshelf.


Then he moved on to the telescope.


After finishing in the garden, Shura made robots.

(Have I mentioned I find Knowledge/Knowledge couples to be a bit boring?)


Shura’s robot making was interrupted when she went into labor.


“Hold on. I’m wearing my thinking cap, so give me a minute to think of what to do.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about! Be quiet, I’m having a baby here!”


Shura gave birth to a baby boy with Ryan’s brown hair, her brown eyes, and an intermediate skin tone.

Since this is the plantsim house, I’ve decided to give the kids plant names – trees for the boys, flowers for the girls. So the little boy was named Elm.

Little Elm is the first baby of Generation 4!


The ground floor nursery was furnished, and was the first room to get some decent wall coverings. Can’t have a baby sleeping in a boring white room, after all.

snapshot_2144451e_a146a2d1Ryan was thrilled to spend some time with his son after getting some sleep.


While Ryan got ready for work, Elm got to hang out with his mother in the study with the dogs.


Then he watched her work in the garden.

(I love those baby bouncers.)


Shura spent most of the day talking to the fruit trees to ensure the best possible harvest.


Ryan got home with a promotion and headed back to work.

snapshot_2144451e_e146a5b6 He returned 2 hours later with another promotion.


Reno Day was pretty simple, adding wallpaper throughout the inhabited parts of the house. We’ve got a bit of a green theme going on.


Ryan put in some telescope time before heading to bed.


Shura spent the night making robots and taking care of Elm.

That’s it for the Wheeler family, and the Spring 4 rotation! There may be a delay before I move on to the Summer rotation, as I’m transferring my game to a new computer.


Family: Wheeler

Business: Bubbles Away

Taxes: $0 (new household)

Loan: $30,000 taken out and repaid the same day, with $0 interest

Playable sims: 128 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 61 (+5)

Population: 7808